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Monday, January 21, 2013

In the Garden of Good & Evil ;-)

It may not be midnight and it may not be in Savannah, but....

My friend Robyn took a workshop at our local greenhouse last spring to learn how to create a faerie garden. And for my birthday earlier this month, she created one for me! Only she couldn't find a faerie, so she put a gnome on the bridge.

I decided to have some fun and add some water to the birdbath and a few goodies from my little collection of miniatures. I replaced the gnome with a little Dutch girl hauling pails of water (or perhaps it's almond milk), and put a vase with a rose on the table...

And added a wee and curious squirrel to the daisy-filled planter...

And an equally wee (and thirsty) bunny beside the stream...

So far, it seemed to be a Garden of only Good. Till I noticed the displaced gnome casting a jealous and malevolent eye at the innocent Dutch girl from his hiding place...

And then ah dew dee-clayah (said in my best Savannah drawl) that I heard the evil gnome swear at her!

Or maybe that was just my imagination. Who can say for sure? For both High Noon and Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil are full of mystery. ;-)


  1. You're funny, and creative. and you have all these little figurines and things at hand. You must be enchanted with dusting way more than me. ; )
    I like that little Dutch girl. I notice she's the one doing all the work.

  2. Susan ~ And childish. :-) And definitely NOT enchanted with dusting! My miniatures are all kept in the lawyer's bookcase behind glass so that dusting them can be avoided.

    Yeah, you'd think that evil gnome could offer to help carry one of her buckets, but nooooo! Hence his evilness. There's actually a matching little Dutch boy figurine, also carrying pails, but he stayed behind in the bookcase. Said something about having a rotator cuff tear, a fear of crossing streams, and an aversion to evil gnomes. Men! ;-)

  3. That is so sweeeeeeet! That gnome though, seriously, totally giving me the willies!!

  4. What a delightful garden!

  5. I heard him too. He needs a whopping with faerie dust.
    Jane x

  6. I'd give that gnome a more auspicious location if I were you. He looks mad.

  7. lol, very cute post! That gnome is up to no good!

  8. Ahh! This is so much fun! i love love love it!

  9. Hey, everybody! I'm glad you enjoyed this post, it was a fun one to put together! By the way, Robyn insists the gnome isn't evil, but I told her there's a definite consensus here that he bloody well is. ;-)

    BW thinks I should find an appropriately sized goat with which to replace the Dutch girl (a "Billy Goat Gruff," I suppose, to tap-tap-tap across the gnome/troll's bridge?), so I'm keeping my beady little eyes peeled for one.

  10. I did appreciate the "ah dew dee-clayah" more after you mentioned it was your best Savannah drawl for without the hint, I'm not sure I would have figured it out! That was too funny.

    The closeup photos were fantastic. They are so crisp, I'm sure I wouldn't see it any better in real life. My favorite is the teeny squirrel in the daisy planter. He totally looks at home there.

    I watched the movie clip of "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" and I'm quite sure I haven't seen that movie before - is it on my master list?? Anyway, it makes a good tie in to your theme! Great job.

  11. Jo ~ I figured I'd better add the hint - didn't know how many people might sound it out and therefore figure it out! :-) We just happened upon an episode of The Office from Season 6 on TV last night, called Murder, where Dundler Mifflin is rumored to be declaring bankruptcy and Michael tries to distract everyone by making them play a role-playing murder mystery game that takes place in Savannah. Of course Michael insists that everyone assume a Savannah accent, and in addition to the differing interpretations of and arguments over what a Savannah accent sounds like, there's a debate over whether people there ever actually say, "Well ah dew declayah!" Cracked us up!

    I took the first photo with my EasyShare, the rest with the Rebel. It takes much better closeups!

    As for the answer to your question about whether "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" is on your Master List, that, like any good murder mystery, will be revealed in good time. Patience, dahlin', patience! ;-)

  12. I shall be patient. And I was able to nab three of the Jan movie lists yesterday so I'm in good shape.

  13. OMG, I love, love, love this!! Well done Robyn, and what a great gift! I would want to shrink down so I could walk through it myself...maybe Val and Tino can have a go! :)

    I bought a fairy garden kit a while back, but still haven't put it together.

    Oh, I see that gnome now...I didn't see him at all at first. He looks like he's got something up his sleeve for sure.

  14. Jo ~ I'll be curious which three of the remaining four titles on your list you were able to get! I'll find out during our phone call this afternoon. :-)

    Rose ~ I'm not surprised, it looks like something you'd love! Maybe it will inspire you to put your fairy garden kit together! :-) Val and Tino would have a ball in the fairy garden, but I fear they'd knock both bunny and squirrel into the stream, eat all the plants, and break the vase. Best they stay in their B&B till they know how to play nicely. :-)

    That gnome is definitely staying well hidden, and not planning any RAOK, I'll wager! ;-)


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