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Thursday, January 31, 2013

S'no Fun...

... if you can't have fun in the snow! :-) So I grabbed my camera and had a little before my fingers froze.

It's been snowing (and sometimes blowing) here every day this week, which has resulted in several inches of accumulation and some mighty drifts, along with a couple of unusual wild critter sightings...

We never see Rocky Mountain goats around here. 
So to spy one scaling a snowy peak in my front yard this morning was quite a thrill! ;-)

The Abominable Snowpup
(aka Tessa) :-)


  1. Try hula dancing in the snow for me!
    Jane x

  2. Why would I want to do such a thing? (If nothing else, it would startle the wildlife!)

  3. Ah, lol! Amazing how close of a shot you got of the goat! ;)

    Tessa and Rowan would have quite the blast playing in the snow. Does she dig her face in it, too?

  4. Molly ~ Yes, well, I was very stealthy, and used a powerful telephoto lens (not). :-)

    I'd love to see Tessa and Rowan play in the snow together! And yes, Tess does dig her face in it - her muzzle was covered in snow, but by the time I'd grabbed the camera, she'd shaken or rubbed most of it off. Oddly enough, Josie - who hates the snow - ALWAYS sticks her face in it - so that all you can see when she looks up again is her two golden eyes peering out! I don't know why a dog that loathes snow would want to plunge their face into it, unless it's a habit left over from her feral days.

  5. I looove your snow pup, Tessa! Would like a dog just like her. I have been considering another dog for my male Golden. Your mountain goat photo is very nice almost like an oil painting. Good post -- barbara

  6. Barbara ~ Thanks! Tessa is a sweetheart. I found her on Petfinder. She was up in northern Montana where she'd been rescued from a very bad situation (her person was a drug dealer who was sent to jail, and "Grace" was found roaming the streets) by a local rescue organization called PAWS of Chinook. Tess had obviously been the victim of some very bad abuse - it took her more than two years before she trusted BW, and many more years than that before she'd trust a strange man. She still startles easily and flinches at sudden moves, but she's a completely different dog now: playful, happy, talkative, affectionate - she gives the BEST hugs! She's got a lot of Chow in her, and we think maybe the rest is Australian Shepherd. Anyway, we love her too! I hope you find a perfect companion for you and Sal, and provide a shelter dog with a forever home and family at the same time. I love when that happens!

    Glad you like my Mountain Goat photo! I used this unusual wildlife sighting (lol) to experiment with my white balance settings.

  7. What an adorable dog. I wish we'd get one of our big snowstorms here, the kind that dumps 3 feet of snow overnight.

  8. Thanks, Al! We think she is too! And I hope you get the snowfall of your dreams. :-)

  9. Hee hee :) Love it. Snow covered pup - way too cute!

  10. Tess was looking especially cute that day ;-). Fantastic shot of the mountain goat. I don't think we have any of them in Ohio ;-)~.

  11. Jill ~ What are you laughing at? Don't you realize I had to brave the elements and a dangerous climb up a treacherous mountain to get this photo of a rare and elusive Mountain Goat? A little respect, please. ;-)

    Spud ~ She was indeed - I love it when she has the one ear up, one ear flopped over look! No, I don't think you have Rocky Mountain Mountain Goats in Ohio, either. Or Rocky Mountains for that matter. :-)

  12. OMG! I saw this photo of the mountain goat a while ago when you first put it on your banner. Here's what I thought it was: I thought it was a miniature porcelaine figure that you had put in the snow. He is so perfect and he's posed so peacefully that I never imagined it was real. I still can't believe that you had a mountain goat in your front yard!! And that he stood for you to photograph him.

    Tess, you're adorable too, but more expected to be found in your mom's yard!

  13. Jo ~ Um... I don't know if the joke is on you, or if it's on me for thinking the joke is on you!! LOL! Your first guess when you saw the mountain goat on my blog header was a lot closer to right. Only the goat is plastic, not porcelain. He's a Breyer model that I've had since I was a a kid. He's 6" tall and the "snowy peak" in my front yard that he was supposedly scaling was a 3' tall snow drift. :-) Believe me, if there had been a real mountain goat in my front yard that morning, I'd have made a LOT bigger deal of it!

    If only I'd done this post for April Fool's, I'd have gotten you good!! :-)

    Tess wonders if now you'll admit she was just as big a deal, given her plastic competition. LOL


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