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Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Am Not An Ingredient

I found this illustration on a blog two or three years ago and absolutely fell in love with it...
There was no attribution given, and I can't quite make out the artist's name (Hill? Hall?), and all my internet searches have thus far yielded nothing.

I've always thought it would be adorable on an apron, but had no more luck finding that than I did finding the artist's identity! Until this morning, when I happened (for no particular reason) to click on the PCRM's shop tab, and there, at the very bottom of the page, I struck gold!

(Click on the image to view and/or purchase)

Not only is this illustration on an apron, it's on a whole bunch of other stuff. And there are other cute goodies for sale, including merchandise with other illustrations by this same (still unidentified) artist. And 15%-30% of the sale proceeds go to PCRM and their work.

So half of my wish came true, I've found my wished-for apron! (I wear my beloved Compassionate Cooks apron every time I cook, and find it not only adorable and useful, but I swear it makes my cooking and baking more inspired. I feel like a chef!) :-)

(Chef Laloofah making McDougall McVeggie Burgers, Nov 2007)

But when it's in the laundry, I'm bereft. And splattered. :-) So, time for a backup!

Alas, the other half of my wish remains unfulfilled, as I'm still wanting to know who this wonderful artist is. I emailed PCRM this morning and asked them. I'll post the answer if/when they reply, as this talented person deserves credit!

Update: The artist's name is Doug Hall.


  1. Wow, all of those illustrations are great. I love the rat running out of the open cage. :) Hope your artist has a web site with lots more art!!


  2. Hi, rift! I love the "freedom rat" one too! And you can bet that if I find out that this artist has a web site with his/her artwork on it, I'll be posting it!
    {{{{Hugs Back!}}}

  3. Oh my gosh, I love it! That is adorable and wonderful. I would love to cook holiday vegan recipes with a cow. It's a dream of mine. I can't decide which item to put on my Christmas list, the mug, or the grocery tote, or the teeshirt. Thank you for posting this!

    And thank you for all your thoughtful and encouraging comments recently.

  4. Hi, Mary!

    I'll help you decide which item to put on your Christmas list... put them ALL on it and let Santa sort it out! ;-)

    How sweet of you... you're most welcome for my comments. I always appreciate yours. "And your little blog, too... HEEEEheeeheeeheee!" (That's supposed to be my Wicked Witch imitation. I can't help it, Halloween just does things to me!) :-)


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