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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Babies got bling (for Spring!)

When Molly at It's a Vegan Dog's Life recently shipped me her book that I'd ordered, she also enclosed some fun "collar bling" surprises for the girls! ("Thank you, Aunt Molly!" they say in chorus!) :-)

They've worn them to town and on walks already, but this is the first chance we've had for a fashion shoot...


The contrast between her dainty fuchsia flower
and her growly tiger-gnawing just strikes me funny!

She reminds me of a Flamenco dancer.


Tessa also reminds me of a Flamenco dancer,
but one exhausted by the exertion of the dance!

Now she looks like she's wearing a yarmulke!


Josie's collar bling, in black, white and burgundy,
really compliments her fur colors!

LOL - Josie, you're such a goob! :-)


  1. Oh my goodness are they ever so pretty in their flowers! <3 This post just made my morning. Thanks so much for sharing, Laurie!

  2. Hi, Molly! We're glad you enjoyed the photos! Aren't the girls just "fetching" in their floral spring bling? :-) Thank you again for the fun gifties! xoxo

  3. The girls are adorable in their flowers. What a wonderful present Molly sent them. Perfect to celebrate the first day of spring.


  4. Alicia - Thank you, and yes, it was very generous of Molly to update the girls' wardrobe for spring, and she has lovely taste in accessories. :-)

  5. Your girls look adorable. I especially like Josie's flower!

  6. You didn't say if you or Molly decided which dog would get which adornment. Whoever selected did a great job! I love seeing photos of your girls

  7. Mary - Thank you, I've passed your compliment on to the girls. :-) Josie's flower looks quite elegant (except when perched on the top of her head, lol)

    AdventureJo - Molly didn't say what (if anything) inspired her to choose those particular bling colors to send, but the pink crocheted flower matched Willow's pink color (and her dainty little ballerina self), the red, white and blue flower went great with Tessa's red and white collar, and the black, white & burgundy flower complimented Josie's tribal collar I got when we were in Boulder, so figuring out which dog got which adornment was easy for me. Molly couldn't have chosen better if she'd known their collar colors and had a Master Plan! :-)


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