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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Catalog Choice

Are you inundated with catalogs you don't want, especially during the holiday selling frenzy? Do you detest this? Yeah, me too. Do you throw them away? Don't!

Bring them home! Then register for free with
Catalog Choice, tell them which catalogs you don't want anymore, and they'll take care of the rest!

Why bother to do this? According to the
Environmental Defense paper calculator, the environmental impact of the nearly 20 billion catalogs mailed to American consumers each year (over 98% of which are immediately thrown away) is...

* 53 million trees used
* 3.6 million tons of paper used
* 38 trillion BTUs of energy used, enough to power 1.2 million homes per year
* 5.2 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted, equal to the annual emissions of two million cars
* 53 billion gallons of water used, enough to fill 81,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools

That's appalling!

Also appalling - many companies are ignoring Catalog Choice and their members' requests, and the industry as a whole is spooked by the huge (and growing) number of requests they're receiving to "opt out" of their catalogs. Which is pretty ridiculous from a business standpoint, since printing and mailing catalogs to someone who has made clear they don't want them is a waste of money and resources, and very bad P.R.!

We first joined Catalog Choice about six weeks ago, after watching an
interview with Dan Katz (one of Catalog Choice's creators) on an episode of Bill Moyer's Journal. I do as Dan suggested - rip the back page off the catalog (you'll need the exact name and address used, as well as your customer number if it's provided), and throw the rest of the catalog in the recycling bin at my post office.

So join your own voice to the swelling chorus and help put pressure on mail order companies to stop being wasteful, destructive, polluting and annoying, and start the New Year by reducing the clutter in your mailbox!

Catalog Choice mailbox logo

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There is still strong in our society the belief
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