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Friday, September 16, 2011

SkyWatch Friday:The storm that wasn't

As I walked from my car to the grocery store a couple of weeks ago, I looked up and saw this huge and ominous storm moving in fast overhead and obliterating the beautiful blue sky that had been there just moments before. Instead of scuttling into the store for shelter from what promised to be a humdinger of a storm, devoted little SkyWatching blogger that I am I ran back to my car to grab my camera! Turned out I needn't have hurried - scary as this storm looked, we didn't get a single raindrop. Just clouds and wind... and then cloudless azure skies again, as if Mother Nature were saying, "Just kiddin'!" :-)

Click on photos for larger versions...

Even the birds seemed to be fleeing for cover!

This cloud sure looked like it meant business!
It probably fulfilled its potential for lightning, hail
and gullywasher rain somewhere down the cloud trail.

Where the potential for fantastic sky photos is always fulfilled!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

ABC Wednesday: I

I almost had to Ignore ABC Wednesday this week. It's been nearly Impossible to find time for good I photos (or any photos) while Intensively Involved in moving (I Intend to share a more Informative post on that Issue when time permits). But skipping It was Inconceivable and nearly Inexcusable despite Infinite Interruptions (Including an Injury*) and Immense Insanity. I contemplated posting a blank spot where a photo would go and labeling it "Invisible," but decided that was an Inconceivably Inferior, Inadequate and Idiotic Idea that needed Improvement. :-) So In the end I Ignored all the Interference and finally came up with a couple of pictures to Illustrate the letter I that I hope will Inspire smiles.

(*I Injured my big toe when I sprained, abraded and cracked a bone In It because I'm an Incurably Inept klutz. But according to the foot doctor, at least my toe's not Incurable.) :-)


There have been Innumerable dragonflies around lately,
but I find them Incredibly difficult to photograph.
But this guy was easy, as he Insisted on clinging for dear life
to our concrete patio In very Intense winds one morning.

In mid leap...

This Isn't the angle I preferred, but I had no choice.
I had to shoot it from the car while at a red light
at the Indisputably busiest Intersection in town!
I love this Indefatigable pup In his Infinite game of fetch.

This week It's all about I at

Friday, September 9, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Took a Hike

As a follow-on to my Sunflowers post for last week's SkyWatch Friday, here are some more scenes from an early morning hike along that same gravel pit road last month.

Temps that week were in the upper 90's, so we headed out early hoping (in vain, as it turned out) to beat the heat. At least we were treated to an interesting sunrise, courtesy of smoke from a host of fires in MT, ID and WY, and those storm clouds that promised rain but didn't deliver...

If you click on the photo for a larger version,
you'll see BW and a patch of sunflowers.

Josie surveys an impressive irrigation ditch that winds through the valley below, with the town of Sheridan beyond in the hazy distance to the northeast...

Two views from the same spot, but facing N/NW...

While we were busy watching the sky, someone else was busy watching us!...

See more skies the world over at

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

ABC Wednesday: Hay, Horses!

Though I Had more High Hopes for this post than I Had time to make Happen, I'd Hate to Have to skip H week for ABC Wednesday. Happily, I'd taken this photo of the Horses on Sunday and the ones of the Hayfield three weeks ago, on my way Home from town. How Handy!

Horses grazing in the gloaming
(Where were you guys last week when I needed Gs?!)

Hayfield on a Hot afternoon

Taking the requisite "artsy" shot has become a Habit!

Hey, more H's are Happening at

Friday, September 2, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Late Summer Sunflowers

I'm having to shoehorn this SkyWatch Friday post into a crazy day, but I couldn't bear to miss it because I've really been wanting to share these beautiful wild sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) that I photographed during BW's vacation last week. They grow in great profusion all along a dirt road that climbs up to a couple of gravel pits, on property that is part of the ginormous ranch where we board Mocha. It's a great place to hike with our dogs and enjoy the views!

The view from halfway up the gravel pit road, with
Beaver Creek road and the Big Horn Mountains beyond.

The whole area is thick with sunflowers and thistle,
and the many birds and butterflies that dine on them.

Though the sunflowers were sparse in this shot,
I couldn't resist including one of the girls running to Daddy.

All the other sunflowers are keeping an eye on the storm,
while this one prima donna preens for the camera! ;-)

Trying out different theories about where the sun is hiding,
this group's got 3 of the 4 cardinal directions covered!

I love this friendly guy, who looks like he's waving!

Their bright yellow sure pops against those storm clouds.

I don't know what that ugly rusted culvert-thing is,
but I loved how this lone sunflower looked with it!

View more skies around the world at

Enjoy your weekend! (And a safe and happy Labor Day to my fellow Yanks!)


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