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Friday, January 29, 2010

My Week in Pictures

Mercy, it's been one of those weeks, and I'm a draggin' my wagon kinda dragon. But rather than bore you with the wordy details, let's just review my week in pictures, shall we?

My week made me feel just like this...

and quite a bit like this...

although in my case, this is probably more realistic...
It made me look mostly like this...

and made me really need this...

and made me want all of this (and then some)...

(And BW's week was no better!)

So TGIF, baby!!!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Makes my week look like a cake walk. I hope your weekend is better.


  2. LOL! Your post summed up my week pretty well too! (Love the squirrel massage.)

    what a draining week this has been, I didn't even get to post updates on my sprouts (which I'm eating now, woohoo!). So proud, LOL!

    Thanks for the smile. Here's to a great, relaxing weekend! Cheers!

  3. Well, it sounds like a few of us had a crummy week. Thankfully it's over & hopefully next week will be much better! Very cute post & I adore the squirrels. <3

  4. Hi, kids! :-)
    I think a lot of us had a tough week. I talked to Robyn on Friday and my post could easily describe the week she had, too! What's the deal? The Sun in Aquarius? The full Moon? A boost in overtime pay for gremlins? :-) Unfortunately, the gremlins assigned to us didn't take Saturday off (quite the opposite - they ramped it up, the bloody b@stards!), so let's hope they have other plans for today! Hope everyone else's weekend is Gremlin-free! :-)

    VW, congratulations on your first sprout harvest! That's great! :-D


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