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Thursday, January 27, 2011

So super cool :-)

I found this video a while back but for the life of me I can't remember where. An ad for the Los Angeles Animal Services Adopt-A-Pet program, I thought it was cute, clever and ~ just like adopting a homeless furbaby from a shelter or rescue organization ~ definitely super cool! :-)

(The poem bit especially cracked me up!)

Speaking of shelters and rescue organizations, here are two super cool things you can do...

The Animal Rescue Site, in collaboration with Petfinder (which is where we found Tessa!), is conducting its $300,000 Shelter Challenge for 2011. Choose a shelter, rescue organization, foster network or humane society from those listed and vote for your favorite(s) once a day. This round ends March 20, with more rounds to be held throughout the year. Several cash grants to help animals will be awarded in each round, with a grand prize winner announced at the end of the year.

In the Holiday Shelter Challenge during the last three months of last year I voted for Rolling Dog Ranch in New Hampshire, and they were awarded a $5000 grant as the second place winner which they'll use to help dogs, cats, horses and other animals who are blind, deaf, or suffering from neurological or orthopedic problems. This round, I'm voting for SASHA Farm in Michigan, the midwest's largest farm animal sanctuary. Not only do they rescue and provide loving care for farm animals (as well as dogs and cats), they also do vegan outreach. Which I think is definitely super cool! :-)

Besides voting in the Shelter Contest, you can also help shelter critters by clicking once a day at the Animal Rescue Site...

I think Dan Piraro and his Bizarro cartoons are also super cool...


I've got a post in the works starring our own super cool rescued dogs, and the local super cool deer, that I'll post soon. As well as a recipe or two. And Georgia tagged me to provide Four Fun Facts about myself, so I'll be doing that soon, too. (I've been struggling with "Four Words/Phrases I use too much," but I think this post just took care of one of them! Super cool, just three to go! LOL)

Have a super cool Friday! (Or, if you'd prefer, a super warm one!) :-)


  1. Interested in hearing about your rescue project. Love dogs. My Lab and Golden are great dogs. Do you ever visit the Bedlam Farm site? It's listed on my sidebar. -- barbara

  2. That video is really cute! They featured Rolling Dog Ranch in one of the dog magazines I have... it's either Fido Friendly or Modern Dog, and I thought of you right away since you sent me the link to them. :)

    I love Bizarro cartoons. Dan is a genius! I'll be looking forward to the super cool sounding posts you're planning on. They sound great!

  3. I loved the video and the cartoon — and the info about helping animal shelters. You really are super cool, Laloofa!

  4. Barbara ~ I'm not sure what you mean by "my rescue project." Unless you mean the Shelter Challenge I shared, because "my rescue project" was been suspended at three dogs (I'm not allowed to go to the shelter or visit PetFinder anymore, lol), and currently entails their care and cuddling. :-)

    I haven't visited Bedlam Farm, will try to check it out when I have time. ("Bedlam Farm" is a great name - I'd steal it for our place if it weren't already named "Almosta Ranch!") ;-)

    Give Sal and Lil a hug from me! Hope you're enjoying fun hikes in that pretty winter wonderland of yours!

    Molly ~ I thought you'd get a kick out of that video! I know for sure that Emma and Rowan think you're too super cool (they've told me so; they email me while you're a work sometimes!) and I couldn't agree more. :-) How fun that Rolling Dog Ranch was featured in one of those dog magazines! I'd never heard of them till around the time I sent you their link.

    I agree that Dan is a genius. I just love his humor and his philosophy and really enjoy his blog as well as his cartoons. It's fun to read about what gave him the idea for a particular cartoon.

    I'll get busy on those posts next week between painting trim! (Save me!! LOL)

    Andrea ~ I'm glad you enjoyed all of it, Andrea! And thank you!! I know without a doubt that you are definitely super cool too! :-)

  5. That is a really cute and cool video. I used to click on the Animal Rescue Site everyday, but since I've got my Mac, it's not in my favorites list yet...thanks for the reminder.

    I'll have to check out the animal rescue competition. Out of loyalty, I felt like I had to chose the animal shelter where I volunteer last year, but this year, I think I should choose a different one.

    It's wonderful that there are so many independent rescues popping up all over the place...I know many of them are long standing ones, but I also think there is a trend of individual people with the time and space starting their own rescues. I have hope that this means someday, all animals...even the troubled ones who usually get the chop at municipal shelters, :( will have somewhere to go and live their lives, as more and more people start shelters for specific animals and animal plights.

    Looking forward to the rest of your cool posts!

  6. Rose ~ Glad you enjoyed the video, and that I was able to supply an old "favorite" link. I had to rebuild my bookmark collection once, no fun. I hated losing all my favorites!

    I can understand your voting for the shelter where you volunteered, knowing firsthand the uses to which any winnings could be put and the animals who would benefit. Have fun looking for a new organization to support this round, there sure are a lot of them! My local shelter, despite the fact Willow and Josie came from there, won't get any votes from me. They've got a big, fancy and relatively new facility and get plenty of money. I did some volunteer work for them once and it wasn't a good experience. We don't care for the woman who runs it - she's very pushy, is a dog breeder (yeah, I know!), and their fundraisers are things like BBQs (and they ain't vegan barbecues!) and raffling off hunting rifles and hunts on private ranches! (Talk about a disconnect!) They also claim to be no-kill, but I've heard from multiple people that they don't even try to adopt out feral cats who are brought in, regardless of age or temperament, but instead have them killed immediately. Our shelter is a sad reflection of the prevailing attitude toward animals out here.

    I love supporting places like SASHA Farm most anyway, with their vegan outreach they're the most consistent in applying their concern and care for animals, and they do the most good IMO. I hope your vision of more shelters and rescue organizations popping up resulting in all abandoned animals having a safe, loving place to live out their full lives. Or better yet, that someday there won't BE a need for shelters (at least not so many shelters) because homeless and/or abused animals will be such rarities, and everyone will be vegan. Might as well dream big! :-)

  7. I went into older posts to see your comment on my comment from last night - you are ever so reliable about doing that - and thank you for your kind words. I'm glad i made you smile!

    It's a good thing I did go back because two of your posts went into "older posts" today and I would have missed this one. Apparently a lesson to me not to fall so far behind anymore!

    I thought the super cool video was super cool and since it's Friday, I'm having a super cool day - that and its 2 below zero which is super cool, even for Detroit. Notice I used "super cool" four times in one sentence! I didn't want to be outdone.

    I can't wait to hear the four fun facts about you - they are sure to be delightful. I can't think of what words you overuse as you have such a vocabulary, you don't typically NEED to reuse a word - unlike me!

  8. Jo ~ Aw, thanks! I try to be reliable with my replies, but sometimes I fall behind a bit too! :-) I'm glad you found this post and that you enjoyed the super cool video!

    And four "super cool"s in one sentence! Bravo! :-)

    I got started on the Four Fun Facts post and haven't made it back! Some of the questions are a bit challenging, for me anyway, and one of them is figuring out which words I overuse. I appreciate your compliment about my vocabulary, but I was hoping you might be able to help me out with this one, since you and I talk regularly! BW was no help either. Maybe I should carry around a recording device and see if catch myself repeating words and phrases. Some words are just so handy, they beg to be used frequently. :-)

  9. Great post Laloofah! Thanks for visiting my blog and for referencing it. The video you used here inspired me to post using it too (including crediting your blog). I thought it was well done ...avoiding the term "pet" would have been nice...but what the heck...can't have everything.

    You have some exquisite photos posted, thank you for those and for caring about the animals.

  10. Vegan Elder ~ Thank you so much for your compliments, for sharing this video on your own blog, and for following my blog! I'm honored! :-)

    I'm with you on the use of the word "pet" and would have chosen a different name for that worthy program, but they didn't ask me. :-) I was impressed with the good and important work LA Animal Services does, and imagine they face some overwhelming challenges.

    My husband was born in northeastern OK and his parents still live there (in Owasso). Oklahoma's got to be a tough place, emotionally if not logistically, for a vegan. (Wyoming is too). I'd love to hear the story of your vegan journey - have you ever written about it on your blog?

  11. I probably won't be back in older posts if I can keep up but did want you to know that I read your replies both to this post and the Challenger posts. I thought the policeman was pretty cool too.

    Maybe you don't overuse words! That's why BW and I are no help!


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