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Friday, September 2, 2011

SkyWatch Friday: Late Summer Sunflowers

I'm having to shoehorn this SkyWatch Friday post into a crazy day, but I couldn't bear to miss it because I've really been wanting to share these beautiful wild sunflowers (Helianthus annuus) that I photographed during BW's vacation last week. They grow in great profusion all along a dirt road that climbs up to a couple of gravel pits, on property that is part of the ginormous ranch where we board Mocha. It's a great place to hike with our dogs and enjoy the views!

The view from halfway up the gravel pit road, with
Beaver Creek road and the Big Horn Mountains beyond.

The whole area is thick with sunflowers and thistle,
and the many birds and butterflies that dine on them.

Though the sunflowers were sparse in this shot,
I couldn't resist including one of the girls running to Daddy.

All the other sunflowers are keeping an eye on the storm,
while this one prima donna preens for the camera! ;-)

Trying out different theories about where the sun is hiding,
this group's got 3 of the 4 cardinal directions covered!

I love this friendly guy, who looks like he's waving!

Their bright yellow sure pops against those storm clouds.

I don't know what that ugly rusted culvert-thing is,
but I loved how this lone sunflower looked with it!

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Enjoy your weekend! (And a safe and happy Labor Day to my fellow Yanks!)


  1. I love sunflowers and yours are so beautiful. What a lovely area to walk in - I'm sure your dogs love it:-)

  2. What a panorama! The sunflowers sure add some cheerful color to the landscape.

  3. Gorgeous sunflowers...they are so bright n cheery. This is my first time coming to your blog...sounds like you live a beautiful, peaceful life. Also the title of your blog...Mehitable...never heard of this word..very interesting! Have a wonderful weekend and I will come back to visit! :)

  4. Aaah! Look at the last little sunflower trying it's best to make ugly culvert look beautiful.
    Jane x

  5. I have never had the pleasure of visiting that part of the world. I enjoyed seeing it through your lens.

  6. Apart from the lack of shade, it does look a great place to hike and enjoy the views!
    Love that these are wild sunflowers.

  7. The flowers are so perfect they almost look too good to be real. I like the way your varied the focus letting get the details of the flowers and the beautiful landscape and sky beyond. Yes, I do like the rusty culvert pipe. We have lots of old logging equipment around and it makes great shots. - Margy

  8. Just superlative...I'm unable to look at sunflowers without smiling...thank you.

  9. Sunflowers - the cure for any gloomy attitude

  10. Love your wild sunflowers, - they really are cheery in the countryside and your photos catch all their brightness. Mine were happy volunteers right at the front of the garden, - they come and join the garden party every year.

  11. Laloofah -- I also like that last photo with the rusted old pipe thing -- provides nice contrast. What a gorgeous place to walk your dogs. The sunflowers are lovely. I lived in Santa Fe for a while and the path I took my dog on was filled with wildflowers -- sunflowers being one that would be blooming about now. I grow sunflowers every year -- they just make you feel good to look at them and the bees and birds love them. -- barbara

  12. Yay I love the waving one :-)

    Lovely photos


  13. Well, you already know that I adore this post! That background is so gorgeous. *sigh* I really miss the mountains....

    I think my favorite is of the one waving. lol What kind of camera do you have, btw? I love the captures you get with it!

  14. Oh wow! the shot with the friendly sunflower is just gorgeous!

    Through The Photographs

  15. I love the photos — and the commentary that goes with them. You've given real personalities to the sunflowers.

  16. I love these shots!! The hills and vales, the mountains in the background, the boding dark clouds: what a beautiful place to hike. And the sunflowers are so pretty of course. They really do look like they're peering around the place. Each one looks like it has its own subtle personality.

    The pic of the girls running to BW is wonderful too; it captures that pleasant ease that comes from being out in the country side. I'd love to run along that road too!

  17. Love the wild sunflowers... great shots!

  18. Photos with a delicious exquisite and delicate colors. Wonderful wild sunflowers.

  19. Gorgeous skies and flowers!

  20. These photos are beautiful and I love how you gave the sunflowers characteristics, ha! Or, perhaps just noticed what was already there. :) The mountains almost look blue!

  21. Everyone! ~ Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I'm really happy that you enjoyed the sunflowers so much, and that they made you smile (they have the same effect on me!) :-) I do intend to reply to each comment when I have time, but have a lot going on and a major time crunch this month, so don't know when that might be. For now, just know that I read and enjoyed every comment, and appreciate your visit and the time you took to leave them!

  22. these are all so great! i just love sunflowers and really liked your whole series of them! yeah, that rusty thing really looks good with the flower! have a great week :)

  23. That was a great group of photos. The pictures were great but paired with your comments they really came to life.

    I loved how you called one of them a prima donna preening for the camera and the photo where you pointed out that they had three of the four directions covered. The one that is waving sure looks like it is. With the blue sky behind it, that is my favorite. The colores are so amazing!!

    The first photo is really special too with the great focus on both the flowers and on the mountains - a great shot!

    I enjoyed that very much.


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