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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Elvis Sighting!

The highlight of our fun and successful yard sale yesterday was a brief but exciting celebrity appearance. 

Ladies and gentlemen... the incomparable Elvis!

Despite temps in the 90s, Elvis was lookin' cool in his Doggles shades!
(Though Tess thinks she looks much cooler in hers). ;-)

And since I know you're thinking about it now, here you go! 


  1. You're too funny. You didn't say whether there was "cha-ching" from the sale of your stuff. I hope so.

  2. Thank you for the post...thank you very much.
    Jane x

  3. Sue ~ No, I would never be so gauche as to mention the specific cha-ching, which is why I subtly referred to the sale as "successful." But since you brought it up, we cleared $175. LOL The bigger aspect of its success, however, is that we got rid of more encumbrances, and made more room in our rental and our storage unit. Yay! Oh, and BW bought himself two new articles of clothing - a pair of jeans and a pair of rather wild but comfy workout/lounging britches that Robyn calls, "Miami Vice pants," what BW calls "M.C. Hammer pants," and what I call "Harem pants". I'll try to get a photo of him in them sometime, meanwhile you'll just have to use your imagination. :-)

    Jane ~ LOL! I can just hear you (in your British-flavored Memphis accent) doing that fine Elvis imitation. :-)

    "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the yard sale!"

  4. Aw, Elvis is a cutie! He's really stylin' in those sunglasses, too!

  5. I always miss all the good sales. Tsk. We may have missed Elvis but we got to meet Stephen Gyllenhaal.

  6. Oh Elvis is such a cutie! Glad to hear the sale was a success. Summer is so much fun!

  7. LOL! Mega cute although I'm inclined to agree with you about Tess... I remember how much we laughed at work at the video of her with her head out the window :O)

  8. Molly ~ Those sunglasses looked so real, like Elvis' dog-mom had bought a pair of children's sunglasses from a regular store for him. I told her about Tessa's Doggles and she said, "These are Doggles!" I said, "But Tessa's are red and look like goggles," and she said that Elvis has a pair of those, too. :-) Anyway, I finally noticed that one of the lenses says, "Doggles" on it. Elvis was perfectly happy to wear them - he was stylin' and he knew it!

    Andrea ~ Did you see him at a yard sale?! LOL (I've never seen any of his films and doubt I'd recognize him. I'd recognize Maggie Gyllenhaal, but don't think they're related!) :-)

    Rose ~ Elvis was really cute, but BW and I fell in love with a rescued shelter dog named Hank who also attended the sale. Don't know what it was about him, exactly, but it was love at first sight for both of us. His mom was lucky to get out of there with him, thoughts of dog-knapping were definitely running through our felonious minds! :-)

    We're going through a 4-5 day stretch of 100º+ days right now, so summer isn't feeling quite as fun as it might! Thank goodness we don't have humidity to deal with, too.

    Barbara ~ Tess thanks her UK Fan Club for their continued support! :-)

  9. Cute little doggie with those Elvis shades --- stay cool -- barbara

  10. Barbara (KY) ~ Yep, Elvis was a cutie! I thought his name and his shades were perfect for him.

    We're briefly below 100º, but not for long. This is vicious heat, and wildfires in the area have made it very smoky and hazy, too. But nowhere near as bad as C. Springs, where my sister-in-law lives! Horrible! We're doing our best to stay cool and keep a/c use to a minimum!

  11. Maggie and Jake are his kids. We were at the opening of Grassroots, a film he wrote and directed. We were particularly interested because two of our kids were extras in the film, which was made in Seattle. He's probably the only film director I could recognize! He seems to be a really nice guy.

  12. Andrea ~ Funny, we'd just seen Maggie interviewed on The Daily Show (or was it the Colbert Report? No, I'm pretty sure it was The Daily Show!) a couple nights earlier, and also just watched her in the movie, "Away We Go." Her character was a hoot: she played an over-the-top New Agey mom in Madison, WI. :-) How fun two of your kiddos were film extras - did you see them in it? And did you enjoy the movie?

    I think the only director - who wasn't an actor-turned-director - that I would recognize is Martin Scorsese. His eyeglasses and eyebrows would give him away. :-)

  13. I had actually read this one at work but didn't have the luxury of being able to hit play on the video so this time, I can enjoy both Elvises to the fullest. Elvis does look great in his doggles. His look like real sunglasses the way they did the frames and because of the color but Tess is right that pink is cooler!!

  14. Jo ~ Glad you were able to get the full effect of both Elvises this time! :-)

    I know, I didn't even realize Elvis's sunglasses were Doggles, they looked so much like regular sunglasses! Tess says to tell you thank you for saying hers are cooler, but wishes to inform you that her Doggles are red (her favorite color), not (in her words) "sissy girlie pink!" LOL


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