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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Still on Island Time...

Hulloooo again! It's been awhile, but after a perfect 2-week vacation in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, culminating in a very relaxing week on Whidbey Island, I still find that even after nearly a week back on Reality Street...
Just replace those palm trees with pine trees, and in spite of a pretty full schedule and no time spent sprawled in hammocks it sums up the mood of much of our vacation! Especially that week on Whidbey - island time really is delightfully slower and more mellow. (Unless you're talking about Manhatten Island!)

Anyway, I've somehow managed to combine indolence with frantic busyness since we returned home at 11:15pm last Saturday. It's not fair that modern life demands jumping back into chores, work, and responsibilities immediately following a vacation - there should be a mandatory decompression time! One in which people continue to prepare wonderful meals for you, if nothing else. :-)

After the cooler temps of Puget Sound, this heat is only making me feel more sluggish. Though despite our temps in the 90's, I realize we don't have it nearly as bad as those of you experiencing the same (or worse) sizzling temps with the added mugginess. There really is something to the "but it's a dry heat" caveat! Anyway, I think we can all agree that Tessa's got the right idea about how to spend the Dog Days of Summer...

But what about your trip photos, I egotistically imagine you asking? :-) Well, between the Rebel, Kodak and iPad, we took over 2000 photos and videos during our trip! So needless to say, I'm so overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect of sorting, culling, editing, uploading, and selecting the most blogworthy ones that I've hardly touched them yet (plus, I need a way bigger chunk of free time than I've had the luxury of this week). And August is going to be a busy month with various appointments, a trip to Havre to see my Mom, and a week-long visit from BW's parents, so I don't know how much progress I'll make. But I promise to whittle away at the massive photo stack and publish posts as I'm able! We saw and did (and ate) so much, and it was all so beautiful and wonderful and interesting and fun (and delicious), that I'm looking very forward to sharing it all! I'd love to think I could get a post of the first leg of our trip published tomorrow in time for SkyWatch Friday, but again - stupid, tiresome Reality Street will likely cut a pot-holed swath through those fun plans!

Meanwhile, stay cool if you're in the path of this US heat wave (and judging from this weather map, if you're in the US you likely are), and embrace that Island Time/Dog Days vibe as much as you can!


  1. Pour Tessa looks HOT. I'm hot too, here in Madison with 100% humidity. I'm starting to miss the cooler PNW temps as well.

    1. It MUST be very humid there and you must be a melting puddle in it for your subconscious to make you spell that "pour!" :-) While she may look hot, she seems to like it that way. She's a basker - must be part lizard, like me. :-) But I actually took this photo the first week of June, when the temps were much more pleasant. Just never got a chance to share it till now...

      I saw in your reply to me on your blog that you guys snuck past Sheridan while we were still in Washington! What stinkers. Too bad you have all that work to do - what is the deal with some renters?? We always leave a place in better shape than it was when we move in! Anyway, I hope you'll get plenty of time to play and enjoy Mad City. In cooler temps!

    2. We flew this year and only spent a week (a very hot week), so we weren't being sneaky. :) The house was very clean but with an old house there are always repairs to be made, and I guess most renters aren't inclined to fix things. (Ken's not inclined to fix things either, so it's usually me caulking, spackling and painting.) They don't weed, either. And we were dismayed to find they moved furniture, including antique furniture, into the basement and leaky shed.

    3. Good grief! So did you move the furniture back into the house?

  2. Welcome Home!! And no worries, I'm willing to be patient about the vaction posts so long as I know they'll eventually come. It heightens the anticipation!

    It is warm here and humid AND my first experience with no A/C at work or at home which makes me want to take a spot next to Tessa and tell my boss I'll be off until it cools off again. Though that won't be too long. Saturday night's low will be 45 - what a good night's sleep I'll get that night!!

    Contractor hit an electrical ductbank so lunch was late and short today but this was a nice break - I've missed you!!!

    1. Thanks for your patience - your love of anticipation saves me!!! :-)

      I know, it's tough when you're in a place that normally doesn't need (and therefore doesn't have) a/c, only to have it turn freakishly hot. Our house in Big Horn was that way, as was Maple Top. There'd be those one or two weeks, usually in August, that were insufferable while the rest of the time we'd get lovely cool breezes at night. Hardly justified having a/c. No one has it where we just came from, either, and they're definitely not used to the heat (we had a couple of days in the first part of our stay on Whidbey that we'd describe at "perfect" while the locals described as much too hot! Meanwhile, unaccustomed to the humidity in the cooler temps off the water in the evenings (anything above 35% humidity feels "humid" to us!) we layered up and still shivered in Victoria while everyone else was prancing about in shorts and tank tops, mocking us. :-) Those Saturday night temps sound so refreshing!!

      Glad you found time amid the electrical crisis to visit this sorry little post - missed you too!!! Can't wait for our phone conversation in about 3 hours!

  3. Emma & Rowan look a lot like Tessa lately when they're outside! Dry heat definitely is more tolerable than the muggy stuff we've been getting, although it's still draining! I can completely understand why you're still in vacation mode.

    I know how overwhelming that many photos can be. I've been lucky enough to be able to sort through ours a bit as we're on our trips, but it still can get to be too much. I'm looking forward to seeing yours, but I know they'll be worth the wait!

    Stay cool and I hope you get a non-busy day soon!

    1. It sure is, as is dry cold. That moisture in the air makes such a huge difference, and I have NEVER handled the hot & humid combo well. VERY draining!

      Thanks for that vote of confidence in my future vacation photos/posts! I still need to figure out how I'm going to organize them all, but have some ideas - often the posts almost assemble themselves. Wish I had time to do it now, while it's all still fresh - I took almost no notes, so will be relying on our memory (uh-oh, lol) and my photos to remind me!

      You stay cool took, and enjoy these last days of your vacation! (Honestly, time flies so much faster everywhere else - you guys really need to spend you next vacation on an island! LOL)

  4. Welcome back. You have been missed. I am happy to wait for your photos and am confident that my anticipation will be rewarded.
    And yes, heat is nasty and humidity beyond nasty. In summer here I do my very best to turn into a troll and only come out in the cool of the evening (and not then, if the weather doesn't cool sufficiently).

    1. Thank you! I was up at 5 this morning and already had walked the dogs, mowed and weeded the back yard, and fed the dogs before 6:30 (beating today's heat)! If I can keep up this pace, I MAY have time to get my first post done today, but then again I may crash and burn by 10. :-) Thanks for your vote of confidence, I'll do my best not to disappoint! :-)

  5. Tessa continues along exquisitely. :-)

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you!! We sure enjoyed our visit to Canada! We met some really nice peeps! Never got a chance to smell the currency to see for ourselves if it has the scent of maple syrup before BW had spent it all on yummy vegan food! ;-)

  7. Glad you're back, safe and sound, and still on Island time....why not? ;-). Thanks for the postcards....lovely! I guess we'll all have to be patient on the vacation pics ;-). 2000!!!??? Wow, there will certainly be many great ones to choose from....can't wait....but I will. So happy you had a great time.
    Yeah, our weather's been the pits and we're not alone. Hope yours is better! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks, Spudly! Glad you got your postcards - they seem to be taking their sweet time getting to their recipients! And yes, I fear you will all need to exhibit extraordinary patience on the vacation posts, though I did make some progress yesterday - but it's barely a drop in the ocean! Still, this coming week SHOULD be less hectic than the previous one, so maybe I'll get a post done. Hope so!

      I've thought about you with that heat wave, since Ohio has looked smack dab in the middle of that ominous red blob on the national weather map. Be glad when those temps get shoved aside by the Canadian cold front but hope you don't get any violent weather along with it! Today should be pleasant here, which is good as we have a couple of outdoor projects plus we plan to visit 4 out of 6 houses on a yard & garden tour. We were going to skip it, but since I told our friends Al & Jackie about it (they're the ones with the "Area 51"/Wildlife Habitat back yard we happened upon last year while on a bike ride, remember?) and encouraged them to enter - and now they're one of the 6 finalists - we figure we'd better attend! :-) It'll be fun. Tomorrow is supposed to be 94º though, so we'll stick with indoor projects tomorrow - like sorting through all those vacation photos!!

    2. Just did a comment and went and lost it somehow - how annoying. It went something like this -
      We are having a heatwave in the UK as well (or rather I should qualify that and say most parts of the UK – my brother is freezing various intimate parts of his anatomy off in the Outer Hebrides). Of course, our idea of a heatwave is a bit different to yours. Once it reaches 27° centigrade (your 80º it’s ‘sweltering’ over here).
      I’m especially looking forward to your Whidbey Island photos because I have an Internet friend who lives there. But take your time. We’ll still be here no matter how long it takes to organise your shots.

    3. It is funny how we get adjusted to certain weather! Plus, you guys have that humidity over there, and as pointed out in this post and some comments, that can really make a temp feel hotter or colder.

      An internet friend on Whidbey! Small world! I hope to do the beautiful island justice in my posts and photos - I'm sure I'll gush about it like a pre-teen about a first crush - we just loved it! Your friend is very lucky indeed. And thank you for your patience, I'm going to need every ounce of it for the daunting blogging project ahead! :-)

  8. Hi! Welcome back!I have been waiting for your comeback. I did not notice that you had already come back. I will read your posts one by one from today.
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

    1. Thank you, Minoru! It will be fun to have you along! I'm sure you'll catch up and have to wait for me, these posts are taking quite a bit of time to put together.

      I was working on my next post (which should be ready by tomorrow and will also be on SkyWatch Friday this week) when your comment notification email arrived, just as I was writing about Ikebana and Japanese floats! Fun coincidence! :-)


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