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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Teddy Bear Toast

Please bear with me. I stayed up way too late last night so my brain is toast this morning, which may explain why I went bananas playing with my food at breakfast. :-)


  1. I wish my brain was as creative when it is toastified.
    I hope breakfast (or a nap) revives you.

  2. Aw, that's an adorable way to start the day! I have a feeling that I'll be feeling brain toasted this week..... :)

  3. It´s a very sweet way to start Easter Sunday!!! Hugs sis!

  4. Please be careful not to cuddle with your breakfast and fall back asleep! That could lead to a bear-y sticky situation.

  5. One of the bunnies that was rescued by Heartland lives with the director and each morning she harrasses her human until she gets a tiny piece of toast. I suspect your toast would send her into ecstasy with all the extra treats that are on it. Well done!

  6. So creative so early in the morning! Will have to start thinking more creatively about my peanut butter/bread in the morning. --- barbara

  7. Wow....a "Punapalooza" post.....too cool! I counted three of 'em ;-). But in the end, your creation looked delicious!

  8. I had missed this one. What a clever clever person you are - and in the state of being "toast" no less. I cannot say it any better than Paul - you are the "punapalooza" queen!!! Surely your own creativity on this helped brighten your day. It is brightening mine!!

  9. Hi everyone!
    I can take credit for the puns, but not for the idea of the toast embellishments. That idea came from Pinterest. I must say, not only was it fun and cute, it was very tasty! I will have to remember to add raisin and banana faces to my peanut butter toast more often! :-) As always, thanks so much to all of you for visiting my sadly delinquent blog, and for your delightful comments!


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