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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

First Sponsor, Extra Fawn!

First, in non-blogathon news, Jane Doe showed up this morning with not one, not two, but THREE fawns! Turns out that stinker had triplets this year! She's just been showing up with one or two of them before this morning (and often with none of them, as she apparently has really generous day-care benefits!) :-) They were gone before I could grab my camera, but I hope for other opportunities to photograph all three adorable babies.

And oh, yay! I have my first blogathon sponsor!
Thank you, rift!

If you get a chance, check out the great blurb about my blogging efforts on the AHF home page! How nice! (I never thought I'd see my name mentioned on the same page as His Holiness the Dalai Lama!) :-)

In addition, the kind folks at the AHF have generously offered to donate the book
Himalaya to my sponsor who makes the largest donation (who will also receive a prize/award/thank you gift from me!) The book is about 250 pages, hardcover, and filled with great color photos and essays about the people and issues of the Himalayan region.

I've noticed that several of my fellow bloggers have set pledge goals for themselves, so I decided to do the same. My goal is a lofty one, but hey, I'm blogging about the Himalaya! If you can't do lofty there, where can you? ;-) My goal is to try to raise $695, which according to the AHF "is enough to purchase materials for two greenhouses for Tibetan refugees, who will build them, feed their families and sell extra produce for income." Seems like a perfect goal for a vegan high-altitude gardener who has long campaigned for a greenhouse of her own! :-)

I'll try to post and email reminders when the time comes, but the AHF folks have also asked that when my sponsors submit their donations following the blogathon, they either write in the comment field of the online donation form or annotate on their check that they were my sponsors in the blogathon.

I've got a lot to do between now and Saturday morning (and won't be home on Friday), so I won't be able to post here till next week. So please check
my Shambhala blog for updates and information, and visit me during the blogathon, where I'll be blogging about various things Himalayan, posting photos and conducting polls, and when I run out of those I'll just blog about my own mundane life, as usual. :-)

And if you can, please oh please oh please

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  1. Oh Laloofah!

    Your Care2 message to me brought tears to my eyes (i'm still in the "Cries Incredibly Easily" stage of this break-up, as i found out yesterday that he is MOVING IN with the new GF....).

    Thank you for the gift of your friendship. Even though we've never met, i feel the boundless love and energy you embody. Thanks for sharing it with me!



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