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Friday, July 13, 2007

New Juicer & Wheatgrass Crop

We finally bought a new juicer (after talking about it for a few years!), and now that we've made three batches of juice with it, I figure I am qualified to blog about it. ;-)

If you've ever shopped for one, you know the array of juicers is dizzying to say the least, and some of the prices are stratospheric (is that a word?) :-) But after doing our homework we opted for simplicity by getting the
Tribest Manual Zstar Juicer...
We liked its affordability and the fact it's portable, doesn't use electricity, is quiet and easy to clean, and can juice most fruits, vegetables and wheatgrass. We understand it can also make nut butters but we have yet to try that function! (We got ours through

So then we
grew a nice crop of wheatgrass...

... and last weekend we harvested some for the first time, and juiced it along with some apples, carrots, spinach greens from our garden, cucumbers, oranges and a lime. The "recipe" was our own invention. :-) I must admit, it was a fairly noxious shade of green, but it smelled really good and it tasted delicious! Perfect sweetness, really fresh, and no one ingredient overpowered another. We drank a lot of it right away and then refrigerated the rest and drank it during the next 48 hours, and it was just as good by that last day. (Jane was rewarded with the very special treat of the leftover pulp, and there was much loud lipsmacking!)

Enjoy a happy and lucky (or happy-go-lucky!) Friday the 13th and a great weekend!

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