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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pics for Marla (& A Plug for Vegan Street!)

Okay, Marla ~ here's what I looked like on that record hot day in LA eight years ago! (Marla and I met at WorldFest in Sept 2001 and just reconnected through her blog, so we're engaging in a little memory-jogging here). I have no idea who that guy is standing next to me. (I sent this photo to a friend shortly after WorldFest and he said, "Wow, your husband sure looks like John Robbins!" LOL!)

And I thought you'd like to see me modeling my Vegan Gym tank three years later. (In rural Alabama! Perhaps the first vegan message clothing ever worn there! Perhaps by the first vegan to ever set foot there! Insert "Deliverance" banjo music here!) Just kiddin'. ;-)~

If you want your own Vegan Gym tank (which I highly recommend!), visit the Vegan Street Market. If you want to enjoy your own WorldFest Los Angeles adventure, keep an eye on this web site in the coming months. If you want to have your own photo taken with John Robbins or visit rural Alabama, well... you're on your own. :-)

It's 20ºF, we've gotten probably 7-8" of heavy, sticky, wet snow, I've shoveled the deck twice (so far), and our power went out for an hour and a half. So I'm just a leetle bit cranky and a leetle bit behind. Assuming our power stays on, I will be back for a second post after I get some stuff done around here. (Wow, two posts in the same day? Who IS this crazed blogger and what has she done with Laloofah?!)


  1. You're a goddess! I do remember you! And "John Robbins" was the first name that jumped in my head when I saw your photo. It's so nice to be reacquainted...

  2. LOL, Marla... "goddess" indeed. Trust me, If you could see me this morning you would desperately want to take that generous compliment back! :-D I'm delighted that you remember me, though, and equally delighted to be back in touch! Your weekend festivities sounded great (if exhausting) and I can't wait to read about them! xoxo

  3. I had to click on this when I saw it in the Link Within thumbnail at the bottom of the Street Art post...I thought Laurie and BW look so handsome...then I find a strange! You do look like a goodess a goddess, maybe both!

    I love the vegan gym T...seriously, is it dangerous to wear something like that in certain places?

    I have a Go Vegan license plate frame thing on my car...and I always think that if I took a road trip to the back of beyond might get me into trouble. I'm probably just being overly dramatic though.

  4. Rose ~ I love that Link Within feature, and it was through your blog that I discovered it!

    LOL about seeing a "strange man" instead of BW! :-) And thank you for your very sweet compliment! (A "goodess" indeed, LOL!)

    Your concern about what sort of reaction your Go Vegan tag holder might get out in the willywags is an interesting topic. I've worn that great Vegan Gym tank in a variety of places with nary a problem, and Robyn has had one of those bright green "Go Vegan!" bumper stickers on the back of her bright yellow VW bug for several years out here in "beef country," and so far the only comment she's gotten was from a vegan tourist who was terribly excited to see it! Our old Bronco had a "Vegan" bumper sticker on it, and my Jeep has sported one of those oval ones that says, "VGN" (and "" in smaller print) for 10 years, and they've been all over the country - in fact, I drove the Jeep to Alabama that time! I also wear "Be Kind To Animals, Don't Eat Them" and "Go Vegan" buttons on my purse and jacket.

    And though it's not overtly vegan, I was wearing my Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary hoodie at the video store one day (I also have the t-shirt and wear both a lot), and while I was at the counter I noticed a large man staring at it (since I have no boobs to speak of, I know it had to be the PPS logo he was looking at, lol) I wondered if he'd ask what or where PPS was or say something snarky, but instead he smiled and said, "I really like your sweatshirt!" Maybe he went home and looked up Peaceful Prairie online to order himself one! :-)

    I don't want to stir up some ugly altercation with someone nasty, and my gear has gentle messages rather than the provocative, in-your-face stuff I've seen, and so far all my message gear-inspired interactions (and those of others I know) have all been positive. In fact, a while back I was reading someone's "how I went vegan" story, and they said they were behind a car with the bumper sticker that says, "I love animals so I don't eat them," which got them thinking and started them on a short road to veganism. So you never know! I say take that road trip with your Go Vegan car tag holder and plant those vegan seeds! :-)

  5. Wow, good to know! I was being overly's funny, because I have a VGN sticker on my car too! :)

    I also have one bumper sticker that says:

    "we don't want to die for...

    and then it shows a picture of a calf , a chicken, a sheep, and a pig...and under each it says...your steak, your McNuggets, your sweater, your hot dogs...I always see people in the car behind me scrutinizing it via my rear view mirror...

    maybe the message is a bit harsh sounding: I had one guy come up to me in a parking lot and say: the sheep doesn't die just because you use its wool for a sweater"...he didn't wait for me to respond, but he was obviously miffed...

    but another time a lady came up to me in a parking lot and said: I really like your sticker!

    I know what you mean about wondering what the guy thought PPS was....maybe he was a kind soul and knew about the santuary, or maybe he didn''s hard to tell... anyway it's neat he had a good reaction.

    I have a MooShoes t-shirt from the MooShoes shop and on the front it has a nice logo with pretty animal silouhuettes and says MooShoes...on the back it says: Go Vegan, thanks, MooShoes.

    I wore it to the eye doctor once and everyone in the office said "I like your shirt" when they saw the front...they must have been thinking it was cute to associate shoes with "moo" leather or something status quo like that, because when I told them it was a vegan shoe store, they were all taken aback.

    Oh well, go figure.

    I'm in the middle of replying to your email...and you so kindly sent this link...I had forgotten about it in the midst of all the blogging frenzy...thanks!

    Talk to you soon.



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