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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Wild Halloween Rumpus!

Willow and Tess, excited as children can be on Halloween, burst into a spontaneous wild rumpus this afternoon. Poor "Foxy Loxy" took a lot of drool-intensive pummeling!

Willow's just showing off. She thinks making Foxy squeak while upside down gets her extra style points.

Willow bares her fearsome fangs at Tessa (don't be fooled, those fangs are about as dangerous as the plastic glow-in-the-dark ones! But it looks impressive!)

Despite Willow's fearsome fangs tactic, Tess ended up with Foxy in the end (haha... literally, as you can see one of Foxy's legs sticking out from under Tessa's butt!) But then she suspended play to pose prettily for this picture so you could admire her festive Halloween finery. :-)

Josie is in the final two weeks of her recovery from heartworms (a subject for a future post) and couldn't partake in the rumpus. So she was a bit pouty and didn't want to wear her own Halloween bandana or pose for pictures. I had pneumonia during the Halloween I was six and couldn't go trick-or-treating or even hand out candy at the door, so I can empathize with poor Josie! But just so she isn't entirely left out, here's a recent photo of her. Her fur is kind of Halloween-colored, so that's festive enough!

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  1. :D Great photos! Thanks for that happy slice of dog life.


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