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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Random fun stuff!

It's another gloomy day here, and still cold in my house, so I say...

It's time to have a little fun!

First, Happy Groundhog Day!
Or if you prefer Old School, happy Candlemas!
Really Old School? Blessed Imbolc!

Imbolc, celebrated on Feb 1 or 2, honors the Celtic goddess Brigid and the strengthening of the sun and first tentative hints of Spring's rebirth. (Well, in some places, anyway! I intend to get a dose of spring ~ and warmth ~ by visiting my favorite greenhouse today, which just re-opened after being closed for three months!) This pagan festival of rebirth, fertility and light was subsumed by the Catholic church as the Christian holiday of Candlemas, and you can see a hint of what much later became Groundhog Day in this ancient couplet...

If Candlemas Day is bright and clear,
there'll be two winters in the year.

One Imbolc tradition I'll be honoring today is burning candles. But then, I enjoy burning candles all the time (at least in winter). Our dogs enjoy candles too, though their taste in fragrances is somewhat different than ours....

Something else I find entertaining and cheery are these clever, magical faerie doors from Urban Fairies!

Having all this fun is working up an appetite. How about we grab a bite to eat at RootMaster, London's original vegan bustaurant?

(yeah, I could have used a picture of a real London bus,
but this version is more playful and fun!) :-)

You can dine outside...

...but since I've never eaten on a London double-decker bus, I say let's dine inside!

A final fun thing I found recently is Nathan Sawaya's amazing Lego Art. Imagine making a living playing with legos! Does he make you wish you'd made a different career choice? ;-) (I never had legos as a kid ~ I had Tinker Toys and Lincoln Logs, but the fanciest things I made with those were an airplane with working propellers and a replica of Fort Ticonderoga!)

Check out Nathan's large sculptures! My favorites are his castle book...

The cello...

And the
polar bear!

So which are your favorites?

Wishing you a fun-filled day!


  1. It went right by me that today is Ground Hog day. Seems like there should be some sort of celebration. Although I have no idea what. But at least Ground Hog day means Spring isn't too far away. At least that is my story and I am sticking to it.

    Cute fairy doors. I may have to get the hubby to make me one the next time he wants to do something in his workshop.

    Enjoy the greenhouse.

    talk to you soon,

  2. I just love those faerie doors. Robyn gave me one for Christmas... it's in my dining room for now, but I'm going to find a fun spot for it outside for summer. Someday I'd love to have one built into the baseboard or under a staircase, like in one of the photos on the Urban Fairies web site. If (when!) Dan makes you one, I hope you'll post a picture of it on your blog!

    The greenhouse was a disappointment. After all their fanfare about their reopening, and all the new plants & other goodies they'd be carrying, they only had a (very) few plants and some things mostly leftover from last year. But I did get a little Baby's Tears plant for a favorite, tiny self-watering planter, so it wasn't a total bust! (And it was warm in there!) ;-)

    Mainly I'm glad to have my glasses back! 8-)

  3. That was alot of fun. I enjoyed the bustaurant - had to check out the web site to see what that was all about. Wouldn't it be fun if it could move around and hit all the hot spots of London - of course it would make it hard to become a regular!

    I enjoyed your history of Candlemas which I did not know was a Catholic Church creation - guess that makes me a poorly informed Catholic!

    But I think the most fun was the lego art which were amazing! Melissa is still creating with her legos and - well lets just say I was impressed but not so much now!

    Thanks for the fun stuff!

  4. I love the cello! It would make wonderful entertainment at the bustaurant. Thanks for finding and sharing these fun pictures.

  5. Jo - It would be fun if the bustaurant moved around... and especially exciting if it moved around while people were dining on it! LOL They have dinner cruises, why not driving dinners? :-) The bus does kind of move around... there are pictures of it at various venues like Glastonbury and the Bristol Vegan Fayre, but it appears that most of the time, it sits in the same place with the parking brake set. :-)

    I think Candlemas, like Imbolc, was more celebrated in the UK.

    I wondered if Missy was still building things with her Legos and thought of her when I found that web site. Maybe she'll draw some inspiration from Nathan's art!

    Mary - I love the idea of the Legos cello providing the musical entertainment on the vegan bustaurant! :-) (I wonder if he'll ever try to build a Legos grand piano! Wouldn't that be something!)

    I'm glad you both enjoyed the fun goodies!

  6. Love your double-decker bus pics! It's all Kavi wanted to talk about when we saw him last month ;-).

  7. Hey, Spuddles! Glad to see the Nad-Grabbers finally cut you loose for a spell! :-) And how is it that Kavi knows about double-decker London buses? Do NOT tell me that child has been to London already! (I didn't make it there till I was 34!!!) I have a feeling he's going to have a fully-stamped passport by the time he starts 1st grade! If he weren't so darned adorable I'd despise him! :-)


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