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Friday, February 5, 2010

On little cat feet...

Our house perches at 5500' elevation above a valley 1,800 feet below. Sometimes we're in the clouds while the valley is in sunshine, but more often it's the other way around, like it was during this morning's sunrise. On days when the valley is filled with fog and we're in the sun, it seems as though we could just step off our deck and bound across the cloud tops! (Warning: don't try this at home!) ;-)

I love to watch the fog, which seems so much like a living thing, as it ebbs and flows, sending out wispy tendrils, playing hide and seek with the trees, the neighbors' houses, and other familiar landmarks. Sometimes it retreats and melts away in the sun, sometimes it blooms and swells and creeps up the mountainside till it engulfs us too. But we can never know which it will do... fog wears such a soft cloak of mystery!

Derive happiness in oneself from a good day's work,
from illuminating the fog that surrounds us.
~Henri Matisse

The fog comes on little cat feet.
It sits looking over the harbor and city
on silent haunches
and then moves on.
~Carl Sandburg

The fog is an illusion—
A master of disguise,
Which hides the tangible
Before our very eyes.
~from The Fog by Walterrean Salley

The skies out here are a favorite photo subject of mine, and you can see a few more of my sky photos at the archived posts Clouds, Cloud Gazers, Unite!, and How the Sun Rose.


  1. Those pictures are must be amazing to look out at that in person.

    I've always thought fog was mysterious and romantic. Lovely quotes too.

  2. Great pictures! They remind me so much of the beach.

    Thank you so much for sharing them. What a wonderful view to wake up to in the morning!


  3. Oh wow, that is just gorgeous! I would love to have a view like that!

  4. I would give just about anything to have a view like that!! You two are so lucky! You should see the view out our windows now. It's coming down white at about 2" an hour. We're in for 8-14"....yippee!

  5. Thanks, everyone, I'm glad you are enjoying the photos! It is an amazing view. (The real estate ad for this place said something like, "house on 10 acres, barn, view." A tad understated, I'd say!) :-) As you might imagine they would, hanggliders and parasailers often launch from a spot above our place and ride the thermals overhead with the hawks and eagles. Fun to watch! (Someday I think I'd like to try that!)

    I adore the fog, Rose... just love going for walks in it! Everything is so muffled and muted... and as you say, mysterious and romantic.

    It does look like the ocean, Alicia, with those billowy clouds stretching out below us! Maybe I should buy a foghorn! :-)

    Molly, you could have a view like this, but you'd have to put up with 9 months of winter! (Living up here does have its pitfalls... like snow from early September to late June! Plus you have to use high altitude baking directions. LOL)

    Spud, you and Alicia should compare notes! She's in a weather State of Emergency from, I suspect, the same storm you're experiencing. We're just getting misty here, kind of a fog starter kit. :-) Enjoy the snow and stay safe and warm!

    And happy weekend, everybody! :-)

  6. Bee-yoo-tiful!

    We have our fair share of fog in the Bay Area but I rarely get the view from above! Absolutely enchanting.

  7. Hi, VW! I've missed ya! :-)

    "Enchanting" is a perfect word to describe the fog, whether within or above it! You sure do get your share of it there... I think you are second only to London for fog fame! :-) The foggy views from our house remind me of being in an airplane, looking down on the cloud cover from the sunny blue skies above. I always thought it was so pretty! (But I'd much rather get that view from my house - better food, more leg room, bigger bathrooms, no charge for checked luggage, far less turbulence, and no screaming infants. Less likely to walk out my door and find myself in a new and exotic place, though!) :-)

  8. So with the time difference here, subtract travel time, subtract time to pick up goodies for us, I should be there in 6 hours!!


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