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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Canine Cavorting

The question our dogs are always asking (besides, "Hey, are you going to finish that food?") is...

Josie and Willow winding up for a rumpus...

Josie likes to bop Willow with her paw...

Or put her paw on Willow's head and leave it there!

Ooooh, what fearsome beasties!
Fear not girls...
I won't reveal what creampuffs you really are!

Want to hear what their rumpus sounds like?
(Willow thinks her vocals add ferocity)
"The Sound and the Fury"
(or is it "The Sound of the Furry?")

If Tess thinks the roughhousing is a bit much,
she breaks it up and insists on a group hug...

We all wish you a FUN weekend,
and remind you to play hard
and hug tight! :-)


  1. Aw, adorable! I love the play noises. Emma & Rowan get quite noisy, too. :)

  2. I can imagine that they do! Just watching that video of them racing around your yard helps me picture their indoor rumpuses! (rumpi? LOL)

  3. Your girls are precious! Thanks for sharing the antics.


  4. Thanks, Ali! They really are quite something. :-) And they provide lots of comic relief!

  5. What beautiful kids you've got! Three dogs, oh my! How do you have time for anything else?! :-) Thanks for sharing the pictures and video!

  6. Ellie makes noises like that, too, and uses her paws to slap Graeme until he can't take it anymore and begins to chase her around the house! Cute buddies you have.

  7. VW - good question, and one I often ask myself! ;-) (Add a horse and two mice to that list!) Once upon a time we had 5 dogs, 2 horses, and our house was undergoing a lot more renovations than it is now (almost done, almost done!), AND I had a full time job with a daily hour commute. How the devil did I do it? (I was 10-20 years younger, that's how! LOL)

    Mary - your dogs are such characters, I wish our kids could get together for playdates.. that would be some kind of entertainment! I do hope to meet Ellie and Graeme, they are so darned cute!

  8. My favorite is the one's where Josie puts her paw on Willow. Too funny!

  9. AdventureJo - Josie is a mighty funny girl, alright! She uses her paws much like a cat does, batting at whatever she's playing with (including Willow!), while Willow uses her paws more like hands, grabbing things with them... I've seen her wrap her "hands" around Josie's ankle!

    My girls should have their own reality TV show. LOL


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