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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a difference a year makes!

After a few beautiful basking days recently, today is very windy, cloudy and cool with rain/snow showers moving in for the next couple of days. So although March is not exactly going out like a gentle lamb, at least it's not ending with a roaring blizzard like it did last year, and in 2007 as well. (Must be an every-other-year thing!) And I'm thankful we're not getting all the rain and flooding they've been getting back East... I feel for the people and critters struggling with that deluge.

Anyway, I wasn't blogging at the time so here are a few photos of our lovely spring weather one year ago...

BW heading back from the barn (on snowshoes)...

BW is 6 feet tall, so that snowdrift should be in the NBA!
(I guess it has its own interpretation of "March Madness!")

The end result of the blizzard, an additional day of snowfall,
and a few killer days of roof and deck shoveling!

Springtime in Wyoming
When it's springtime in Wyoming,
and the gentle breezes blow
about seventy miles an hour
and it's fifty-two below,
you can tell you're in Wyoming
'cause the snow's up to your butt;
When you take a breath of springtime air
your nostrils both freeze shut!
The weather here is wonderful,
so I guess I'll hang around,
I could never leave Wyoming...
my feet are frozen to the ground!
~author unknown

P.S. Happy Birthday, Molly!


  1. Wow, that's some serious snow for March, or for any time for that matter. I love dramatic weather, but maybe not that dramatic! Glad to hear this year is a bit more moderate.

  2. Holy Moly that was some serious snow. I guess I shouldn't be complaining about all our rain. So glad this year has been better.


  3. That is *a lot* of snow! I would most certainly cry if we got that here.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

  4. Rose - Indeed, that was a tad over the top for weather drama! It was the first time we ever had to shovel off the roof! We were painting our bedroom during the storm, so between the painting and the shoveling we were crippled for days!

    Ali - LOL... "Moly" wasn't exactly the word we used after "Holy," but the word we used also had 4 letters in it. ;-)

    Molly - I think I did cry. We tried to keep up with shoveling off the deck as it accumulated the first day, but of course it got ahead of us overnight. And when I got up and looked out at the deck the next morning and saw what we were faced with... yep, I'm pretty sure I wept!

    I may have spoken too soon yesterday.. our forecast has changed significantly from rain/snow showers and partly cloudy for the rest of the week to significant (8+ inches) of snow starting tonight through Thursday night! Oooooh, noooo! At least today won't be too bad (if you don't consider 40+ mph winds "too bad!"), so I'll be able to get to town. Today's Robyn's birthday (we have a little lunch party planned) and my first appt with the new chiropractor. Since I'm on Day #2 of a wicked neck-shoulder-headache, I'll be bringing him plenty to work with! (Ouch).

    Happy last day of March!

  5. "Walking in a winter wonderland..." I'm guessing that song wasn't on the top of your mind during that snowstorm! My goodness, I would cry too! Let's hope you don't go through that again anytime soon (or ever!). :-)

  6. VW - no, can't say that song was on my mind at the time, but you never know... it was, after all, quite a winter wonderland! But who wants that in April?! (Not I, she said.) I appreciate your kind wishes, but fear that these spring snowstorms are part of the territory here. But as everyone likes to say when we get one of these March or April blizzards, "Well, we need the moisture!" (To which I invariably reply, "Is there some rule that says it can't fall as RAIN?") ;-)


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