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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bunny Bullies (& parting shots)

(Bad to the "Bun!") ;-)

In our driveway the other evening were two does and two bunnies (and they were too cute!) We'd had a gullywasher of a rainstorm earlier (1.75" in 30 minutes!), and the bunnies, sopping wet, were feeling frisky ~ playing tag and leap-frog all over the place...

Although her grazing friend seemed too hungry to be interested, this little doe was fascinated by the bunnies' wild cavorting...

Watching the bunnies at play
(I took this through our window, so pardon the poor quality!)

After a few minutes, the bunnies took notice of their rapt audience. They both charged her, which startled her and she darted away. This just made them feel all macho, so now they really got their game on. They ended up chasing her and leaping all around her (moving much too fast - and in the tall grass - for me to get any photos!) till the poor girl could take no more, and took to her heels up the mountain! They continued to gave chase for a little while, but soon were back in the driveway, resuming their bunny games.

At which point the second doe suddenly became interested. Apparently she didn't appreciate these hoodlum bunnies tormenting and chasing off her friend, because she now took off after them, and she looked to me like she meant business!

The bunnies must have thought so too, because badass or not, they high-tailed their little cottontail buns into the high grass! Who's badass now, you fluffy little hooligans?

A fearsome bad bunny, lurking in the grass...

Oh, don't be alarmed, how fierce can he be?
"What's he do, nibble your bum?" ;-)

(another amusing homage to Monty Python...
Click the pic to see the clip!)

In case the Attack of the Bullying Bunnies was too traumatic, here are some more serene recent photos to soothe your frayed nerves. ;-)

This more peaceable bunny was caught napping in our garden!
(Which, except for some dill, is fallow this year)...

But fear not,
for ever-vigilant Willow was on alert duty in her watchtower,
guarding the garden from possible garden-nappers! ;-)...

And here's an army of Bearded Irises that guard our driveway...

So we're obviously well-protected.
(But since when are beards allowed in the army?)

A lovely Western Meadowlark (our state bird)
serenades me from atop our Colorado Blue Spruce...

If you've never heard one, their song is beautiful and LOUD!
(Click here for a recording of the Meadowlark song and call!)

A Broadtail hummingbird takes off for nectar refueling...

And those are my "parting shots" for awhile,
for now at last we're taking off too, for our long-awaited

There will be hiking, there will be sailing, there will be biking, there will be shopping, there will be exploring, there will be eating, and hopefully there will be a fair dose of something that looks like this...

We'll be returning in a couple of weeks to much busyness on the home front, but I will do vacation (and other) posts and resume Wildflower Wednesdays as soon as I'm able. Enjoy a safe and happy Fourth of July (and happy Canada Day on the 1st to my Canadian friends)!


  1. I love all of the bunny shots and how cute that they were frolicking so much! Have the very best of vacations, Laurie!

  2. It's only a flesh wound!!
    Did you take all these pics? The irises and the
    Loved hearing about the wild life at your doorstep.

  3. Watching wildlife theatre from your window...what fun! I'm lovin' the belligerent bunnies and the dashing doe who dared to redeem her friend's honor! And, Willow watching from the porch is too cute.

    It's true...people think of rabbits as docile, gentle, creatures...and they are so adorable adorable especially when they sport about jumping "binkies" and laying in the grass...But they do have their tough side.

    Years ago, I had a dwarf house rabbit, and he used to come out into the garden with me in the summer. There was also a colony of feral cats in the neighborhood that we would leave bits of food out for...if any of those cats showed their face in the garden when my bunny was out...he would run them out of the place...the cats were scared of him even though he was only half their size....I have to admit, they can look stern...have you seen the Disapproving Rabbits ?

    Thanks for all the pics! They are stunning: esp. the meadowlark singing his heart out...fantastic to have captured that...I love the irises too...another one to print out and/or for my desktop. I think you should put together a collection.

    Have a great vacation Laurie! Enjoy!

  4. Molly ~ Thanks, Molly, I'm glad you enjoyed my bonanza of bunny pics! They've been posing for me a lot lately. There was even one just a few feet away in the driveway while I was photographing the irises, but those photos didn't make the cut.

    And thanks for your vacation wishes! We'll miss our furbabies (both wild and domestic), but are looking very forward to some much-needed down time and some new adventures!

    Sue ~ Yes, I took all those pics, but my camera gets most of the credit for the one of the irises. I was snapping away in the bright sunshine, camera set on auto flash (the flash setting seemed irrelevant, given the aforementioned bright sunshine), when suddenly the flash started going off with each photo. I thought bad things and may have even said bad things about my camera, which I was sure had lost its microchip mind and overexposed all those photos. But they turned out to be the best of the bunch, so I guess my camera is "brighter" than I am! ;-)

    The hummingbird photo was a combination of patience, luck, busy hummingbird air space, and my camera's sport setting. I love that one too, but wish the sunlight had been shining on his throat so its bright, iridescent scarlet color would have shown up.

    We are entertained, amused and educated constantly by the wildlife on our doorstep! They are fun (and funny) friends and wonderful teachers.

    Rose ~ "Wildlife theatre" - how apt! One reason we rarely watch TV - it can't possibly compete with the critter antics (not to mention view) out our windows! I wish I could have gotten video or at least a photo of that first doe's reaction to being charged by the Bunny Brigade, it was priceless! And her friend's reaction to it was really something, especially since she'd pretty much been ignoring most of the goings-on till her friend was tormented into full retreat.

    "Binkies," is that what that's called? I love the name! It's hysterical to watch, and another fun antic I have yet to capture on film! There will be two or three bunnies doing that repeatedly, but the minute I point my camera at them (even from inside the house), they go in to freeze mode! That's a great story about your dwarf rabbit intimidating the feral cats into fraidy-cats! And I had never heard of Disapproving Rabbits, how perfect is that site?! Thanks for sharing it! (I especially wouldn't want to meet Asher in a dark alley! Whoa.)

    I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. I was really pleased with the meadowlark one too, catching him in full-throated song like that! And I couldn't wait to share the iris photo, it was the main reason I decided to share more photos on this post than just the Bully Bunnies vs Docile Deer ones.

    Thanks for your vacation wishes too, Rose, I'm sure we'll have a great time and come home with lots of stories and more photos than I'll know what to do with! :-) xoxo

  5. It did truly come across as theatre...the shots you took were a real story board...and I meant to mention that I loved the "Bad to the Bun" stuff...where do you find those graphics? Or do you make them yourself?

    At any rate, I'm getting long-winded...I know you're need to "follow-up" this comment...again, have fun...and I'll be imagining all those Maine delights and thinking of you there!


  6. Hi, Rose! Thank you for your lovely compliments, no way can I leave without acknowledging your latest comment! :-) (I had to visit my blog anyway, I wanted to turn on comment moderation while I'm gone)

    I don't make my own graphics... used to, when I had WebTV years ago and a homepage, but most of the ones I've got stashed away I've found on people's Care2 pages or in free graphics collections. I've had Bad to the Bun for so long I don't remember where I found it, but isn't it great? It sure went well with the Bully Bunnies story!

    And now I must dash for good and for real, have a load of laundry to do, some last minute packing and some eggless egg salad sandwiches to make for the road! Thanks for thinking of us while we're Down East... just found out our hostess at the vegan B&B we're spending a week with grew up in England!! :-)

    xoxo, have a great 4th and I'll be thinking of you, too!

  7. I love that you told us the whole story with the bunny photos. Rose got it right with "Wildlife Theatre" and no one is better than you at telling a story!

    I loved the photo of Willow on her "watchtower"!

    Your new camera (and you) takes wonderful photos. I'm so glad you got it for vacation.

    And since you'll be reading this upon your return - I'll (I've?) been thinking of you and can't wait to hear all the stories of your trip. Hope it was happy sailing, eating, hiking, walking, visiting, exploring ... Hope you had an adventure or two as well. (And fun airplane seat mates!

  8. Thank you Missy! Canada Day was wonderful as I hope your Sunday will be! Love the bunnies & deer. Great post!! I followed a lovely deer in the woods in my bare feet & got some great video as well as bumped into a 450lb black bear only 14 metres away. Camera in hand, but eyes forward!! xo

  9. Jo ~ Rose did come up with a good one with "Wildlife Theater," didn't she? :-) And I thank you for the compliment on my storytelling (I've always loved to tell - and hear and read - stories!) :-)

    I'm really glad I got the new camera for our vacation (and for wildflower season) too! It makes such a difference!

    We did have happy sailing, hiking, eating, walking, visiting, exploring- no grand adventures (like, our sailboats didn't capsize or hit icebergs or anything, lol), but some modest ones! :-) I'll tell you as much as I can fit into our phone call tomorrow! As for airplane seatmates, the only ones worth reporting were the two women who sat next to me on the redeye from Denver to Newark. They were from Israel, and now live in what they called "a spiritual temple" in lower Manhattan. They were interesting and very sweet! I have a tale to tell you about the stupid, malfunctioning video screen on the seatback in front of me (it was scrambled and wouldn't turn off) - too long a story to completely tell here, but one of my above mentioned seatmates and I constructed a barfbag cover for it so I could try to get some sleep without it flashing through my eyelids all night! (The flight attendants made certain the sleep part didn't happen, but at least the barfbag cover worked!) :-) I thought as a civil engineer, you'd appreciate our endeavor. LOL

    Izzy ~ I'm not surprised you love the bunnies and deer pictures and story! :-) I'll have to find your deer video! Did you get ANY vid of the bear? That's pretty exciting! Especially in bare feet! :-) I happened upon a mountain lion once, but was so enchanted I completely forgot to take a photo before she saw me and vanished like a flash. And many, many years ago on a hike in the Big Horns, my dogs and I came upon a moose while I'd been videotaping. The moose took off, my dogs gave chase, I ran hollering after my dogs, my video camera bouncing on my hip and running all the while. I ended up with about 5 minutes of alternating, spinning ground, trees and sky and a lot of yelling, panting and cussing. We titled that little R-rated film of mine, "Moosecam!" LOL


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