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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Our weekend: soggy to squiggly :-)

Happy June!

Much of our long weekend was taken up with projects, chores and errands, which don't make for fun blog fodder, but we balanced those with some relaxation and frolicking, which do. :-) Here then are the relaxing/frolicking highlights of our long weekend...

Saturday was cozy - chilly, foggy and raining most of the day. So relaxing involved watching movies, reading, and shamelessly stuffing ourselves with BW's wonderful from-scratch vegan pizza (which some day I'll feature in a post). Though the weather was too wet and muddy for any real frolicking, I did go for an evening walk down our road while BW did the dishes (what a guy), and took this photo of a nearby (though temporary) lively creek and its little waterfalls tumbling down the foggy mountain...

The charred tree was once a glorious old Box Elder, killed nearly two years ago by fire (a loss I still grieve). And though you probably can't see them even if you click on the photo for a somewhat larger version, the entire area along the creek and around the tree is festive with bluebells! I loitered here quite a while, it was so peaceful with the hovering fog, the abundant birdsong, and the rushing stream. (Plus I didn't want to return home till the dishes were all done. Nyuck, nyuck!) ;-)


On Friday I'd undertaken a fun little project that I didn't get to fully enjoy or photograph till Sunday. Down in the ravine behind our house (which always feels air conditioned) I did a bit of brambles trimming, set up a chair, hung a delicate set of Zen wind chimes on an aspen branch above, and now I have myself a very quiet, secluded little "faerie glade." It's a lovely, peaceful place to sit and read or meditate, and will be a cool and shady retreat when it gets hot...

Note the faerie door to the right of the chair,
and a crop of bluebells in the foreground

Though hard to see in this photo, the branches on the upper left
are chokecherries smothered in fragrant white flowers

The sweetly gentle Zen windchimes above the chair
compliment the soft clatter of the quaking aspen leaves

The view from the faerie glade chair,
looking down the ravine and out to the valley

Of course, whenever you spend time in a faerie glade, you're likely to see one of the Fae Folk...

Okay, I confess, though it was visible in the first faerie glade photo, I took this photo of the faerie door in our front flower bed. A birthday gift from Robyn, it appears at will in various places. (It can do that, you know, because it's magical!) ;-)

But this fey little woodland creature was definitely spied lurking in the shadows of the faerie glade! (Though she, too, appears at will in various places. I always knew she was enchanting, but perhaps Tess is enchanted as well!)


On Sunday afternoon we took the girls on a hike up the mountain. At this spot above our house, about halfway to our destination, Tess and Josie each pause so you can admire the vista....

That's Montana yonder (Josie's old feral stomping grounds, so she asked me to mention it). ;-)

Higher up in the forest, the spruce trees were covered in soft, fuchsia flowery bits...

Aren't they striking against the green needles? We imagine they're that color to attract pollinators (the branches were heavy with pollen dust)... bet the hummingbirds love them!

Those teeny baby pinecones suspended beneath the flowers were less than 1/4" long...

Josie, who likes to fit a little spa treatment into her day whenever possible (hey, what woman doesn't? lol), cools herself off and enjoys a refreshing beverage in a cold mountain stream...


And you just know we had to make room in our holiday for a little kite-flying! :-) On Monday we grabbed our Stowaway Parafoil and headed back up the mountain, but only about half as far as the day before. Conditions were perfect, and we flew it almost to the end of our string supply.

Willow helped by QC'ing BW's technique

His birthday is this Sunday, but the boy's a kid at heart! :-)

I just love this photo of the kite poised between the clouds, with its tail ending in a joyful squiggle!

And I can't think of a better way to end this post and begin a new month than with a kite tail happy-squiggle. :-)


  1. You certainly have yourself a paradise, Laurie! I adore the faerie glade that you made. What a wonderful place to go! The views are absolutely gorgeous.

    I hope that Josie is feeling better. Old feral stomping grounds, you say? Was she once a feral stray? Hey, that rhymed...

    Give all of the furry ones some love for me and I hope all is going well!

  2. Yes, I do see the bluebells, the chokecherries, and the fairies! What a lovely spot Laurie...I hope you have many a peaceful summer afternoon there in the shade of the aspen, amongst the chokecherries, bluebells, and fairies.

    I love chimes too, and have that a
    Woodstock chime?

    Glad that Josie is on the up and up!

    Thanks for the wonderful views and spectacular kite shots!

  3. I love your little hide away. What a nice secluded spot you have created. Robyn did a nice job picking out the faerie door since I know you were looking at them.

    Your picture of the waterfall is very nice. From your comment I assume it isn't normally so heavy.

    Send Josie scratches from me.


  4. Spa, is that what you and Josie call it? My Tula tends to do the mud bath....doesn't make for a happy dog mama.
    I must say your chair hidden away in the glade looks like a lovely getaway, but I am wondering if it would be even BETTER with the desperately neeeeeded yellow bird bath drawn into the mix. Just sayin'....
    Check out the link to "Creativity Bootcamp" that starts on Sunday. I'm going to do it-sounds like fun, and also easy to quit if it's not. :)
    Hope all is well. Sounds like you've got a great birthday boy there with ya-no nyukk, nyukk about it.

  5. Molly - I'm happy you love my little faerie glade hideaway! I haven't had time to sit down there since Monday, but it's nice to know it's there waiting for me!

    Josie seems to be feeling well, but we just got one UTI cleared up and she has another one! So we start her on penicillin tonight. Poor kid - she's got a bladder polyp that makes her prone to these infections. Surgery to have it removed may be the only way to cure her of them. But she's in good spirits, enjoyed a fun hike today (got some cute pics for a later post), and seems to feel just fine!

    You're a regular Emily Dickinson! LOL Yes, she was once a feral stray, found near the Montana border along with her pregnant daughter (they were both pregnant), filthy, covered in ticks and burrs, and with her poor, crippled, shot-up leg that had healed all twisted and short. Someone brought both dogs to the local shelter. We don't know how long they'd been on their own, or what her story is. She's a real sweetie, but we still see evidence sometimes of her feral wiles!

    Your love to the furkids has been delivered and is being returned to you tenfold! :-) xoxo

    Rose ~ Thank you! It's no treehouse, but it is a fun place to hang out! Wish you all could join me there! (But there's only room for one chair... we'd have to take turns!) :-)

    I don't know the brand of the windchimes, but I'm almost certain they're not Woodstock. I do have a set of those, and would have more if BW didn't give me the closest thing to a dirty look he can ever muster every time he sees me fondling the ones at the local greenhouse! LOL I love the ones with gentle little chimes or deep mellow tones. I have a bamboo set I really love too. How fun that you also have several! Have you ever seen the movie "Body Heat?" "Old" suspense film from the 80's with William Hurt and Kathleen Turner, whose character had an entire balcony of windchimes, which she used to great effect. ;-) I had no interest in seducing William Hurt, but I think her windchimes were what made me want some of my own!

    You're most welcome for the views and the kite shots! That kite is some fun! :-)

  6. Ali ~ I'm glad you like my little hideaway spot too! Robyn did do a nice job with the faerie door, didn't she? I think I'd sent her that web site. She has many faeries in her garden (along with a greenhouse, the lucky wench!) :-)

    Normally that waterfall (and the little river) aren't there at all! The flow diminishes as the rains and snowpack do, but it vanishes altogether because it gets diverted higher up the mountain to an irrigation ditch on the other side of the main road by ranchers who "own" the "water rights." (It's a western concept, I'm pretty sure, and I don't think much of it!) There used to be a creek at the bottom of our ravine, too. You can see evidence of it (it's always damp there, and trees and other plants flourish), but we only got to experience it for about 3 days, after unusually heavy rains and snow melt. We threw our windows open at night and fell asleep to the sound of the running water. Heavenly! How I wish that creek were still allowed to flow, even though it would be flowing right through the middle of my faerie glade!

    Sue ~ Ah, Tula goes for the mud bath, does she? Full immersion? :-) Our girls seem to prefer mud pedicures... "squishy, squishy!" And Willow also enjoys an occasional "Manure Fur Treatment," preferring fresh deer or cow poo. I definitely appreciate Josie's preference for fresh-water spa soaks to both of those other options!! LOL

    I think you're right that the yellow "needful thing" birdbath would look lovely in the glade, but I'd have to haul water down to fill it every day! I think I'll keep it where it is, within reach of the hose. ;-) Besides it matches the yellow blossoms on the Caragana under which it's sitting... very pretty! But I do intend to take a dog dish and water bottle to fill it from on the days the dogs and I spend much time down there. If I catch the birds looking at it longingly, I might take a smaller (and easier to fill) plant saucer down there for them to use, though the rabbits, chipmunks, squirrels, foxes and deer will probably slurp it dry before any birds get to bathe in it!)

    "Creativity Bootcamp" link? What? Where? Doubt I'll have time (hectic days here), but would love to check it out!

    I'm very lucky, I do have a wonderful birthday boy... despite his aversion to windchimes. It's his only flaw. :-)

  7. Your faerie glade reminds me of Lucy Maud Montgomery stories. I always wanted one of my own but I'm too afraid of bugs to set up too secluded a hideaway!

    Love the picture of your doggie!

  8. You were right. Since I procrastinated entirely too long - I had to go to "older posts" to find this and I'm so glad I did. I love what you did with the Faerie door - it is so cute there and I'm glad you added the view from your Faerie Glade chair. I think I would just look and not be able to read or meditate.
    Despite all the chores you had to do that weekend, you got a lot of fun in too with the hikes and the kite flying. I hope you got to sit in your Faerie Glad too.

  9. VW ~ Lucy Maud Montgomery rings a bell, but I don't know that I've ever read her. My faerie glade hasn't been too buggy - you're welcome to join me there! You can bring some LMM books for us to read! :-)

    Jo ~ Better late than never! ;-) I'm glad you found time to visit this post and that you enjoyed it! I can tell you that just staring out at that view is definitely a form of meditation (but I have yet to figure out how to enjoy the view while reading!)

  10. Laloofah -- What a natural paradise this area is. I imagine it was tough to say good bye. Your dogs are so cute. Your discovery of a faerie glade was creative. I've always liked "hidey holes" since I was a child. Your glade seems like a meditative place to feel the view. Wonderful! -- barbara

    1. Yes, it was tough to say goodbye in many ways, especially after living there for 19 years. But it was time for a change ~ it was a lot of house and property to maintain, BW's commute ate up an hour of his day and could be brutal (and dangerous), and too many people had moved into the neighborhood who didn't share our idea of co-existing with wildlife or of respecting the peace and quiet! (The faerie glade was an attempt - and a pretty successful one - of overcoming the increasing lack of privacy and noise, while still getting to enjoy the outdoors). Anyway, it was definitely a meditative place, I loved it there. I've always shared your fondness for "hidey holes!" Another favorite was the cupola of my grandparents' Maine barn! The year I was 12, I cleaned out about a century's worth of bird and bat guano, washed the windows (as best I could), laid down some old rugs, and hauled up a chair (up several rickety ladders - it was a 3-story barn!) And I'd sit up there and read. Though hardly a "hidey hole," surrounded on all sides by windows and with commanding views, it was still very private. No one knew to look for me there! :-)

      I'm glad you enjoyed this post, Barbara - thanks for visiting it!


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