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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vacation: The Final Days

Vacation Days #11 and 12 ~ the end of the trail...

Vacations you wish would last forever, like all good things, must come to an end. And so we found ourselves at the end of ours (and thus of my vacation posts, which only took me 3 months to get through, lol!)

Here's a little something I found amusing. Check out just a few of BW's Vacation Happy Faces once more...

And contrast it with his expression (and body language) while packing to leave on our final night at Elm Cottage B&B...

That contrast describes better than any words ever could how we - and particularly BW - felt about our vacation coming to an end!

Our hostess Janet had a fresh bouquet of flowers from her garden on my dresser every other day. It wasn't till our last day that I thought to take a photo of one of them! Better late than never!

BW and I pose with Janet outside her lovely home just before leaving (thanks to her sweet across-the-street neighbor for taking this photo!)

We enjoyed a final picnic lunch at the Camden Hills Regional High School tennis courts, which was a lovely, quiet setting on a beautiful day!

After lunch we made our way to Boothbay Harbor, which I'd not visited in about 20 years. It was very overcast there which didn't make for great photos (I took this photo from the hospital parking lot, of all places), but we enjoyed browsing in some of Boothbay Harbor's many shops, including their library's used book store.

We ended our Maine vacation by coming pretty much full-circle, staying once again in the same room at the Travelers Inn in Brunswick, and eating a quick dinner once again at the Green Elephant, which we'd been unable to get out of our heads since eating there on our first night. I couldn't help it, I ordered their scrumptious Far East "Duck" again, while this time BW tried one of their appetizers for dinner; the Green Leaves Wrap with Mango & Herbs, served with a Tamarind dipping sauce...

We reversed our dessert orders from our previous visit, with BW getting the Chocolate-Orange Mousse pie and me the Key Lime pie, but would you believe that I so overcome by excited anticipation (and subsequent snarfing) of our dessert that I forgot YET AGAIN to take a photo of them?!

We flew back to Denver the next afternoon, this time via Cleveland and on a more comfortable plane (sans video screens in the seat backs, thank goodness). No snarky flight attendants, no pigeons roaming airports. We picked up our car and drove as far as Fort Collins where we stayed before making the long drive home the following day.

That evening was a typical one in the Rockies... warm and dry, but with a cooling breeze coming off the mountains. We decided to try a new, almost all vegan and organic restaurant called Tasty Harmony for dinner. It was nearly closing time and it was still packed, so we took a table outside. Our waitress was wonderful and our food was delicious! It gave The Green Elephant a bit of a run for its money (though The Green Elephant wins by a nose... er, trunk... at least Tasty Harmony is within relatively easy reach of home!)

I had herbal tea and the Heart of Provence, BW had a beer and La Sabrosa Burrito, and our waitress had a fun personality and an amazing tree tattoo!

BW's burrito was so photogenic and delicious it deserves to star in its own photo!

And THIS time I didn't forget to photograph our desserts! :-) BW had Raw Key Lime Pie (not as pretty as the Green Elephant's, but every bit as tasty), and I had a Brownie with Chocolate Ganache. YUM!!!

And so on that sweet note, our vacation ended. Our thanks again to Robyn, who took good care of our critters, plants and house in our absence, and to all of you who have stuck with 3 months of posts covering a 12-day vacation! ;-)

Coming up next: Anyone's guess! :-)

Happy 10-10-10!

(Today's got to have some big booga-booga going for it
with a date like that! Let's hope it's good booga-booga!)


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  1. Vacations coming to an end are a bummer. BW's face on packing day is pretty much what mine looks like most weekdays getting up for work LOL...can definitely relate...I do something similar BW's happy face when I get to leave for home :D

    Your end of vacation eats all look delcious though, so at least that was some consolation.

    I never ate any real duck, but would be curious about a vegan version...I'm sure it's some sort of really tasty seitan (?) or is it bean curd sheets?

    Raw desserts are so cool...I bet that key lime pie was fantastic. I checked out the Tasty Harmony menu...looks great...I want to try more recipes with jackfruit in future.

    I really did enjoy travelling vicariously with you to Maine and all the spots in between.

  2. LOL, Rose... BW can relate to your different expressions depending on whether you're heading to work or heading home! He doesn't hate his job, but after almost 20 years of it (in January), he's had more than enough. He's a generally really happy guy, so I hope his Vacation Happy Face becomes his permanent Retirement Happy Face soon! As for you, I hope you get to wear a Vacation Happy Face when you're getting up, getting ready, driving to, and at your next job, as well as when you're heading home! :-)

    Fort Collins is fun, it was something to look forward to in spite of it all, and that delicious meal was a wonderful serendipity! As for coming home the next day, well... it was good to be with our critters, at least!

    I've never eaten a duck either (thank goodness) so can't compare, but that Green Elephant dish was soooo good! They are discreet about what they use, other than to say it's locally made organic "soy meat." It was sure chewy and dense like seitan, but they say on their menu and on their blackboard that all their "meat" is "soy meat."

    I honestly am clueless about jackfruit, but Tasty Harmony sure features it a lot on their menu! I must explore it further!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed our vacation vicariously, and am ever so grateful for all your fun comments! xoxo

  3. looks like you had a wonderful holiday! happy faces and lush looking food :)

  4. It was indeed wonderful, Lucy - it was our first real vacation together in 9 years and we have no intention of letting that much time pass before the next one!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm really enjoying your wonderful blog.

  5. Melissa is making dinner and I'm starving so this is making this blog particularly fun (hard) to read. However, I'm not thinking I'm going to have anything quite so yummy looking as BW's Green leaves wrap at the Green Elephant. That looks so good I wish I could just reach in and grab one!
    I also scoped out the Heart of Provence because that looks so beautiful and the description is causing me to drool on my keyboard. I bet it was really good! I hate going home from a vacation too but I'm glad at least you had the Tasty Harmony to let you down easy.
    I think three months to finish the blog was quite good because I know how much time it takes so I want to take this time, on your last installment, to say thank you for taking all that time. It was worth it. I really enjoyed it in combination with the stories you told me. I hope it will be very soon when you're on a vacation again! (Maybe with me!!!)

  6. Jo ~ I should have posted a "Do Not Read on an Empty Tummy" warning above the food part of the post! Drooling on keyboards isn't good for them. :-) I didn't try it, but BW said that mango wrap was really good. I sampled everything at Tasty Harmony, and can report that it was all delicious, including my tea and BW's beer! :-) Wish you could have reached into the pictures and helped yourself... that would make for an interesting interactive blog gadget, wouldn't it? LOL

    Thank you for your appreciative comment about the vacation posts. They were time-consuming, but a lot of fun to do and to share. I'm really glad you enjoyed them, and I really share your hope that other fun vacation adventures are just around the corner, for BW and me and for YOU and me!** :-)

    **Boise still beckons, but Fort Collins - and dinner at Tasty Harmony - would be a fun place for us to meet up for a few days too!)


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