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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crazy-Dog Plant

What, you've never heard of a Crazy-Dog plant? Yeah well, me neither. Last thing I knew, this whisky barrel had Portulaca planted in it! So where did this fuzzy flower come from?

A circa 2008 photo found on my old camera during an organizing frenzy last week

One early spring a couple of years ago, Josie went through a sudden, inexplicable and funny-as-hell phase of climbing into the barrel early in the mornings to perform her own unique Sunrise Salutation. This phase lasted about 2 weeks, and while it had her in its thrall there was just no keeping her out of the whisky barrel, which had been there forever and had never before interested her in the least.

The barrel and the fence behind it are no longer there, as they were both decrepit eyesores that we removed a summer or two ago. Now I plant my Portulaca in the big round hole in the concrete base where the whisky barrel used to be, and Josie was faced with the challenge of finding new quirky behaviors to amuse us with. (But given that all three of our crazy girls devote large chunks of their days to thinking up new ways to be entertaining, that hasn't been a problem!) :-)


  1. Josie is so adorable that I could just burst! She looks so absolutely content laying in that barrel. lol I just love how goofy animals can be. They certainly make life much brighter, don't they?

  2. When I read the title of the post, I was thinking it was going to be about one of the many varieties of plants that you encounter on your walks! I totally cracked up when I saw Josie sitting there! A very furry flower indeed! That is so adorable.

    I'm going to have to look up that is something completely new to me...I always learn new things on your blog too! :)

    Thanks for the smile and the laugh...very fun!

  3. Molly ~ Isn't she a hoot? She was absolutely content - and completely immovable - while in that barrel! The first time I went to let her in and saw here there, I about had an aneurysm I laughed so hard. She's too funny, and very enigmatic. We can rarely guess what she's thinking (or plotting, more likely!), and she can be so unpredictable. She definitely keeps us amused - and on our toes. And absolutely, our goofy critters sure make our lives brighter by billions of watts. :-)

    Rose ~ I admit to being quite tickled that my post title led you astray, so that your reaction to seeing Josie in the barrel was similar to mine! :-D

    Oh, you'd love portulaca (aka moss rose)! I first made its acquaintance (and fell in love at first sight) when it was growing in wild abundance and various colors in our front yard in Abilene, TX. I thought it was beautiful, and BW told me what it was. It does so well on the south side of our patio - loves the full sun and often blazing heat, is impervious to our wind, and the deer, grasshoppers and bunnies all leave it alone. Its only vulnerability is being crushed by Josie during her morning yoga. LOL

  4. I want to grow a crazy-dog plant! Too cute! :-)

  5. VW ~ I know, who wouldn't? Crazy-dog plants are such fun! :-)

  6. I love this picture. I love dogs...they are truly always entertaining. Most of the entertainment is good, the eating dead stuff or rolling in it-that's not so much fun.

  7. Sue ~ Thanks, I love it too! Don't know why it took me so long to post it...

    For entertaining dog photos, check out Molly's blog. She's got some of the cutest, most amusing photos of her two girls I've ever seen! :-)


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