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Monday, February 28, 2011

A little travelin' music


Okay, well, not for real - just pretend. But I've been really wanting neeeeeding one lately. When lo, my friend Molly (who was bitten by the same travel bug as I), shared a fun post yesterday featuring a map of all the states she and her husband Mike have traveled through and/or visited together. She shared a link to the map so we could build our own. It's fun and quick, and you can click on any of my maps below to create one for yourself. (If you do, I hope you'll share it, because I love to see and hear about other people's travels!)

I've mentioned before that my mother always claimed I was a gypsy child, swapped with her own baby at birth, because of my love of travel and exploring (and of bright colors and shiny, sparkly things). :-) So of course I had to make my own travelin' map!

I decided to start with a map of the states I've lived in for at least a month. I thought I should also include Maryland, which I've never lived in but was born in! (And since my mother had to be reminded as she was leaving the hospital that she'd had a baby she needed to take home to Virginia with her [true story] - I almost wound up living in Maryland!) :-)

And here's one of my favorite traveling songs that I love to play while driving down the highway, belting it out with the awesome Patty G at the top of my lungs, for I am without shame (when I'm alone in my car, anyway!) :-)

Useless Desires from the Patty Griffin CD Impossible Dream

And here's my map of states I've driven through and/or spent time in. I cheated on Georgia a bit (and perhaps Washington State as well), since as far as I can remember the only time I've spent in either state was in the Atlanta and Seattle airports on layovers. But it was a six-freaking-hour layover in Atlanta (on our way to England), so I'm counting it because I bloody well earned it! And it was an interesting layover in Seattle, coming on the heels of their 6.8 magnitude "Nisqually" earthquake that happened ten years ago today and damaged the air traffic control tower and closed the airport on the day I was supposed to fly there on my way home from San Francisco. (Not that I minded spending that extra day in SF!)

Not having made it to Alaska and Hawaii yet I can understand, but I have no idea how I've managed to miss South Carolina so far! I'd love to visit Charleston some day. I have visited almost all of these states during and since my teens so I remember them well, but Oregon I only know I visited because I've seen the evidence, on old family Kodachrome slides, of a wee me at Crater Lake. So just in case a visit to a state doesn't officially count if you don't remember it, BW and I have a 2-week road trip to Oregon planned at the end of May. I'll go to any lengths to keep my map accurate! ;-)

There's a Canada map too (wish they had a global one!), and here are the provinces I remember visiting ~ I can't recall if I've been to British Columbia so I didn't mark it, but I do know it's on my Wish List!

And speaking of Canada, here's another traveling song I love (and another that's fun to sing along with) by a trio who sounds like they could be from Louisiana or Appalachia but who are, in fact, from British Columbia...

The Littlest Birds from the Be Good Tanyas CD Blue Horse

So until I can steal a few minutes to do my next blog post, Happy Trails!


  1. Holy Schmoly one trav'lin' fool fer shure. Wow. Just finished reading the tale of Josie. I hope your sweet miss is comfy tonight and eating less than an NFL lineman. She sure is lucky to be with you and BW.
    A week or so back I took my Mom to the Green Elephant...I posted about it and EVEN took photos of what we had to eat. I did that especially for you, so do stop by and have a peek between dog nursing duties.
    Hope all is well there in WY.
    Hugs to you and BW and all the fur kids and even Punky.

  2. You have got it covered! But, cmon' got somthin' against South Carolina? Lol, if I were SC, I'd feel a little left out right about now...Alaska and Hawaii...understandable.

    But seriously, I think you are a gypsy child, or at the very least, a changeling. Look at you go! And in Canada as well.

    You were here during the NIsqually quake? So was I. I didn't even know what was happening, I was standing in a room and the wall started leaning in towards me...I reflexively started pushing against it! LOL...a lot of good that did/would have done. I only realized it was an earthquake a few seconds after when everyone was yelling. Fun times.

    Anyway, keep up the travel...and do try to consider poor South Carolina...I think they're waiting for you...

  3. Laloofah -- You have been around -- around the U.S. is what I mean. I couldn't figure out how to use the map so I'll just wing it with words. Lived in eight different states, three west of the Mississippi, Traveled to about all but five states of the 50 states. Retired early so have had a chance to be a real gypsy/with dogs for 20 years. That's about it in a nutshell. Fun to jerk my memory. -- barbara

  4. WOAH you have been all over! my map looks weenie compared you yours...ll

    ".....and of bright colors and shiny, sparkly things). :-).."
    i love that line:) the only thing better than sparkly things? more sparkly things glued to them!!!bedazzle power!!

    and you have visited so many places in Canada also! why are you going to Oregon? just wanted to? its so vegan friendly, you should have lots of fun.

  5. Another thing you & I have in common! I've been to 47 states. I'm missing Alaska, Nebraska, and Idaho. I was *thisclose* to Nebraska but we didn't feel like going 2 hours out of the way because we'd just driven through a tornado the night before and were still feeling shaky. It's just as well because we used that saved time to drive even more out of the way to go to Devil's Tower, which was one of the coolest places ever, and I picked up Wyoming and Montana. But I'm still bitter about Nebraska!

    We had kind of a thing going where we wouldn't revisit a state unless we were going to pick up a new one, because we're completionists, but we made an exception last year and went to Hawaii again (the Big Island; we had gone to Maui the year before). It's just so wonderful there that we had to go back, and I'd go back to Maui again any time. Hope you get to visit Hawaii soon, it is unbelievable.

  6. Sue ~ I know, it's part of being in the Witness Protection Program. Keep having to move to new safe houses. LOL I'd known that I've only missed visiting three states, but until I saw this map I didn't think much of it. The map does make it look kind of impressive, doesn't it?

    Josie is doing great, lots of energy and a good appetite, which we're happy to see! Thanks for your good wishes and kind words - she's lucky to have us but we're also lucky to have her. She's sure a sweetie.

    We've had so much going on around here lately that I've gotten way behind on my blog visits, so thanks for telling me about your Green Elephant post! I will definitely make haste to visit and loiter there during a break in my long list of projects for today. I'm eager to see your photos, find out what you had and what your mom thought of it. I wish we had an Elephant in our town!

    I'll dispense hugs on your behalf to all who will allow it (Punky may get cookies instead!) :-)

    Rose ~ I am mystified about missing SC, but I'm quite sure I have. Been to NC a couple of times, but always stopped short of the border, and almost nicked the SW corner of the state when I drove to and from Alabama, but almost doesn't cut it.

    I guess I have had several opportunities to visit Canada. My grandparents and my mom live(d) just a few miles from the border and we always did a lot of traveling along the hi-line, so we popped into Sask and Alberta now and then. I visited Nova Scotia on that ill-fated senior high school cruise I mentioned in my I'm Sailing post, spent a fun day in Ontario on a visit to Jo in Michigan, and had that interesting little foray into Labrador, courtesy of the USAF. But I REALLY want to see British Columbia!

    I wondered if you were living in Seattle during that quake! I've never experienced an earthquake that could be felt, and can't imagine how surreal that experience must have been! I'm sure I would have had the same reflex! I'm glad the wall didn't continue on its trajectory and fall on you! Scary stuff - I understand that quake killed a few people.

    Charleston, SC is definitely on my "to see" list. I'd love to see the harbor at Christmas, I hear it's all lit up (even the boats in it) and really beautiful. It would be nice to think they're waiting for me, with southern hospitality (vegan-style!) :-)

  7. Now I'm craving a road trip!

    Tom Petty is my go to for road trips, never pack up the car without him.

  8. Barbara ~ You've been a gypsy girl too! Which states besides Michigan and KY have you lived in? Was NM one?

    Retiring early and traveling with dogs, that sounds like a dream! My inlaws sold their home in Dallas about 20 years ago, put everything in storage and were fulltime RVers for five or six years before settling back down in Oklahoma. They saw most of the country, even went to Nova Scotia, and at least a few times they parked the RV and went abroad! Lucky stiffs.

    DD ~ Well, my map might be fuller but don't forget: 1) you can't remember all the states you visited on your FFF trips so your map is probably not a complete record of your travels; 2) Being a military "brat" and active duty military myself went a long way to filling my map in, and 3) I do believe I have had quite a few more years in which to travel than you have, you little whippersnapper! ;-)

    Couldn't agree more on your analysis of sparkly things! :-) I didn't know the bedazzler was an actual object till you answered Rose's question, btw! I just thought you meant you always add rhinestones and glitter and/or those fun puffy and shiny fabric paints to everything. Sounds like you DO do that, but I hadn't realized there's a device that can help! Good thing I didn't, I'd have wanted one. :-)

    We're going to Oregon because I can't remember it and BW's never been, we hear from everyone who knows that it's absolutely beautiful, and yeah - we HAVE to visit the Vegan Mecca of Portland at least once! Plus, BW is eligible for early retirement now, and whether he takes it or sticks out UPS for another 5 years (egads!), we don't plan to stay here once he retires. For one thing, he wants to take up sailing - not too many opportunities for that in the Wyoming mountains! ;-) So our trip to Maine last year and our trip to Oregon this year, besides being fun vacations, are also relocation recon trips. Wish us luck!

  9. Georgia ~ Oh, that's too freaky! In addition to everything else we have in common, we've been to the same number of states?!

    I can imagine that driving through a tornado would leave a person shaky and worn out! I can also imagine the temptation to otherwise go out of your way to add a state to your resumé. ;-) My mom, my Wyoming friend Bonnie and I drove into Canada from Vermont once, just to say we'd been (Bonnie had never been to Canada - or back east, for that matter). When the border patrol guy asked us where we were going, how long we planned to stay and the purpose of our visit, my mom said, "just up the road a bit, 5 minutes, just to say we've been." LOL And when I was in Costa Rica my friends and I went the wrong way and ended up at the Nicaraguan border. I desperately wanted to cross (just to add another notch to my passport!), but Nicaragua was considered dangerous and crossing was going to be a bit of a time-consuming pain, so I was vetoed by the other three in my party. Oh, well! I did get to fly over it and was astounded by all the volcanoes!

    At least Nebraska can be on your way to Idaho and Alaska if you decide to complete your map someday. (And you'll want to see the Tetons or Glacier Park, MT too, even though they don't add a new state to your list, but just because they're so worth seeing!) I'm so glad you made it to Devil's Tower. It's really quite something, isn't it? Shameless Plug: You might enjoy my Devil's Tower post! It's "only" about 2-2½ hours from us (which is nothing in these parts), so I've been there frequently. I love hiking around the base.

    And I do hope to make it to Hawaii one day! If we end up living in Oregon, that would be very do-able. (BW can even fly Space-Available to Hickam AFB on a military plane, but I'm still stuck with commercial airline travel till he's in his 60's). We'd love to see Maui and some of the less populated islands. (I've been told it's very like Costa Rica - which I thought was just beautiful!)

    I wonder if either of us will ever have all 50 states under our belts? :-)

    Jamie ~ Seeing Molly's map and making my own really ramped up my already strong desire for a road trip too!

    It's fun to take along our favorite traveling music, isn't it? :-) I'll also often play music to match the scenery, like Native American flute music as I'm going through places like New Mexico (it's what BW and I played on our drive to Taos, NM 10 years ago, created some very cool ambience!)

  10. Wow, Laurie!! When I saw the first map, I was super impressed, but it's even more awesome that you've been in almost all of the states! I loved seeing both of your maps and hope that you can get to the few states you haven't visited sometime soon. Fun stuff!

  11. Molly ~ Thanks, Molly, I'm glad you enjoyed seeing them and I thank you again for sharing that link and the inspiration! This was a fun post to do. And it was fun visiting all those states! Lots of cross-country trips on moves, drives from the east coast to my grandparents in MT every summer, and a drive from here via Illinois to Alabama to visit friends helped tick off a bunch of them, but when I studied the map I realized that I've actually spent a fairly significant amount of time in most of those states, which was great to be able to do! I hope I'll get to see all 50 someday too, but now that I've seen most of my own backyard, can't I win an all-expenses paid trip to Europe or something?

    BW and I often play the game (at my insistence, of course) of "name the three countries you'd most want to spend a month exploring" or "name three countries you'd most like to live in" or "name three cities you most want to visit." Obviously, I also do a lot of traveling in my imagination. :-)

  12. I LOVE your bright colourful map and the story it tells of all your journeyings.
    I'd need one of Scotland as I've been hardly anywhere else: England a few times, many years ago; Switzerland once; Majorca twice, both also many years ago. We've been to quite a few places in Scotland, but tend to revisit old favourites. We take the dogs with us, but couldn't leave the cats to miss us for more than two days at a time. But once we can afford it, John and I plan on going for a proper holiday, just the two of us, leaving the 'kids' to look after the pups and kits. It'll probably be in Scotland, though! :o)
    Given a different life (and my youth back again!) I'd love to travel more, though... :o)

  13. Hahaha, Laloofah.... I pulled the same thing in Canada with my mom & stepdad when they visited me in Mass for the first time. We told the border guard we just wanted to go to the duty free shop and buy a magnet, and then we were going to turn around. :) When I went to Cancun and drove down to Tulum, it was killing me that I was so close to Belize. We almost went, but the rental car we had was so terrible, we were too scared to chance it.

    We just watched some travel shows about the Tetons and Yellowstone and we are drooling to get out there for one of our next trips, so Idaho is probably going to happen pretty soon. I am dying to get out of here for a quick trip, so we'll probably do a weekend somewhere easily driveable first.

  14. Penny ~ I wish they had maps of other countries, too - and one of the whole world! That would be fun!

    I'd love to see Switzerland! Majorca too! BW has a set of DVDs of a Canadian couple who built their own liveaboard sailboat and filmed their sailing adventures in Europe and the Caribbean, and they spent time in the Balearic Islands. It was a really great segment that definitely made us want to go there!

    We absolutely loved Scotland on our one visit there (we spent a week). What are your favorite places to visit? We enjoyed Edinburgh, of course, but especially enjoyed the Loch Ness area and the Highlands around Glencoe and Inverness. We'd planned to go to the Isle of Skye, but time and really foul weather foiled our plans. We left so much of your beautiful country unexplored, I really hope to have another chance to go back! Still haven't seen much of England, nor any of Ireland nor Wales.

    *sigh* So much beautiful planet to see, so little time and money with which to see it (and $ to offset our traveling's Co2 emissions, which we always try to do!)

    I look forward to seeing posts from your "proper holiday" (those are so important for mental and physical health, we've found!), and hope you are able to do it soon!

    Georgia ~ If we needed further proof of the fact we are twins separated at birth, your quickie trip into Canada settles it. :-) Wow, you have had a few "so near and yet so far" travel experiences! Belize - how tortuously tantalizing! We spent a few days in The Netherlands once (my only journey to the European continent so far), and I desperately wanted to nip into one of the bordering countries. My passport's stamps look relatively forlorn, at least compared to how I'd like them to look! :-) But we didn't have time. Everything looks so small and so close, it seems it would be easy... but it's so densely packed with so much to see and do!

    The Tetons are stunning, and everyone should experience at least one trip to Yellowstone. I hope you'll get to see (or at least hear) the wolves there (before these screwed up states find a way to slaughter them all!) We were there with some friends from New Orleans in 2002 and got to hear the wolves howling, which was incredibly special. And we saw a grizzly, calmly snuffling about a meadow. And lots of bison (including many babies, since it was early June) and elk. So beautiful! You'll love it! If you can fly into Billings, MT and rent a car, I recommend driving through Red Lodge (beautiful) and taking the Beartooth Highway to Cooke City, MT where you can enter Yellowstone from the north. Charles Kuralt described the Beartooth as the most beautiful drive in America, and I think he was right. I took my in-laws on that drive once, and they'd been all over America, Europe, Australia, parts of Canada and even visited China and the South Pacific, and my FIL said no place they'd seen was more beautiful. (I've had a post in the works for some time that features the Beartooth Mountains).

    And enjoy your local road trip! Those are fun too! Any idea where you might go? New England has so much to see! I'd love to get back to Boston and Salem (I love Salem!) :-)

  15. That was a fun post! As I'm sure you knew it would be for me!

    I don't know if you knew that I'm making a photo scrapbook of the 50 states. To count, my rules are: I have to have visited outside of an airport (but my rules - not yours so you can keep Georgia!), visited at least one city and have a photo of it (without a photo the photo part of scrapbook is pretty lame :-) so even though I've been to Alabama, I can't count it since I have no photo!). I've got about 30 or so states done. I'll come back to your post from home where I can do my map and send it to you.

    However, I can tell you that South Carolina is still open so I'll go with you when that get's to the top of your list. Also, my photographs of NC are from our side trip to visit Laurell and I've only got one photo, so I'm holding off on that page hoping to have more to show for it.

    I had to listen to the videos very low since I'm at work so I'll listen to them again at home where I can listen to them at the appropriate travel "volume"!

    I'm not a gypsy like you but the adventurer in me loves that part of you best!!

  16. lol yea..not very good sailing where you are..i can imagine:)lolol and i wasnt thinking of the bedazzler either until somebody else said something about the actual toy..because mine broke and was really weenie and weak! hhahah

  17. Jo ~ Thank you, and yep, I knew you'd enjoy this one and have fun things to add to it in your comment! :-)

    I knew you were "collecting" all 50 states, but if you'd told me about your photo scrapbook, I had forgotten. That's a really fun idea (and just another reason I wish you had time to be a blogger!) :-) Your rules are really good ones for a photo scrapbook, otherwise you'd have photos inside of airports, which when photographing pigeons isn't a bad thing, but might otherwise be a pathetic representation of an entire state ;-) and requiring at least one photo from your visit to the state, since as you said, photo scrapbook minus photo equals lame-o! I'm looking forward to seeing your map, and someday your scrapbook! You are well on your way, and I look forward to following through on the plans we've discussed before to visit South Carolina together and not only check off another state on our list, but have the usual blast we do when we share travel adventures! :-)

    I've visited NC twice, once on a grade-school field trip (no photos) and that wonderful time we had at Laurell's. I would really love to visit Asheville someday! Maybe we could work that into our SC trip, so you could get better photos of NC and I could finally see Asheville. This is just one of the many things Asheville has going for it! ;-)

    Enjoy the tunes when you can listen to them at more than a whisper!

    And I think you have more than a little gypsy in you. ;-) It's one of the things I most love about you too, and that makes you so much fun to travel with! xoxo

  18. DD ~ Oh boy, I hope you need my email for the reason I think you do! :-) Just above my Feejit visitors column on the left is a little fire-breathing dragon. That's my email link. (It's mehitabledays {at} me {dot} com).

    It's too bad we don't have any large bodies of water for sailing here, because we sure as sh*t have the wind for it! ;-)

    I wonder if they still make bedazzlers? I'll have to poke around when I can find some playtime, I want to see what they look like. (And no, blogging and visiting blogs and leaving comments do NOT constitute playtime, for blogs are serious business! LOL)

  19. OMG!!! I'm there! How can one town support so many brewing companies and how many can we legitimately expect to hit in a day? I was snockered after only hitting the Boulder Brewing company but that might be because I was pretty much on my own with that pitcher of Porter!!!

    Hopefully SC/NC will be equally veg friendly.

    We'd have a blast and I predict someday SC and NC will be a reality for us!

  20. Jo ~ LOL, thought so!!! :-) Clearly, we'll have to spend more than a day in Asheville, for the brews alone!

    And while I haven't checked into Charleston, SC yet, I know Asheville is very vegan friendly. Take a peek at these examples...

    Happy Cow Asheville listings

    Vegan Planet: Asheville, NC: My Kind of Town

    Explore Asheville: Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants

    I've found at least two vegan-friendly B&Bs, also.

    Yep, we've gotta go! It's too cool a town in too pretty a setting with too much fun stuff going on to miss!

  21. Good God, Gertie.....I knew you were a "travelin' lass", but this is ridulous....And....when the hell were you in Ohio and didn't drop by?...Hmmmm?? You're forgiven for now ;-). Actually, you're so fortunate to have been all over. Me, I've always lived in Ohio and have many states (and provinces) yet to set foot in.
    Hey, glad you liked the kids' blog and thanks for leaving your paw print ;-).
    Also....I'm making this entry in your blog from the friendly and comfortable confines of our recliner, having just purchased our first laptop...too cool and I wish we'd done this long ago. CG loves it! Now we'll be online all the time!
    Wishing you good things and good health to all.

  22. Spudly ~ Congratulations on getting a laptop! I'm glad you're loving it! Remember how I had an iBook once upon a time, but it crashed and died about 3-4 years ago? BW and I finally found a local computer repair guy who works on Macs so we took our iBook in during BW's vacation to (we hope) get fixed and upgraded. Thought it would be nice to take on our trip to Oregon, for one thing... which is a perfect segue back to the topic of travel! :-)

    Since I've been forgiven, I'll tell you that the last time I was in OH was last July when we had one of those nerve-wrackingly brief layovers at the Cleveland airport on our way home. But that's not what I was counting when I marked OH on my map. Mom and I used to visit relatives in Cincinnati and Dayton on our drive from the east coast to MT every summer, and In later years we stayed in Toledo and Akron on that trip, plus I drove through on my way from Maine to Denver to begin my AF "career." But that was long before I had the pleasure of knowing you, and I have not yet been in your fair city of Marion. There, satisfied now? :-)~

    I hope one day you can visit some of the states and/or provinces you've missed! Which one(s) top(s) your wish list?

    It was my pleasure to visit, follow and comment on the "kids'" blog! It'll be fun to follow along as they explore Africa! And speaking of following, I noticed you follow their blog, but I don't see your generic, gray silhouette on MY followers list yet, so what gives? You are holding my visits to Ohio without looking you up against me, aren't you?! LOL

  23. Not familiar with Patty Griffin, but glad that you have made me so! I noticed (on Wikipedia) that she toured with Emmylou Harris and Gillian Welch, both of who I am familiar with! This kind of music always makes me feel happy inside. I grew up listening to people like Neil Young and Nanci Griffith, amongst a variety of others.

    Also glad for the Canadian group. I'm so psyched to go there FINALLY this summer!

    I'm quite impressed with everywhere you have been. My list is way too small. I too have some wanderlust and it's been quite catching lately. Until the summer!

  24. Fun post ! Yup, I hear ya! I'm a nomad/gypsy also. have to be or i go CRAZY! I'm actually headed to Texas tomorrow for the next 4-5 months - yay! In 2007 I hit up my last state - North Dakota. I was so excited to have been to all of them! I just had a big roadtrip in August and September but I'm ready for another one soon :) (Oh and your mom HAD to live in Glacier in the summers- lucky!)

  25. I am truly in awe of you...on so many levels. xo

  26. Cassie ~ I'm happy to have introduced you to Patty Griffin! Over a decade ago, a show on NPR (can't remember which) was playing a song as I was driving up my road that had me enthralled, so I sat in my driveway with the radio on, waiting for them to say who the singer was. The minute I got inside I looked up Patty Griffin on and ordered the CD with that song on it (it's on her Mil Besos CD, which is still our favorite though we've added Flaming Red, Living with Ghosts and Impossible Dream to our collection). Her music is hard to classify - folk/country/rock and just kind of her own style. She wrote "Fly," which the Dixie Chicks made famous, and covered Bruce Springsteen's "Stolen Car," which she pulls off beautifully though the lyrics are written for a man. Some of her music makes you want to get up and dance and some is so full of heartache it makes you want to cry. I just love her stuff, it's all so soulful.

    I know Neil Young, of course, but am not familiar with Nanci Griffith. I'll have to look her up!

    Where in Canada are you going this summer? How exciting! Will it be a road trip? How long are you staying? Tell me everything, I love traveling vicariously! :-) (See Izzy's comment two down from yours? Izzy's a vegan from Canada!) :-) I hope you get lots of your map filled in and create lots of fun travel memories soon, in addition to your upcoming Canadian adventure!

    Johnny Nutcase ~ Good for you!! I know from your blog you've been missing Texas and antsy to get out of Mizz'ippi for a while! I'll need to read your latest post, see where in TX you're headed (hoping it's Big Bend, since you love it there so much!) It was sure sweet of you to spend time on my blog on the eve of your departure! I look forward to your posts from The Lone Star State.

    I bow down before your superior US traveling resumé!! :-) I don't believe that I've ever met anyone who has visited all 50 states! That is awesome! Did you have an absolute favorite state or place?

    Yeah, poor Mom had it tough. @@ (<-- rolling eyes)

    Have a safe trip and have a great time in TX!

    Izzy ~ You always say the sweetest things! I don't know what I might have done to deserve your awe, but if my traveling has anything to do with it then you really need to get to know Johnny Nutcase! Now there's someone to be in awe of! (Actually, you really should check out her blog - you'll love her photos!)

    XOXO to you and The Bunster, Izzy! Thanks so much for dropping by, and for your heartwarming comment. Have a great weekend!

  27. P.S. AdventureJo ~ Holy carry-on luggage, Batman! Remember in my earlier comment to you I said I'd been to NC twice (school field trip and our visit to Larell)? I totally spaced the fact that I spent 2 weeks at Pope AFB in Fayetteville during the summer between our junior and senior years at UNH for the AFROTC Advanced Training dealio! I don't know how I could have forgotten that - not only was I there for two entire weeks, but I had a blast! It was a boondoggle of monumental proportions, since I was there during Volant Rodeo - a big competition between MAC (Military Airlift Command - remember them? - not the Apple computers, lol) crews and security police teams from all over the world! It was one huge party and I was in the middle of it all, and it was during that adventure that I flew on the C-130 to Goose Bay, Labrador!

    Geez, I must be losing it. Or maybe I've just had too many adventures, so I can't keep track any more. (Nah, no such thing as too many adventures!) :-)

    By the way, I did a search for Larell (she appears to still use her fairly uncommon last name) and think I found her, still living there in Fayetteville. I'm thinking that you two didn't keep in touch, so if you want to try to reconnect with her, I'll send you the address and phone number I found. She sure was a fun person with a wonderful, generous family! I really enjoyed our visit to see them!


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