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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Celebrate a Year of (and for) the Rabbit!

Happy Chinese New Year!
~ Welcome to the Year of the Rabbit ~

Said to be more tranquil than the tumultuous Year of the Tiger we just left behind, this Rabbit Year is predicted to be a year of refinement and taste that will make it good for the arts and culture, while its peaceful, congenial qualities should make it a good year for relationships and world diplomacy (let us hope!)

While Chinese astrologers are forecasting a year that's quiet, positive, inspiring and lanquid, my bunny friend demonstrates the quiet, languid part...


Rabbit Years are considered one of the luckiest in the 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar.

While we wait for all this good luck to come our way, we can welcome and celebrate the Year of the Rabbit by bringing some good fortune to the rabbits themselves, since so many of them are anything but lucky. Slaughtered for their flesh and fur and horribly maimed and abused for cosmetic, drug, and other testing, you can read more about rabbits and their plights here...

and then spread a little luck to rabbits (and other critters) by signing the Leaping Bunny Pledge, downloading their cruelty-free shopping guide, and checking out their other resources: Take the Leap to Cruelty-Free Products

You can also find and donate to charities that don't fund animal testing by visiting the Council on Humane Giving's Humane Charity web site...

May we all enjoy a peaceful, lucky and happy year!


  1. Interesting about the Chinese year of the rabbit. I do hope that it will be peaceful and tranquil for most. The world has taken some battering lately.

    I am someone who attempts to live in sync with all aspects of the natural world. It is difficult to see abuse of nature -- from animals to mountain-tops and more.
    -- barbara

  2. I certainly hope that this year is less tumultous! I was born in the year of the tiger, so that explains a lot...

    I love how you spun this to address the issue of humans using rabbits. Wonderfully done, Laurie!

  3. Happy Rabbit New Year Laurie!

    Let's hope that it does bring luck and peace to all earthlings.

  4. Barbara ~ I agree, "peaceful and tranquil" would be a nice change!

    Living in respectful, mindful harmony with the natural world is a healthy and gratifying way to live, isn't it? I find all the disconnected, greed-driven cruelty, destruction and exploitation of Earth and our fellow earthlings very painful and difficult to witness as well.

    Molly ~ I hope so too!

    So you're a Tiger girl, eh? You need a tiger tat. :-) For most of my life (so far!) I thought I was born in the Year of the Tiger, because my birth year always showed up on those Chinese Zodiac lists under "Tiger." But a few years ago I realized that since I was born on Jan 3, and the Chinese New Year doesn't start till February, I was actually born one Chinese year earlier! Which turned out to be the year of the Ox. Hmm. Oh well, the ox isn't as glamorous and exciting, perhaps, but he is vegan! :-)

    Thanks for appreciating the direction I took this post re: rabbits! I didn't start out with that intention, but I couldn't help but think about the rabbits who suffer so as I worked on it, and thought sharing ways and doing more to help them would be a great way to usher in this Rabbit Year!

    Rose ~ And Happy Rabbit Year to you as well, Rose! :-) Yes, good luck and peace for all - let us hope so! We could all use a nice, big dose of both.

  5. Wouldn't it be wonderful if the year of the rabbit could fulfill its potential. And if actual rabbits (and all animals) could suffer less.

  6. Ben is always peaceful and tranquil - in fact I think he's a sloth in disguise. Agree 100% about the abuse rabbits suffer - and then there's all those poor bunnies bought as children's pets and left in hutches and forgotten about for the majority of the time. The RSPCA recently did a survey about rabbits (Called 'We're All Ears'), and people who took part have had images posted on the RSPCA's Flickr page. There are some wonderful pics of very happy bunnies :O)

  7. Andrea ~ It most certainly would! And the tragedy of it is, it most certainly could, but for our species' current prevailing attitudes. If only we'd awaken.

    Barbara ~ Now that I have two of you named Barbara leaving delightful comments here, I must come up with a way to differentiate my replies to you. Hmmm... Barbara I and Barbara II? KB (for Kentucky Barbara) and UKB (for UK Barbara?) Barbara with Dogs ("BwD") and Barbara with Cats ("BwC")? You're both veg bloggers with critters and cameras, so this isn't necessarily easy. Feel free to help me out, here! :-)

    Ben is such a cutie, and so lucky to be part of your family! Was he named for Benjamin Bunny? (I'm a Beatrix Potter fan). :-) I went back to your blog and found a few posts on him, since I wasn't as familiar with him as I've become with some of your kitties (esp. Charlie, the Valerian junkie!)

    I know what you mean about the bunnies who are mostly impulse buys at Easter and then neglected when the novelty wears off. I was distraught to see that in several Asian countries, the Year of the Rabbit means a lot of rabbits are being purchased: some as "pets," many of whom will no doubt meet the same fate as those Easter bunnies, and many as "meals." Not my idea of tranquil, congenial and peaceful at all! And certainly not lucky. Reading that had a lot to do with inspiring me to offer ways to help counter all the unconscionable cruelty inflicted on bunnies.

    On a happier note, those photos you shared are too precious!! There sure are a lot of very happy bunnies on display! I haven't looked at all of them yet, but so far my absolute favorite is this one of Fudge and Pearl (love their names!), followed by the beyond-adorable little Blackberry! So cute!! Thanks so much for sharing that site!

  8. If it helps, my half sister and also my friend Cath often call me Bee (and if I'm in a bad mood David calls me the Killer Bee).

    Ben is a rescue bunny, and came with the name Benji (David found it too embarrassing so it was rapidly shortened).

    Rabbits are great - love those photos. Blackberry reminds me of a little rabbit we had called Baby Grey (no idea why), she was a terror! She used to bully the cats - once she kept running after Posky (enormous hairy grey cat) and biting at his fur - he had to sit on her to try and get her to stop, then she just scrambled out from under his tail in an even worse mood. Another rabbit we used to have (her name was CAT), kicked Posky once and sent him soaring through the air - it was quite a sight... Needless to say Posky, Mrs Pod and Pepper now have a great respect for bunnies (apart from Posky's Ben-squashing antics. He wouldn't have tried that with Baby Grey!!). Charlie has yet to learn just how dangerous they can be to errant cats :O)).

  9. I keep meaning to say... the name of your blog always reminds me of a book called Archie and Mehitabel... Archie is a cockroach and Mehitabel a cat.. it's worth a read :O)

  10. Barbara Bee ~ "Bee" is the nickname I call my husband BW. Which makes it a double nickname, I suppose, because "BW" are his first and middle initials. But I find having to use four syllables just to get his attention both unwieldy and inefficient, so he's just "Bee." Or sometimes "Bee Dub." (But NEVER "Dubya!") ;-)

    Baby Grey and CAT (lol) sound like they were real characters! (Too bad you didn't get video of Cat kicking Posky into the air, that would have gone viral on YouTube!) I'm betting that Ben is most grateful that those two bunny thugs paved the way for him to enjoy what is no doubt a respectful (and hopefully lasting) d├ętente with your feline family.

    I had a big white rabbit named Bunce Bunce when I was in 1st and 2nd grade. She was full of personality too, but very mellow. I'd put her in my doll's crib, flat on her back, and tuck her in with a little blanket and that's how she'd fall asleep. She was also patient enough to gracefully endure the indignity of wearing a dolly bonnet and being placed in the dolly high chair, where she'd also fall asleep with her front paws and chin on the food tray till she'd eventually start sliding beneath the tray, and either wake up or be rescued by me before slithering to the floor. Like I said, she was one mellow bunny! :-)

    I checked my library this morning and though they don't have it, they are getting in "The Lives and Adventures of Archy and Mehitable" for me from the local community college library, so I'll be able to get it when I go to town next week! :-) Thanks for letting me know about it, I'd never heard of it before!

  11. great post,im on my way to check out those links

    (sorry im so behind on commenting)

  12. DD ~ Thanks, and no worries - I'm chronically behind. It's great fun but can be a real challenge to keep up with your own blog and everyone else's and all the comments! (Oh, and that pesky, interfering thing called "real life" as well!) ;-)

  13. I will add to your other commenters wishes for you to have a very peaceful year - you deserve it!!

    It was fun to see all the back and forth about the bunnies - obviously alot of love for bunnies out there. I've never had one myself but my sister had a very much loved bunny when her kids were little. It was allowed the run of the house and was trained to do it's business like a cat but unfortunately it had a particular fondness for the taste of electrical wire and every manner of appliances stopped working. So bunny had to be relegated to a very small portion of the house that had no appliances. But it was very happy until it died a natural death.

  14. Jo ~ Well thank you (a peaceful year would be a real gift!)... and likewise to you! :-)

    Linda's bunny was lucky not to electrocute his/her poor self! I'm glad to hear they found a spot where s/he could live out a happy and natural lifespan away from all appliances! I wonder what it was about electrical wires that was so captivating. I know bunnies need things to chew on to keep their teeth from growing too long, but one wouldn't think electrical wires would fit the bill. Maybe they tasted kinda tangy! :-)


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