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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goosey Goosey Gander...

So what do you do on a chilly, blustery, gray Saturday when you have to vacate your house for a showing and have already made all the trips to town you can stand? Well, if you were me last weekend, you'd go to a tranquil pond a couple miles down the road where a lovely Canada Geese couple is raising a fluffy flock of adorable fuzzballs and play paparazzi for a fun while! :-)

The devoted parents and their well-behaved children were viewing this scene...

A popular hangout! Reservations recommended.

This couple enjoys a carefree day at the local swimming hole.
Let's see them in action and eavesdrop on their friends...

They're so sweet, I didn't even mind when Mother Goose and Junior mooned me...

I love the gosling keeping a close eye on mom and sib,
and the dandelion reflections that mimic the fluffy babies!

Finally the family grew tired of posing prettily and wandered off to their next family activity...

Here Papa's very busy honking out advice, and doesn't mama look proud to have such a handsome husband (Canada Geese mate for life) and five darling children?...

I thought this scene of snow-covered mountains, spinning windmill and gliding geese made for a peaceful tableau and perfect final photo...

And final video as well...

(Bummer that the only car that went by the entire time chose that moment to do so!)
The weather has been wretchedly cold, windy and raining buckets lately, and we haven't seen the sun in nearly two weeks! It's supposed to finally clear up by Friday (we'll see, since weather forecasts are seldom to be trusted here, especially at this time of year), and we're anxious to get outside and get some much-needed projects done as soon as it's dried out enough. We're also hoping for more house-showings, and I plan to use them as opportunities for more photo ops whenever possible as the landscape grows increasingly green and blooming and populated with precious baby critters.

Have a very busy few weeks ahead, with all those projects, as well as vet, dental and haircut appointments, BW's two week vacation starting next Saturday, and our mini-vacation in Fort Collins to get ready for. So since I don't know when I'll have a chance to do another post, I wish you a safe and peaceful Memorial Day weekend if you're in the US, and a happy June and warm, gentle spring weather wherever you are!


  1. LALOOFAH -- Ah what a wonderful way to wile away your time while house shoppers look over your abode.

    Your geese look at home by the pond. Good photos and videos. Ah serenity!

    -- barbara

  2. Aww.. too adorable! Thank you for sharing! I would totally have chosen to spend my time there, too! :) And thank you so much for your comment today.. it was such a nice surprise and I appreciate every word of it!

  3. Superlative pics, thanks for's 93 or so outside right now...too hot.

  4. I love Canada Geese! They are so stately, charming, and Loyal! What great photos, and those little ones are so adorable I can hardly stand it. This sounds like a great place to get away too during house showings! Must take the annoying aspect of it away a bit...I know I'd get annoyed if I had to vacate my house willy nilly at random times.

    I think spring is inching its way to your whereabouts!

    You have some busy weeks ahead! Good luck, I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all the best. :)

  5. Barbara ~ It really was! I had seen the geese (& goslings) at the pond a few times on my way to or from town, and was so glad they were there last Saturday when I had both time and my camera. They weren't there today when BW and I drove by, so it was a crap shoot!

    And after enjoying that interlude with the geese, I took the dogs on a fun walk down a nearby lane that wasn't nearly as muddy as it is around our place, so it was fun for all of us. Now if only those house shoppers I vacated for would buy our house! :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and videos and that they convey a sense of serenity, because that was exactly what I was hoping to capture.

    Eva ~ I know, aren't they the cutest? I have no doubt that's where you'd have chosen to spend your time too, and wish you could have come along!

    You're very welcome for the comment, it was my pleasure! Your blog is always such a treat to visit, and your photos are always wonderful!

    Veganelder ~ Thank you! It was 93º there?!! ARGH! That's WAY too hot for this time of year, even for Oklahoma! I hope the tornadoes and bad storms are steering clear of you and that you and your fur family are able to stay cool! Wish I could send you some of our temps, we were 50º cooler than you today!

  6. Rose ~ I agree, and love them too for all those reasons! I also think they're gorgeous, and so inspiring in flight. I wish I'd had my camera handy the other day, I was in the doorway from the den to the patio, wiping the mud off Willow's feet, when four Canada Geese flew by just below the level of our deck (had I been standing they'd have been at eye level) and so close to it their wingtips had to have brushed the posts! Honking all the way. I was breathless! Couldn't believe what I'd just seen - they fly over us a lot, but have never, ever flown that close or that low! I took it to be good booga-booga, though of course I cursed not being able to get a photo or video of it! A minute later, BW ran up from the barn to tell me he'd seen it happen from down there and was all excited! It was really a thrill.

    Don't you wish you could snuggle those precious little goslings?

    It sure can be annoying to have to vacate the house sometimes, and that day was more annoying than most. The showing was supposed to be the next day, then they decided they wanted to see it RIGHT NOW. Their realtor called us at 2pm (which she wasn't supposed to do, but that's another story) after we'd JUST gotten back from dropping Mocha off and running some errands and had started to make lunch (which we ended up skipping). We told their realtor they could come at 3:30, called and got OUR realtor's voice mail and didn't hear back so played all kinds of phone tag to no avail, all the while doing the cleaning/storing drill till finally the dogs and I fled the scene mere moments before they arrived while BW stayed behind to help show the house! Good thing too, since their realtor is 86, knew almost nothing about our house (and the buyers had never seen the ad so knew nothing about it either!), can barely climb stairs, and could never have taken them down to the barn and shop! Know how I said in my last post, "Oh, the stories I could tell!"? That is the Reader's Digest version of one of them.

    So yeah, I headed straight for the pond and a little geese therapy! Sure did the trick too, all the stress just evaporated.

    It's definitely spring in town, the crabapple trees and tulips are all blooming and gorgeous, and the lilacs should be blooming by next weekend. It'll still be a while here, but we're getting there, and after all this rain we'll have a bumper crop of wildflowers!

    Thank you so much for all your good vibes and wishes! We'll especially need them this week, I think! xoxo

  7. We just went to a local pond yesterday to try to see some goslings, but no luck. :( They're so adorable! Watching geese is always so peaceful, too. I loved all of your pictures & videos.

    The weather here has been off & on. We had a pretty severe storm last night with a tornado watch. We made it through it, though!

    Hopefully the weather soon stays nice for us both. We need it!

  8. Oh wow, that goose flight sounds amazing. I think it is a sign of good luck, like the geese were giving their blessings for the house to be sold quickly.

    Selling a house sounds like quite an least you have the goose pond!

  9. LALOOFAH -- I'm back again. Posted a return to your fine comment on Folkways notebook but left out one very important thing -- your name. I've reposted my comment back to you on Folkways only this time with your name. I get distracted easily I guess. -- barbara

  10. Molly ~ That's too bad, but keep trying! Some fuzzy little goslings are bound to turn up there! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed my photos and videos in the meantime, though!

    I thought of you when I read about all those tornadoes and storms (and both of us thought about your fence!), especially when LaCrosse, WI was mentioned on the news. The devastation in Joplin is just unbelievable. I'm sure glad you didn't experience anything bad where you are.

    Rose ~ That's exactly what we said!

    An adventure... yes, that's one word for it! ;-) And I think as long as I have the goose pond, I won't need narcotics. But we'll see! LOL

    Barbara ~ Thanks for letting me know! I'd actually seen it earlier and I could tell it was meant for me. :-) I loved your comparisons to "A Room of One's Own" (though I've never read it, the title is perfect) and "A Secret Garden." Everyone does need a private little retreat, and that cupola was perfect. Your attic room sounded great too. And now I have my Faerie Glade (the goose pond isn't as private since it's right by the highway, and it's not mine!) Do you have a current little hideaway somewhere?

  11. What gorgeous geese, with such distintive markings! So sweet that they mate for life, too. My only complaint is that you didn't speak while your were filming. I'd love to have heard your voice! :o)

    I hope someone buys your place very soon. It's such a traumatic experience. I've moved quite a lot, so I know. :o(

  12. What lovely photos - I love Geese! They have begun nesting in the meadows down the street from us, but I haven't spotted any babies yet. The greyt boy and I watch them from the trail alongside the meadows on our daily walk. And every morning I wake up to the "honking". I love it!

    I forgot to wish you luck on selling the house. The endless cleaning and "staging" is so frustrating! We tried forever to sell our Washington house and eventually we gave up and rented it instead. Hopefully the renters will buy it. But, anyway, good luck and I feel your pain, sister!

  13. Howdy, TW! Yes, this is Spud who has since changed his blogger name to his real one. Long story...had to do with how I showed up on J & N's blog.

    Anyhoo....loved your geese pics. I swear, you must have as many of them as we do! There are a few wildlife preserves nearby and they're loaded with these folks and all their youngsters. I love the way you captured the serenity of the moments.


  14. I actually looked at this post Tuesday night but with all the fun pictures and videos, ran out of time to comment. (I was teaching the last two days so no time at lunch).

    Anyway, I had to come back and tell you what fun it was to read your commentary - that's my favorite part - the way you animate the animals makes them so much fun.

    We've had our own share of cananda geese with thier young in our roads and everyone is so good about waiting until mom and dad cross he little ones across the street - it's a lot of fun - dangerous too because those of us coming up behind 2-3 stopped cars at a non intersection have to react quickly since it's quite unexpected and we can't see what's up - until we see them emerge from traffic onto the curb!

    May all your times away from the house while it's being shown be as much fun as this day was!

  15. P.S. I didn't know they mated for life! That is so cool.

  16. So peaceful!

    Good luck with all your projects and hoping Mr. Sun comes out to play with you soon. xoxo

  17. Penny ~ I know, I love their markings too! They are so beautiful.

    Sorry I didn't provide any commentary with the video, but I preferred the honking of the geese, the shrieking of the wind, the roar of the passing car, to my voice. :-) But if you want to, you can hear it on the video on this post, which I think you'll really enjoy (the post, not my voice on the video!) :-)

    Thank you, I hope so too! As traumatic as this phase is (especially this limbo of having to keep the place so clean and tidy all the time in case someone wants to see it - which no one has during our two weeks of hideous weather!), I know it's just the beginning. Offers and counter-offers, inspections, appraisals, house-shopping for a replacement, closings and moving - all await! We went through such a horrible ordeal when we sold our place in TX that I swore when we moved into this one that the only way I'd move out was in the back of a hearse. Well, as my mother always warned me, "Never say never!"

    Christina ~ Thank you! Yes, aren't they wonderful? Have you spied any goslings yet? That's great that you have geese nesting in your neighborhood! And I adore their honking.

    I'm sorry you ended up having to rent your place in WA, I'm sure it's not much fun being out-of-state landlords and I hope your renters decide to buy it too, and soon! We could probably rent this place out too, but one of the main reasons we want to move is that we're tired of having to maintain such a big place (in such a harsh environment!) So no way would I want to be responsible for our new home PLUS this place still, especially with someone else (who would probably be less - shall we say, fastidious? than we are) living in it! So I hope it sells and sells soon too, and thank you for your empathy and your good luck wishes! :-)

  18. Paul Sieg ~ (if that is indeed your name, LOL) ~ Did your kids not recognize you when you showed up on their blog as Spud? Don't they know that's your nom d'guerre?) ;-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed my goose pics and that you think I captured the serenity of the scene and my time spent there. I was really hoping to be able to share it through those photos. How great that you get to enjoy the nearby company of geese too! Have you spied any babies? They're probably nearly as big as their parents by now, given how far ahead of us you are spring-wise (despite the rain and chill you've been having too!)

    Jo ~ Thanks for coming back to leave your comment, they're always a pleasure to read! And thank you also for saying you enjoy my commentary. There are times I am tempted to just post the photos with a brief intro and not intrude into the experience, but I obviously find it impossible to shut up. LOL So I'm glad you enjoy it! The critters really animate themselves, I'm just trying to channel them through my blog for the rest of you so you can enjoy their comical antics, charming personalities and lively conversation as much as I got to! :-)

    I'm glad you're getting to enjoy seeing geese families too, and that everyone is being careful and courteous in allowing them to safely cross the streets. They really should cross at Goose Crossings to eliminate any danger of someone getting rear-ended, but I guess a goose mama has to cross where a goose mama has to cross. :-) Besides, all this business of streets and cars - it ain't natural!

    I hope my future house-showing outings will be as much fun as that one was too! I'm going to try to arrange that, especially as the weather gets nicer. I may even drive up Red Grade with the dogs and park and hike up in the mountains. In fact, I absolutely will! But for now, the road is still closed up there (too much snow!)

    VW ~ Thank you! I too hope Mr. Sun comes out to play (or better yet, to help us with our projects, since most of them require warm, dry weather!), and next time he makes an appearance he can bloody well leave his no-good buddy Mr. Gale-Force Wind behind!

    I hope you and the Wheekers are well!


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