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Friday, May 27, 2011

"Little Geese" on steroids

I'm behind on replying to all your fun comments and intend to remedy that asap, but didn't think you'd mind if first I post these photos I took yesterday! :-)

I had to go to town again yesterday since I couldn't squeeze all my errands and appointments into Wednesday alone, so I took my camera along to document some beautiful sights of spring I'd seen the day before for an upcoming post. But my first photo op was completely spontaneous when I drove by the goose pond and saw TWO families with goslings and how big (and gray!) the goslings had gotten in just 12 days!

Goslings on steroids!

Both families took to the water when I stopped to take my photos...

So sweet!

And here's the other little goose on steroids - Little Goose Creek as it rushes down the mountains through Big Horn on its way to Sheridan, where it's been flooding some streets, parks and basements. It's normally a very pretty and tranquil little creek as it flows here through the Bradford Brinton Ranch, but it's a raging river now because of the deluge of rain we've had for days...

Those trees in the upper right & bushes on the lower right
are normally on opposite banks, not in the creek!

Here's the creek in roaring, turbulent action...

The amount of water around here has been pretty dramatic, but not nearly as dramatic as it's been just north of us in Montana. Crow Agency was cut off and I-90 north from the Wyoming border was closed for a few days, and you can see why in this photo of the I-90 exit into Crow...

I-90 flooding at Crow Agency, MT
photo by WYDOT Area Crew Foreman Rich Hall

See more of his photos of the flooding near Crow here, and an impressive aerial view of the flooded area here.

We have record snowpack in the Big Horns as well (over 200% of normal), where all this rain has been falling as more snow, so there are serious concerns about all that snowmelt coming down to the valley when the temperatures warm up enough up there, which will probably happen suddenly and soon, to melt it. (In fact, Wyoming - which rarely has anything happen that makes the national news - even made it into the headline in this news story about the flooding Missouri River, record rains and snowpack, and overflowing mountain reservoirs in MT, ID and here. It doesn't mention which three WY counties have requested help from the National Guard, but I'm betting ours is one of them. And badly flooded little Roundup, MT, whose inundated aerial photo is in this article, is where I stop for gas on my way to and from Havre.)

Today is finally sunny (but cold and very windy) after about two weeks of unrelenting rain and skies that looked like this...

The first photo I've submitted to SkyWatch Friday!
I hope to do more (I love sky pics!)

And more rain is forecast through Memorial Day weekend, a forecast no one is very happy about. Except maybe this guy...

I spotted this beautiful male Mallard serenely floating on an impromptu pond not far from the Bradford Brinton. There's not normally a pond here, just a little streamlet that trickles seasonally next to the road. But the landscape has been altered this month and ducks, frogs and other water-loving critters are taking advantage of it!

I decided to try out my duck call on Mr. Mallard by curling up my fist and blowing through it like you would a trumpet. I think it sounds a lot like a quacking duck, but based on the crusty look of contempt I was given in response...

...Mr. Mallard apparently disagrees! Not only did I get this scornful over-the-shoulder look, he also started swimming away from me. Undaunted, I continued my duck call until I unwittingly crossed some duck-etiquette line and said something really fowl (haha, get it?), because he suddenly just launched himself from the water and flew away through the woods!

Yeah well, duck you too, buddy! ;-)

I know a lot of you live in places that are dealing with bad (if not downright scary) weather, and I wish everyone clear skies and a safe and peaceful Memorial Day weekend!

BW starts a busy two weeks of vacation tomorrow and we leave for our 5-day mini-vacation in Fort Collins a week from today, but I'll be back just as soon as time permits with more photos and videos, because I've been on a bit of a photo bender lately. :-)


  1. I can post on your blog like normal! Not others, though.... so strange.

    The goslings are so big now! I still haven't seen any here yet, but the goose population seems to be much smaller this year than normal. :(

    All of that flooding is crazy, as is the rest of the weather in some areas. We've haven't had nice weather, and one storm was downright scary, but nothing major has happened, thankfully.

    Love the look of contempt on the Mallard's face. He must have been quite bewildered at the strange duck that was around! lol

  2. More great pics, you're on a roll!

  3. Molly ~ I'm glad you since discovered that it was IE that was causing the problem, but how odd you were able to post on my blog but not others! Oh well, makes me feel special. :-)

    I know, their parents must be feeding them Miracle Gro! LOL I couldn't believe how much they'd grown.

    The weather is crazy indeed. Someone from west TX had left a comment on that Sheridan Media site I linked to for more I-90 flood pictures, lamenting angrily that THEY need some of that water (since they've been on fire!) It is frustrating, some people getting too much of something while others aren't getting enough, and those tornadoes are just horrendous! I'm glad the scary storm didn't wreak any havoc, and hope the rest of the season passes peacefully!

    LOL, I really wish I could have done a mind-meld and known what the Mallard was thinking! I probably sounded like a raving lunatic. :-)

    veganelder ~ Thanks! I kind of am, at least when it comes to getting some good photos. (Been a lot of great photo ops lately!) Finding time to post them, on the other hand, continues to be a challenge! And finding time to keep up with all my favorite blogs is proving nigh impossible. :-( But one does what one can, so I'm gratified that you're enjoying them and that you stopped by!

  4. Hi Friend...long time no visit. I went back a few ducky posts to catch up.
    Buyers in the blackhole-tell me about it!! I know how hard it is to live in a house and pretend you don't. Crazy. Totally driven by HGTV me thinks-everyone expects to see houses looking like they do on TV "staged" for, hello.....TV. Such a silly game that's being played. I think it's good that your showings have been at least positive-even if they haven't made offers, they haven't just turned up their noses and walked away.
    Also glad to hear you found a great place for Mocha despite the "attitude" you're catching on your visits.
    Duck you-that's so funny. You crack me up. So sorry if Mr. Mallard mooned your personal duck call.
    Hoping your weather melts up soon. Maybe that's what all those strong winds were about-God turning on the blow dryer.
    Happy day to you, BW, and the fur kids.

  5. That creek is wild. How close to your home is that? I liked the sky photo. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to glimpse into another area in the country.

  6. Aw really must brush up on your ducklish! You must have really put your foot in it...that handsome guy certainly did look quite offended. Oh well, the perils of forging ahead with a foreign language...seriously though, I'm convinced he understood you and just didn't like it. :)

    Goslings have grown! How mighty!

    Sorry to hear about all the snowpack and rain, but hoping that it doesn't get as bad as MOntana...and hoping it gets better everywhere for everyone!

    Happy vacation days to you and BW! Enjoy.

  7. Sue ~ Thanks for stopping by to do a little catching up! (I sure need to do the same on your blog!)

    And thanks for your supportive real estate words! I couldn't agree with you more, and wish you could be our realtor. I keep being told that people are unable to imagine themselves in a house that isn't devoid, basically, of all personal touches and personality. Well, I don't buy it, but if it's true then those people should just look at empty houses. Our realtor said we should replace our white appliances with stainless steel ones because that's what people expect now. Our appliances aren't new, but they're clean and work just fine, thank you! Besides, we don't want s/s appliances, most of my friends aren't fans of them, so how am I supposed to know that's what some stranger would want? Or what model, style and features they'd want? I say, make us an offer that reflects the need for new appliances if you think they're needed and we'll consider it. I hate this trendy crap! Five years from now, all these alder cabinets and s/s appliances will look dated, and people trying to sell their homes will be told they need to replace them with burled Bonsai cabinets and chartreuse appliances, or whatever the latest fad is. Bah, humbug!

    Knowing Mocha is in a great place has been a huge load off our minds. We've been unable to visit him because of the awful weather and muddy road into the boarding facility, but we get updates from Audra and he's doing great.

    Mr. Mallard was too funny! I'd love to know what I said that put him in such a snit!

    More cold, rain and fog today but Wednesday is supposed to be 80º and sunny. We're a regular Cosmic Beauty Parlor around here, with all these wash, rinse, repeat, blowdry and now upcoming tanning salon treatments! ;-) I'm glad we're high and dry, I'd be terribly nervous if I were living beside one of the creeks or ponds. And some of the folks in MT are really in dire straits.

    I hope you're having a lovely Memorial Day weekend!

  8. Lori ~ That's a good description of that creek right now, it's very wild! It's not too close, about 4 miles away maybe? We do have a "water feature" closer by (a few hundred yards away shortly past the turn into our part of the subdivision), which you can see on this post from a year ago. It's only there this time of year before the water gets diverted for irrigation, but it's been as wide and as lively and as noisy as we have ever seen it! I wish it could be there all the time, it poses no threat to anyone's property and is so pretty to see and hear.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the sky photo, there are some really neat ones on this week's Skywatch blog. And I agree, it's very fun to get glimpses into other parts of the country and the rest of the world! That's one of my favorite things about visiting blogs.

    Rose ~ I really should become fluent in Duckish and not just toss out words I heard in late-night duck movies without subtitles. ;-) I had the same thing happen when I was in high school and was on my way to work one day. There was a large herd of pigs in a pasture I passed and they were all standing together right along the road. So I stopped and yelled my "Suey! Pig, pig, pig!" pig call to them, and they all simultaneously turned and bolted across the pasture back for home as fast as they could till they disappeared from sight! I was hurt, I tell you! I seem to communicate best with critters when I just shut the hell up. LOL

    I hope the weather gets better for everyone soon too! It's been such an extreme and violent spring. Those tornadoes especially have just been horrific.

    Thanks, I hope this will be a good vacation, mixing productive days with relaxation, and including a house sale! I don't ask for much. :-)

  9. Hey, TW. Love your Goose pics and the raging waters. I think you have us beat on the rain front!! Someday, skies and warm temps...and a house SOLD. I know all about realtors and what THEY think's best. They all watch HGTV too! Hang in there!! XOXO

  10. I'm behind on reading your posts. Well at least I'm getting to one before you get back!

    We've had our own water experiences. On May 25, Canton MI had news crews in town because they had to close three streets in the main part of town. Lived here since '89 and that was a first.

    Then at the Lake Memorial Day weekend (Northern Indiana) we arrived to flooded yards and it proceeded to rain twice more. The second storm included 70 mile an hour winds, took down 8 power lines around the lake, blew in a barn door and took off half the roof and rolled a pontoon boat that was on a trailer totally upside down. Needless to say, we lost power and after seeing the damage, packed up our bags and went home early.

    Now it's been really hot for several days and the ground is parched. What we kept discussing is "if all this rain is falling everywhere - where is it coming from?"

    Thanks for all the great photos and the links. I really enjoyed all the flood shots - makes me realize our flooding was just a bitty one!

    Hope you had fun on vacation - looking forward to a post or two about it!

  11. Jo ~ I didn't really think you'd have time to visit my blog for a few weeks, so I'm glad you managed it! Especially because yes, you were getting behind. :-)

    I assume they closed the three Canton streets due to flooding because of rain (rather than a broken water main or something), and I hadn't heard about any flooding in your neck of the woods! As for the awful storm at the lake ~ egads! I'd have probably packed and skeedaddled the next day too! That's a shame, I know you were looking forward to it, and it figures it would happen the one time your family outnumbered Jim's! ;-) Did Kathleen's place escape damage?

    Are you still parched there? I'm thinking it's at least cooled off a bit since those ugly high temps hit. We had a couple of days of temps around 90º while we were in CO, but now it's very cool (even cold) and has been raining since we got home. It's supposed to be sunny and 65º today, but right now it's pea soup fog and 34º, so we'll see.

    Some of those flood images were pretty startling, weren't they? I can't believe all that water in and around Crow and Roundup! The creeks are still raging here and low spots in town are still flooded, with flood warnings and watches still being issued daily. I'm sure folks in flood zones were just thrilled with the two days of hard rain we just got after those hot days melted some of the snowpack! Eeek. Our snowpack (at last report) was 327% of normal! I wonder how your river rafting trip on the Colorado is going to be!

    We had a blast on our vacation and I've been working on sorting and uploading photos to Photobucket whenever I've had a few minutes, but it'll be a few days before I can do a post (the first of several!) Meanwhile, I think there's some Blogger issue, since my latest post from yesterday morning hasn't gotten a single comment yet. Someone else posted the same phenomenon on a Blogger forum, so I'm wondering if people can't see my blog, can't leave comments, or just didn't like the post! (But it had pretty flowers on it! Who doesn't like to see pretty flowers?) :-)


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