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Friday, June 17, 2011

Poppies & Puffs

I promise I'm working on the next Colorado trip post, honest! (You guys crack me up, it's like you're in the back seat of the car whining, "Are we there yet? How much farther?" LOL) But I wanted to share a quick post of this pretty local scene first.

On my way home from town Wednesday, I pulled over to take a photo of these pretty poppies and handsome barn on the Gallatin Ranch in Big Horn...

And check this out: the day after I took this photo, an almost identical photo was taken and submitted by a professional photographer to our local media web site! :-) His poppies look red (methinks a bit of PhotoShop shenanigans was afoot!), when in reality they're orange like in my photo.

The poppies were so beautiful, I took a couple of closeups...

They don't even look real, do they? I think they look like they're made of day-glo orange tissue paper! But I swear they're not only real live poppies, this is a SOOC ("Straight Out Of the Camera") photo.

Just in case all that day-glo orange is blistering your eyeballs, here's a more soothing photo I took after I got home that same day and took the dogs for a hike. (I thought of Rose when I took this, since her blog's name is Dandelion Vegan Blog!) Here a field of Arrowleaf Balsamroot and Lupine provide a colorful backdrop for a lone dandelion puff in our pasture...

Dandelion & Lupine

They remind me of a lead singer with her backup vocalists, like Gladys Knight and the Pips! :-)

Have a great weekend, and we'll meet up in front of the Armstrong Hotel for the start of our Fort Collins tour early next week!


  1. I love the dandelion picture! Very pretty!

  2. More photo magic...the dandelion pic is excellent...thank you.

  3. What gorgeous photos! I adore all of them, Laurie. The poppies do look like they shouldn't even be real and I love how you compared the dandelion to a lead singer. lol That's perfect!

  4. Hi, Cadry! And thank you! (I have got to find time to visit your blog soon, your post on vegan Reubens caught my eye the other day when I saw it on my Dashboard!) :-)

    veganelder ~ Oh no, thank YOU! :-) I am always so tickled that you enjoy my photos, and I am also remiss about visiting your blog, which I hope to remedy soon. Forgive me! I don't know where the time goes, but it sure does, and in a flash!

    Molly ~ Thank you so much, Molly! I'm glad you enjoyed them! (Did you remember to act surprised when you saw the dandelion photo? LOL)

    Encouraged by the wonderful feedback from the three of you on the dandelion photo, I submitted it to that local media web site. Will see if they display it. (I enjoy some of the beautiful photos that get displayed there, but hate having to see some of the headlines. Like the one this morning that crows over WY's Republican Representative who "successfully fought" to keep tax-payer funding the slaughter of predators and other so-called "pests," despite all her noise about having to drastically cut government spending. Such stunning hypocrisy, waste and cruelty.)

  5. Ha! I noticed on my SiteMeter that this post got a visit from Proctor & Gamble, makers of "Puffs" facial tissue! Apparently they're keeping a close eye on any mention of "Puffs" on the internet. Wonder if they were pleased or disappointed with what they found here? (Sorry guys, but we buy these! ;-)~

  6. Beautiful! I wonder why the photographer would choose to make the ones in the photo show up as red when orange ones are so much more rare! I don't think I've ever seen an orange poppy.

  7. Eva I wonder if he thought people wouldn't recognize them as poppies if they weren't red? Or maybe he just thought the red color was prettier with the blue sky, white barn and green grass, I don't know!

    There are a few places around with these same poppies, but this is always the biggest and prettiest crop of them. For the longest time I thought they were California Poppies, but now I'm pretty sure they're Oriental Poppies. But they're all beautiful!

  8. That dandelion shot is a total winner. Indeed Dianna Ross and many Supremes.
    Poppies are definitely orange....vermillion orange, but orange. Gorgeous.

  9. Laloofah -- Gladys Knight and the Pips -- great way to describe that truly funky composition. Love this post! Glad you took a break off from planning your CO trip to take all the beautiful photos. -- barbara

  10. I love poppies! Gorgeous photos, and that is a beautiful scene with the barn in the background. Love the dandelion pic too! Gladys Knight and the LOL. It's truly beautiful in your neck of the woods this time of year.

    BTW: Lucky came home this morning...just waltzed in the backdoor. My heart is lifted, I feel as light as air! Thanks for your good thoughts and wishes!

  11. Sue ~ Thank you! And LOL - or how about, "Dandelion Ross and the Lupeens?" ;-)

    Barbara ~ It is a funky composition, isn't it? It was fun to take, and I was tickled with how it turned out! I'm glad you loved it too! I've got some great lupine photos I took the same day, but those I will save till I've at least completed more of the Colorado posts. Which also feature some incredible flowers, by the way!

    Rose ~ First things first - THANK GOODNESS! That is GREAT news about Lucky! I know exactly the feeling of lighter-than-air relief you describe. We're thrilled! But tell that miscreant of yours that he can't wander off, put everyone through that trauma, and then just saunter in with nonchalance and no explanation! That's unacceptable, and Auntie Laloofah does NOT want to have to come over there. ;-) (Well, she does, but not to give him a tongue-lashing.) ;-)

    I'm so glad you were able to come on over and enjoy the poppies and puff & lupine Pips pictures! (That sentence has a lot of spit-spraying potential! LOL!)

    Thanks again for sharing your good news!

  12. Gorgeous pics! I could look at flower pictures all day.

  13. Georgia ~ Thank you! So could I (when I'm not outside looking at the actual flowers!) :-) I love getting to see pictures of flowers that we don't get here, and people's fantastic flower photography, of which there seems to be a huge abundance! Flowers inspire some of the best photos.

  14. Hey, guys! I submitted the "Gladys Knight and the Pips" dandelion photo to our local media web site, so you can see it again here if you want! (So far it's gotten two "like it" votes, whoo-hoo!) :-)

  15. The bad thing about being so late to comment on this post is that I don't have anything original to say. Everybody said it already but that last photo being dubbed Gladys Knight and the Pipps was hilarious!!!!
    The good thing is that I get to congratulate you on getting that photo on the local media site. So glad you submitted it! And I thought it was so funny that you go the hit from Puffs!

    Well, I'm anxious to go see your next trip post - I loved how you pictured all of us in the back seat - and I appreciate you taking us along for the ride.

  16. Jo ~ Glad you enjoyed that, it really did make me think of Gladys and her Pips! :-) And thanks for visiting the photo on the media site.

    I found it pretty amusing that the Puffs people were right on top of this post, too! Makes me wonder if I'll get visits from the Brach's candy and Snickers people next (you haven't seen the post that mentions Snickers yet, but you will... let's see if you get there before Mars Candy Co. does. LOL)

    Oh, it's fun to have you guys riding along in the back seat! You're all very well-behaved, and good little travelers. :-) And as I said in my other reply comment to you today, I think you'll really enjoy the next post in this series! ;-)


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