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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Speaking of critters...

While we're on the subject of critters, here's a video filmed by a camera-snatching seagull cinematographer...

Apparently there is some debate over whether this video and its story - that the seagull stole the guy's GoPro camera in Cannes, France and deposited it on the castle wall, where the camera's owner had to climb to retrieve it - is real or faked. Well maybe I'm gullible (*snork*), but I think it's real - don't know how some of that footage could be faked! And GoPro makes very small, lightweight cameras that can be helmet-mounted, so it's I don't think a seagull would have a problem flying off with one. What do you think?


  1. Seriously? Wow, I want this to be real, but you know how clever some of the YouTube people are. How would the owner know where the bird took the camera? Could he really follow the seagull's flight path? Well, I suppose he could if it were a relatively short flight. I think I want one of those cameras!

  2. Andrea ~ They can be terribly clever, but I don't see how they could be that clever! It was the footage of the seagull up close and personal and messing with the camera that convinced us. It doesn't look like he did much more than fly from the ground to the top of the castle wall, and it was pretty well-illuminated. I think if that had been my GoPro camera, with all my footage from Cannes on it, I'd have been able to track the flight path of the white bird who stole it! LOL Those cameras are cool, aren't they? And they can take a bit of abuse too, apparently!

    Did you try to take my poll? I can't tell if it's working, and as fun as those polls are, they give me fits when I try to put them on my blog!

  3. I voted "I have no idea!". This is a tough one. Mike says it's fake, I think it could be real. However, either seagulls can sound very different from the ones we have here or that's a person making the sounds. That seagull sounds absolutely nothing like the ones that are here.

    Oh, and the poll did work for me. :)

  4. Molly ~ I agree about the sound not sounding like any seagull I've ever heard! But of course this one is probably speaking French. :-) I still find the part allegedly taken up on the castle wall to be convincing, though. Can't figure out how that might have been faked. A trained seagull? And it all begs the question, why would anyone go to such trouble to make a fake video? For the fun of it? To get attention? Seems to me there are easier ways to have fun and get attention - just ask our dogs, right? LOL

    Thanks for taking the poll and letting me know it worked! :-)

  5. That seagull is definitely speaking French...well Seagull-French, I meant to take a quarter in college, but it just didn't fit in my schedule.

    Yeah, my first thought, as you said in the comments...why would someone fake that? They'd seriously have to have a lot of free time... :D

    All in all, it's sort a cool video, I love the footage of the ground while he's flying up.

    My final answer is:

    I don't know! I love seagulls though.

  6. Oh, and I LOVE the the skinny seagull legs!

  7. I saw this today, too! I gathered everyone around me to watch it with me. I love the part where the guy is shouting after the bird, hah! May be a bit cruel, but come on... can you imagine a bird taking off with YOUR camera?! Crazy! I think it's real, although I'm a bit confused at how he knew where to find the camera.

  8. I keep checking back to see what others think...oh, those skinny legs with those knobby seagull kneelets!

  9. Rose ~ Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment - the ethernet port on our iMac went kaput and I couldn't get online for 24 agonizing hours! Luckily, BW had ordered an Airport (Apple's wireless router) with his birthday gift money, and it arrived yesterday (a day early!), and the ISP guy (actually the local ISP's owner, that's a small town for you!) who came out to see why we couldn't get online hooked it up for us. But now we have the ethernet port to deal with and the nearest Apple certified techs are in Billings, MT. *sigh*

    Anyway, it's a shame you weren't able to fit Seagull-French into your schedule, because it would have come in very handy in trying to determine if this video is real or not! :-) And yeah, if it's faked, I'd love to have some of that free time weighing heavily on MY hands (not to mention the technical savvy it would take that I also lack!)

    I love that in-flight ascent footage too. And seagulls, of course! :-)

    If you love those seagull legs, you'd love seeing BW in a pair of shorts! LOL Once when he came into the hospital office where I used to work to say hi (the hospital is on his route) wearing his UPS shorts, one of my co-workers teased him by saying, "Hey BW, are you wearing shorts or are you riding a chicken?" He was so good-natured about it! :-)

    Thanks so much for your comments, Rose! "Knobby seagull kneelets" - LOL!

    Eva ~ I'd have given a shout too if it had been my camera! :-) And I would have gone to great lengths to find where the seagull had deposited it and to retrieve it. I still think he could have followed the flightpath of the seagull pretty easily. Not sure how he could have gotten up there at night, unless the castle was still open to the public or he waited till the next morning.

    I see from my SiteMeter that this post has come up during searches for this video on Snopes, by people trying to determine if it's real. I'd done the same thing, but so far it's not on there.

  10. No worries Laurie! I didn't expect you to get back right away...I was just online a lot over the weekend and so kept stopping by!

    LOL about BW's bro Pete's legs are the same!


  11. Rose ~ And I appreciate all your visits! :-) I'm glad you had time to play online last weekend.

    We'd better not tell Pete and BW that we've been publicly discussing their seagull legs. LOL

  12. Thanks for pointing out that I missed this one. It hid between the two FC posts and I missed it entirely.

    I voted phoney because the seagulls feet appear and disappear at precisely the right time and that seemed too good to be true. I watched it twice just to be sure. But I can't think of a way it could be faked so who knows.

    I thought it was interesting that with my vote, we were precisely 50% phoney and 50% real.

  13. Jo ~ I know, it was a short and unexpected little post, so easy to miss! Thanks for popping back in to check it out and cast your vote! (Can you get a work gig like this when you get back to the Detroit office?!) :-)

    I figure the seagull's legs and feet appear and reappear the way they do because of how he was holding the camera (it was facing him when he picked it up). The thing that made me a bit dubious was the sound of breathing as the seagull was supposedly flying with the camera. Sounded like a winded human to me! But I just don't know. I did read that GoPro is infamous for putting out videos that go viral, and they sure are getting some great advertising out of this ("So lightweight, a seagull can fly with it!" "Takes a trashing and keeps on taping", etc). So maybe they figured out a way! So far, Snopes hasn't weighed in on it.

    Actually, no one who's taken my poll yet believes it's real. It's now an even split between those who think it's fake and those who have no idea if it's real or fabricated. My own poll won't count my vote, so I'll have to sit back and let someone else be the tiebreaker. :-)


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