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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ABC Wednesday: G

It's ABC Wednesday once again and Gee, we're at G already?!
Then for your Gratification, may I present:

Garden Goats & Geraniums...

A display window in a store two doors down from our hotel
in wonderful Old Town Ft Collins, CO this June.
That empty chair had held the smallest of the three Goats,
and Gosh he was cute, instantly winning my Capricorn heart.
But he sold before I could even Grab a photo of him!
So G is also for Glum, Grumbling & Greatly disappointed.
(How could someone be so Graspingly Greedy?
Gads, the nerve of some people, Glomming the Goodies I like!)
A Grotesque...

One of a pair of Grotesques Guarding a home across from our bank.
Perhaps our bank should consider Getting some, too! :-)
(Here's a fun nugget of knowledge for you: 
Gargoyle has a water spout, a Grotesque does not)

Golden Spice Pancakes (or if you prefer, Griddlecakes!)...

Yum! One of our favorite breakfasts,
photographed in the Golden light of sunrise before we made Gluttons of ourselves! :-)
Here's the recipe* so you can Gobble up some yourself!
(*Our changes: we use only whole wheat pastry flour,
2 cups of orange juice + 1/4 cup vanilla soy milk,
and we cook them in a non-stick skillet without oil.
And in this batch we used craisins instead of Golden raisins).

For more G Goodies, take a Gander at this week's


  1. Gargoyles give me the heebbie jeebies, glad the cute goats redressed the balance.
    Jane x

  2. griddlecakes! haven't heard that term in years!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. Interesting post. Ever hear of Archie and Mehitabel?

  4. You cause me to guffah.
    Too tired to come up with lots of G words in response, but so enjoyed reading all of yours. This is why we had so much fun in Algebra-feeding off one another.
    Can you believe the nerve, buying up that little garden goat before you could even snap a pic?
    Drove past Maple Top the other day-it's looking really good. Thought of you.
    Happy day-b BTW-those pancakes look delicious.

  5. Jane ~ Well you were very brave, then, given that I used the gargoyle as my ABC Wednesday thumbnail photo! (Unless of course you didn't come here via that route, in which case you're a big weenie. LOL) We love gargoyles, and BW actually wants one someday, to guard (he says) his future brewhouse. (I'm content with the little one that sits on our bookshelf next to a tiny book titled, what else? "Gargoyles.") But I love goats even more, and am glad their cuteness helped mitigate the ghoolish gruesomeness of the gargoyle for you! ;-)

    Rog ~ And I haven't used it since... forever? Only because I'm being a Good G Girl today did I call them Griddlecakes! :-)

    Berowne ~ Had you asked me that a few months ago, my answer would have been no. But then one of my regular visitors asked me the same question and told me about it. So while I have yet to read it, I have at least now heard of it!

    Sue ~ I'm happy to see you making your blog-rounds in the aftermath of Irene! How did the Kennebunks fare?

    I'm also happy I made you guffaw, and struggled with coming up with a string of G words myself. (Would that be called a G String?) :-) We did play very well off each other in algebra class, which served us well as future bloggers, but may have hindered our ability to balance our checkbooks. LOL

    Thanks for the update on Maple Top! I got to see photos of the interior a friend of my mother's took a few years ago when she was visiting Maine from Washington. She was taking photos of the outside when the current owners came out, she told them about us and got invited in to see and photograph. Nice! They've really changed it! I miss those MTF days, those were (mostly) happy times!

  6. I love those garden goats!! Those griddle cakes look awesome too, and I'm not a pancake person really at all.

    Good work with G!!

  7. What a nice G Trio in the first picture, lol !

  8. Can I have a pancake please? hehehe

    ABC Wednesday at my page, please come and see. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Good Grief Gal -- Gargoyles and Goats -- Groovy!

  10. As I fellow Capricorn I too lusted after the Goat. Just Gorgeous. And indeed the whole post made me Gruntled (the opposite of DisGruntled) if you were wondering. You Go Gal.

  11. Rose ~ Aren't they great? I loved all three, but I wanted that little one SO badly! Guess I wasn't the only one! The three of them together made me think of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. :-)

    I was never a pancake person either since the only pancakes I'd ever had were just... pancakes. But after we went vegan we found so many wonderful recipes for banana pancakes, fruity cornmeal pancakes, chunky apple oatmeal pancakes, pumpkin pancakes, and these (my very favorites), that I became a pancake fan.

    Thanks, Glad you enjoyed my G's! :-)

    Jamie ~ They are delish! If you like oranges, you'll love these!

    Gattina ~ Thanks! I still wish I could have photographed the trio of garden goats, but I guess the fake geranium will have to stand in for goat #3! :-)

    chubskulit ~ Of course you may! Take two or three! :-)

    Barbara ~ Golly gee, good going girlfriend, great G-string (of words)! LOL

    Ellie C ~ "Gruntled!" LOL! I'm stealing that. :-) It's always Gratifying when someone else shares my Goodwill and affection toward Goats! :-) (I think one of these Guys would look Great in your Garden!)

    Dyanna ~ Thank you, I thought they were whimsical and fun!

  12. From one gargoyle lover to another: Aren't they just the coolest creatures! And everybody thinks they're so scary!

  13. Kathy ~ I think they're absolutely cool! My husband wants to get a little gargoyle statue to guard his brewhouse someday (he's an organic homebrewer), and I would love to have a dragon-like one (like the ones in your photo) on each corner of the roof, serving in their traditional function as downspouts! Modern gutters are so pedestrian. :-)

    I'd also love to get my mitts on this book someday. Doesn't it look like fun?

    Thanks for stopping by in Gargoyle-loving solidarity! LOL

  14. Golly gee, Laurie, this was a great G post! :)

    Gargoyles are so cool and I could totally go for a few of those griddle cakes right now. Yum!

  15. Molly ~ Gee willikers, Molly, glad you liked it! (Do we sound like characters in a 1960's TV show or what? lol)

    I'm not surprised in the least to find another gargoyle fan in you! And I could go for some of mighty tasty golden spice griddlecakes right now myself. Gracious sakes and gadzooks but they're good! :-)

  16. 3 Billy Goats Gruff-- one of my favs from childhood! Thanks for that flashback! The little one must have been so cute!

    I'm starting to like pancakes more and more as I read that list...

  17. Good Gracious, you have Grasped a Great many Gs. I Greatly enjoyed the Goats, think Gargoyles are interesting but wouldn't want one and Greedily read your recipe for Griddlecakes. Gosh!

  18. Rose ~ Who's that tap-tap-tapping on my bridge?" :-) You're welcome for that fun flashback, we've taken quite a few strolls down memory lane together (most of them literary ones!) That small goat was indeed very cute. I should have made off with him.

    You might want to give these pancakes a try. The chunky apple oatmeal ones are Susan V's recipe also, and perfect as we head into fall. Which we seem to be doing today - after a sunny high of 95º yesterday, it's in the mid-40s, foggy and raining today! Supposed to get nice again tomorrow, though. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the cozy!

    Lily ~ I wish I could take credit for the recipe, but it's the brilliant Susan Voison's. I just posted the few changes we've made to it (I wasn't sure that was clear, so I edited it - didn't want anyone thinking that the only ingredients were ww pastry flour, oj, soy milk and craisins! LOL) I think you will love them, and hope you'll stop back by to let me know! Thanks for visiting!

    jabblog ~ You're pretty Generous with the Gs yourself, Girl! :-) I figured the Goats couldn't miss, they were so cute and clever, especially in that window display. And I know gargoyles aren't for everyone! While I'd love to have one (or more) on my house someday, the kind of house I actually would love to live in is NOT the kind of house where gargoyles would look at home! Which is why I'm contenting myself with the wee one on my bookshelves, and probably always will. Though I might have to get a bigger one for our garden someday. ;-)

    What I just wrote about the recipe to Lily Hydrangea I would also say to you, along with the encouragement to try Susan's recipe! It's just so gosh-darned good!

  19. I really really love the goats, and the pancakes too :-).

    Well, the rest of the blog too, I am putting it on my blogroll on

    Ciao and thank you


  20. Alessandra ~ I'm glad you enjoyed the goats, the pancakes, and the rest of my blog enough to add it to your blogroll! Thank you, and thanks for your visit and your lovely comment, too! :-)

  21. OOOH golden spice pancakes (sounds ever so much more exotic and tasty to me than griddle cakes). Thanks for the recipe. I'll try it!

  22. I checked out that Golden pancake recipe and e:mailed it to myself to try this weekend. I'm intrigued about a pancake that is made with only orange juice which I may try first and then with your variation of some milk but I'd love to know what it does to have no milk.

    These meme's are coming fast and furiously - great job keeping up with them. I only got to F yesterday, G today and I see you have H posted. I'm obviously falling behind!!! I'm sure they are fun to try to come up with though. It's fun to get food and a bit more of your vacation all in one post!

  23. Meryl ~ You're most welcome! Hope you'll love them as much as we do!

    Jo ~ If I recall correctly, we thought the pancakes made with straight orange juice were just a bit too orangy, and so mellowed them out a bit with the vanilla soy milk and liked that enough to stick with it from then on. But I'm eager to hear what you think of the über-orangy version! (Now I'm wondering how they'd taste made with some Grand Marnier!) ;-)

    "Fast and furiously" is right - I'm determined to at last stick with the ABC and SkyWatch memes in spite of everything, because they are fun and they keep my blog active when I don't have time to do "regular" posts, but I'm already wondering what I'll do for I, J and K! I could reach into the archives easily enough, but would rather use fresh material if possible. You made great headway today, and if there's ever a time you can get caught up, this month is it! :-)

    It was fun to have an excuse to squeeze in a Fort Collins photo that didn't make it into my vacation posts!

  24. P.S. Jo ~ I just wanted to make sure you noticed that in addition to adding soy milk to the recipe, we added 3/4 cup of liquid overall, upping it from Susan's 1½ cups of orange juice to our 2 cups of orange juice plus 1/4 cup of vanilla soy milk. The first time we made these the batter was too dry (maybe because of our high altitude, dunno), and probably when we added that extra 3/4 cup of liquid to get them to be the right consistency for pancakes, it was all orange juice, which made them overpoweringly orangey ~ hence the soy milk addition. This recipe with our changes works perfectly for us here, but your mileage may vary. :-)

  25. The pancakes on Sunday were yummy. I only made a half a batch since it was just me and still had two leftover. They were really fluffy. I did have to add a tiny bit of liquid so I added milk for those few extra tablespoons I needed. I loved the orangy flavor but I wished I could have thought of something else to put on top of them. The maple syrup was not strong enough to go with the orange and spices - maybe honey or molasses next time.

  26. Jo ~ They are really fluffy. I love the texture as well as the flavor. I love maple syrup on mine, but I think BW uses agave nectar on his, which you would probably enjoy also (vegan version of honey). Dark chocolate melted over the tops of them would be good too! LOL


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