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Monday, April 9, 2012

Blogging without drawers

The movers will arrive soon and I'm sitting here with no drawers. 

Oh stop it. I'm talking about desk drawers! What's the matter with you? ;-) Over the weekend we moved the drawers and printer, plus all our smaller furniture, all our chair and sofa cushions, floor lamps, several boxes of household stuff, some coats and all the contents of our freezer. And before the movers arrive we need to pack up our bedding, TV, microwave, load up our dresser drawers (one beauty of a local move: you can transport furniture drawers without packing their contents) and all our doggy paraphernalia... and pack up the computer. We aren't getting our computer, phone or cable service hooked up at the new rental till tomorrow around noon, and will be spending tomorrow and Wednesday moving the rest of our clothes and food and dishes, unpacking and organizing the new place, and cleaning the cottage (for a showing Wednesday, argh!), so I'll be going dark for a spell. So before the silent darkness descends, here's a quick photo-update of the progress on our house during the first week of April, with BW as your friendly guide on a tour of our foundation.

The footings were poured by the end of March. Here is BW, standing in our future kitchen where the stove will be. Behind him is the nook, to his left the great room and beyond that toward the street will be the dining room, study, hallway, half bath, foyer and front porch, while to his right is the garage...

It all looks and feels so small when it's just a foundation! How will Todd ever fit all those rooms in that space? We figured it's some sort of optical illusion and mentioned it to Todd, who confirmed our suspicion and told us that he had one couple panic so badly when they saw the foundation of their 2,700sf house that they called him and told him he needed to start adding on several more rooms! He calmed them down and assured them that once it was framed, they'd see it was every bit as big as they'd wanted. And it was. But still... it's disconcerting!

Here is BW standing just inside what will be the front door, with our future covered front porch in front of him. He looks pretty pleased about it all! :-)

And this is what it looked like on Saturday with the foundation walls poured, waiting for backfilling and framing to begin...

That same day we went to Sears and paid for our four kitchen appliances during a great sale they were having. The appliances aren't scheduled to be delivered until late July, but since the dual-fuel range we're getting doesn't come with a power cord we went ahead and bought one while we were there. So now we have a foundation and an oven power cord! Whoo-hoo! Can a doorbell and window treatments be far behind? :-)

With all this impressive progress we figure it's not too late to start coming up with landscaping ideas, so as we've been walking and driving through neighborhoods, we've taken note of particular trees, shrubs, and entire yards whose landscaping we've admired. 

And then there was this one. The only one so far that actually inspired a photograph, just so I could share it with you. Because even if I could have written a description that would have done it justice, would you really have believed me?

Click on the photos to see the details. I dare you.

And would you believe this is a daycare center? Not making it up. Hope those kiddos are current on their tetanus vaccinations!

I especially like all the "Guard Dog on Duty" signs (how does he navigate through all the claptrap to even get near any intruder?) and the fact they've got all the major holidays covered, no matter what time of year it actually is. Even Mardi Gras is represented! See all the strings of beads hanging from various protrusions?

I've clearly got a lot of flotsam and jetsam to accumulate between now and August if I have any hope of emulating this stylish landscaping look, but I'll try to find a minute to post again as soon as we've settled into the new digs and have the computer up and running. And my drawers back on in. :-) Have a great week!


  1. If I were a child in that centre/center I'd need years of therapy.
    Jane x

  2. I love seeing the pics of your house as it takes shape, BW is a great model at showing invisible porches and appliances! Am gaping like a gaping thing at that daycare centre - and am glad you didn't get splinters whilst going drawless :O))

  3. I thought the same thing when I saw the foundation: that it looked small. That's interesting. I'm sure it will be spacious and lovely when it's all done.

    That person's yard is hilarious!

    Have a good, if busy, week Laurie!

  4. I think the house foundation in the second photo looks quite large. Your neighbor's landscaping is quite eccentric. I love folks like this - she or he would be one of the first folks I would want to meet. -- barbara

  5. Now that was an eye opening title for this post.
    Good luck with the move. And yes, the foundations did look small. I would have been caught out too.

  6. It has been awhile since my last visit so had a couple of posts to catch up on. I am sure you can do better with your landscaping ideas - no need to emulate a day care centre! And just look at that view!! Mountains! Will that be from your front windows or back? It doesn't matter - you have a mountain view house!

  7. Are you sure it isn't a garage sale about to happen?

  8. Jane ~ No kidding! Plus I'd need years of stitches and plastic surgery, given how clumsy I am and the danger of all those trip hazards and sharp edges (not to mention guard dogs on duty!) ;-)

    Thanks - we need it! We're all moved in but still getting organized. Leaving lots of stuff unpacked on purpose. It's a tiny house, and it's temporary. We left Dragonfly Cottage as clean as a newly minted penny, the lawn mowed and any bare spots re-seeded... but the landlord refuses to let us out of our lease 2 weeks early, despite the fact he's got his full month of rent for April, we're completely moved out, and the house is under contract! So what's he care? He's just being vindictive. Despite it being under contract (it's been inspected and appraised already), it's still being shown, which is a major pain in our ass, since we cleaned it to be done with it and get our security deposit back! I can't WAIT to be in A HOUSE OF OUR OWN AGAIN!

    Barbara (UK) ~ I'm glad you are, I was afraid everyone would find the construction photos rather boring (especially the foundation ones!), even with my delightful spouse adding that human interest element. :-) They've now got the crawl space framed and the sills installed on the foundation walls, and the floor joists are sitting in a pile to be installed next week. (I've been making good use of this great building terms resource on a very helpful blog I found!)

    That daycare center/back yard is quite worthy of a good gape, you ask me! And yup, fortunately no splinters in me arse (but lots of cuts and scrapes on my hands!)

    Rose ~ I think it'll be a perfect size for us. Knowing the dimensions of the rooms in Dragonfly Cottage is helpful for comparison, and the fact it's got 9' ceilings and an open floor plan will make it seem even more spacious.

  9. Barbara (KY) ~ Well good! We're actually glad the foundation leaves a fairly small footprint on that lot, and I must remember there will be an upstairs! It'll be plenty big, with at least two rooms we'll rarely, if ever, use - but important for resale purposes.

    Fortunately, that cluttered yard is not a neighbor's - I'd hate to have to look at that every day! (I feel sorry for the people who live right across the street and whose own property is as neat as a pin). And it's not eccentric for Sheridan - there are any number of yards that look similar, though most are full of four wheelers, automobiles, tractors and snowmobiles - most not in working condition - and their associated parts. I frankly don't know why it's allowed in the city limits - it's an eyesore and a hazard. For some reason there are a lot of hoarders in this town as well, and I think that may be what we've got going on at the daycare center. Wonder what kind of reception you'd get if you went up to the door to talk to the owner? If you could even make it to the door...

    Ellie C ~ LOL, I wasn't sure it would translate well in places like Aus! :-) Thanks for the good luck wishes!

    VioletSky ~ Don't even talk to me about being behind on blog visits. I prefer not to contemplate my own extreme behind-ness! :-) Thanks for noticing our future views, which are even prettier in person than in the photos (the mountains look much closer in real life than in my photos). That will be the view from our front porch and from our guest room. Should you wish to book a room ahead of the crowds. :-)

    Andrea ~ Quite sure, since it's looked like that for years (BW used to deliver to that area years ago, and it looked that way then). Perhaps it's a garage sale that happened long ago, and they're just letting the unsold stuff sit there instead of hauling it to Salvation Army like everyone else!

  10. I promise to get our back yard cleaned up ;-). xoxo

  11. Spud ~ Yes, please do. Your neighbors have been complaining to me, especially about your old moonshine still and oil derrick collections . ;-)~

  12. As you can see, I'm flitting around your blog and going straight to the concrete. You know me and concrete.

    Those are some mighty fine looking foundations. I was trying to remember if we ever paniced as a result of small looking foundations but our footings were always 8' into the ground and I think the hole helps. With yours being on the ground, you don't get the benefit of that depth. I do remember though when we went from a ranch to a colonial how little we thought the basement was. In a ranch we had the equivalent SF of the house as SF of basement but in the colonial it was half. That took some getting used to.

    Even in the third photo with the walls, it seems to look bigger. I think the depth really helps.

    I would have believed you about the clutter but I NEVER would have been able to picture it that bad!! That defies imagination. At least they are not your neighbor. Ouch!!!

  13. Jo ~ Yes, I know you and concrete. LOL

    I think that's a lot of why the foundation looked so small - it's only half of our square footage. It's still hard to really gage the room sizes with just framing, but the place is definitely looking bigger than it was when it was just a foundation! The house Todd is just starting out at the Powder Horn is all on one level, but it's a 3000sf house with a 1300 sf garage! I hope those people aren't in a big hurry to have that finished, the labor demands of that huge place will definitely impede progress on ours.

    I figured the photos of that yard would help. Everyone who clicked on one of those photos to see more details only clicked on the first one, and it's the second now that shows a lot more in close-up! Oh well. I was especially struck by all the Beware of Dog signs and the mardi gras beads! What an outrageous bunch of claptrap, though don't think I wouldn't be tempted to go poke around in it if a "YARD SALE" sign ever got posted on the fence! ;-)


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