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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Special Effects

I do have some photos of the progress on the new house to share, but haven't had time to do anything with them yet. So because it's a cold, rainy, windy day and I have a few minutes before chores beckon, I wanted to share a few photos I've been messing about with using some of PhotoBucket's new photo editing tools. Molly's sepia-toned Airstream photo and Barbara's frequent (and fantastic) frolics with photo editing were my inspiration, along with my favorite photos from this week's ABC Wednesday post...

This was my first attempt with the new editing tools.
I kept the effects minimal because:
as a later model car ('62 Caddy) I didn't want it over-aged;
I didn't want the effects to distract from the classic fin;
I made this one for Molly, a fan of minimalism & simplicity;
and I didn't quite know yet what I was doing. LOL

I loved making this one look splattered in motor oil!

Since this '41 Pontiac reminds me of a gangster car,
I wanted this one to look like an old fragment of film.
Maybe from a film noir classic or an early 40's newsreel.

I love the Pontiac's look, so had it been my car when it was new,
I'd have proudly displayed its snapshot in a photo album!

While I was out walking the dogs Thursday evening, our friends Darren and Marisa, whom we've known for years, rode past on their bicycles. Turns out they were on their way home - right around the corner from the house we're renting! That was a fun discovery in and of itself, but now I also know whom to ask about the old defunct service station a half a block from both our houses where all these old cars are decomposing! I still think it's a pin-striping shop, but have yet to see anyone or any activity there - and we walk and bike past there frequently.

In other automotive news, a few of you may recall our black 2007 Ford Five Hundred that replaced our 1975 Ford Bronco as BW's commuter car. Purchased on St. Patrick's Day 2010, we named her "Fiona." When we sold our house last October, we traded Fiona in on a 2007 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. A couple weeks ago, I saw a black Ford Five Hundred drive past our house and park at the curb a couple houses up the street. It had temp tags on it, and BW and wondered if it might be Fiona. We finally got a chance to confirm our suspicion last week when we saw the telltale dimple on the front passenger door (my bad!) This is a small town, but it's not THAT small! Pretty funny that Fiona now lives two doors away! Hopefully she doesn't hold a Christine-like grudge. ;-)

Warning: this clip contains vulgarities not unlike the expletives 
I sometimes hear when BW is working on one of our cars. 
He calls it "automotive repair terminology." LOL


  1. You did a some fine work on your auto photos. What are you using? -- barbara

  2. Barbara ~ I used PhotoBucket - a link to the site is in the first paragraph of this post. They've recently added a bunch of new editing tools, which are very cool and easy to use!

  3. I love how all of the photos turned out! Playing around with stuff like that can be so much fun. I'm also tickled pink that you made the first one for me!

    So funny about the neighborhood coincidences. It really is a small world sometimes!

  4. You are clever. Loved the editing you did. Not something I have played with. Yet.
    The pyrotechnics in the video were a joy this morning.
    Thank you.

  5. Oooh, a mention, I haz it :O) Thank you. Love the editing, especially those petrol pumps. Probably what all those in the UK will look like soon as NOBODY WILL BE ABLE TO AFFORD THE PRICE OF BLOODY PETROL HERE!!! (Apologies for rant - local petrol station's price per litre is currently £1.40!).
    Have you tried PicMonkey for editing? It has some great effects and is really easy to use. Also Pixlr Express (which is where the cats found their cunning disguises).
    I have never seen 'Christine' so watched the clip with interest. Why do people do such stupid things in horror films? 'Oh that sounds like a mad axe murderer breaking in... I must go downstairs on my own and investigate...', or 'there's a killer car chasing me - I'll run down the middle of the road...'. Mad! Could they not puncture its tyres or something??? It had a severe attitude problem anyway!

  6. Molly ~ I was pleased with how they turned out too, and found working on them to be very Zen! :-) I was tickled to make that first one for you, especially since you were one of my muses!

    It can be such a small world, I wonder how anyone ever manages to make themselves disappear in it.

    Ellie C ~ Thank you, but it's really the folks who create the editing tools who are the clever ones! I just click on the buttons till I like what I see! :-) You should give it a whirl - it would be fun to see some of your gorgeous bird and flower photos after you've played with some fun editing tools!

    LOL - pyrotechnics in the morning gives such a robust start to the day, don't you think? ;-)

    Barbara (UK) ~ My pleasure - as I said to Molly, you were my other muse so giving you a shout-out was the least I could do! I have yet to try any of the other photo editing goodies out there (besides Kodak's, which is very basic). When I get more time (making all the decisions on the new house is sucking up most of the free time I have these days), I'll have to give PicMonkey and Pixir Express a try. I've played with PhotoBucket's old editing tools before and created costumes and disguises for critters here and here, which was rather amusing! :-)

    I know, horror films often seem to rely on people doing unrealistically stupid things. But then, people in real life often do unrealistically stupid things, so there you go! As for puncturing Christine's tires (or even her tyres, lol), far worse had been done to her by the guys she was exacting vengeance on in that YouTube clip, but she was indestructible because she was haunted, evil, supernatural - and definitely had a "severe attitude problem!" :-) No human (no living human, anyway) was driving her in that scene. Which, btw, was completely different from the one in the book where Buddy and his hoodlum friends get their comeuppance. IMO, Stephen King's books are far superior to the films made of them, which are nearly always cheesy.

    Always a pleasure to discuss art cinema and fine literature with you, m'dear! LOL

  7. Fiona...of course you would name vehicles. You're funny. Looks like you had fun with photobucket and also seems like you're finding your new rental an "ok" place to hang the hat until your new place is completed. Hope that's going along well without too many of the inevitable headaches.
    That fin is unbelievable...also shocking is it's from the year I was born. Glad we've evolved from that design. Have a great day my friend.

  8. So now, you're neighbors with Fiona, Darren and Marisa? That's a funny, and happy coincidence.

    I really like your photo effects. I think the fin photo is my favorite--great perspective and it looks like a photo from the 60's. The oil splats on the gas tank one is fun too!

  9. HA! Fiona is your neighbor. That's so cool. Do you worry she may not behave herself and embarrass you? I remember coming upon an old Honda Civic that used to be mine, parked next to me in a large shopping center lot. It had an unmistakable folk dance bumper sticker on the rear bumper. It was very exciting because I'd loved that car.

  10. Sue ~ I've always named my cars. I named the first car my parents bought after I was born (when I was about 4 - a used VW bus) "Bruce," which is pretty funny because that's BW's real name! And my first car after I graduated from UNH, a Honda CRX, was "Mad Max the Road Warrior." BW and I have always had quite a few vehicles until now, and it's a lot easier to say, "Have you seen Mario's keys?" or "Are you driving Otis or Taz today?" :-)

    I thought you'd like this post, given your love of photographing urban decay.

    The rental is working out okay, but the past week and a half has been nothing BUT headaches with the construction. I'm hoping this frustrating part will end soon, but we're needing some answers and help from a builder who is "too busy" to talk to us! Which merely adds to our angst and aggravation. People who say building new can be overwhelming and stressful ain't kidding.

    Rose ~ I think it's a happy coincidence too. I was walking the dogs yesterday when Darren pulled out of his driveway and waved. I had all the dog leashes in my right hand, so I waved back with my left - forgetting I was holding a full "popper scooper" bag in that hand! I hope Darren doesn't mind being saluted with a bag of shit. LOL (Since they have three dogs themselves, I'm sure he barely gave it a thought!) :-)

    I always enjoy it when you share which photos were your favorites. They were all a lot of fun to do, but the "gas tank oil splats" and the "gangster film" ones were my favorites to work on.

    Andrea ~ I know! So far, Fiona and I have pretended not to recognize each other. ;-) How funny you recognized your former Honda Civic! I used to see the above-mentioned Mad Max now and then. I'd bought him in NH, drove him to CO, then had many adventures with him while living in NM, drove him to TX, then to WY - where BW totaled him one night on his way home from work on the Interstate. :-( We sold Max to the local junkyard, where some kid bought him (I could recognize him from his rear window louver and his "AUS" flag sticker on his bumper), and it always made me glad to see him being driven around! Like you, I loved that car! (BW was in serious kimchee for a while there, though the accident wasn't his fault).

  11. Beautiful photos with excellent color and light. Greetings.

  12. Leovi ~ Thank you! I'm glad you liked them!


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