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Thursday, May 31, 2012

House progress, infinite irises, Memorial Day aftermath

As promised, here a few of my latest photos of our future house, taken on the cold, wet and windy eve of our cold, wet, windy Memorial Day weekend. During the past two weeks the plumbing, HVAC ("Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning"), and electrical were roughed in, and some sheet rock and spray foam insulation went up. It's critical and laborious work, but definitely not as impressive in photos as other sorts of progress on the house (some of which we hope to see happen starting today) can be. As you can see, it's still very much... please watch your step and pardon the mess. :-)

The kitchen, taken from the living room. You can see the roughed in electrical and plumbing, where the island (with the sink and dishwasher) will eventually be, the door to the garage straight ahead, the pantry on the left and the breakfast nook on the right (beyond the living room window).

The HVAC plenum distribution chamber inside an upstairs wall. 
Thrilling, I know! :-)

The bonus room's dormer window, partially sheetrocked and foamed. 
(The window's larger than that, the sheet rock has to be trimmed). 

Ah, an action shot to liven things up! 
The foam insulation-spraying guy applying foam to the garage walls. 
He was one person who was happy it was only in the 50's, 
totally covered as he was from head to foot in impermeable attire! 

Okay, enough of messy construction sites. How about some eye candy?

We did have one very brief lull in the rain and wind early Monday morning, so we took the dogs on a long walk. When we came upon this house with its seemingly infinite irises, I was smitten. The sun was positioned perfectly, the raindrops on the iris petals sparkling in its dazzling light - the only thing missing was my camera! So as soon as we got home I grabbed it and returned on my bike to get some photos, which took me longer to do than I'd reckoned because the by then I had to play cat and mouse with the returning clouds that kept darkening the beautiful sunlight...

(note also the climbing roses and giant lupine by the porch to the right)

And then I decided to have a little more PhotoBucket special-effects editing fun, so here are two "before and after" photos...

This one looks like it was just visited by Flower Faeries! :-)
After all those days of unrelenting rain, Tuesday dawned warm, calm and sunny. So once again I hopped on my bike and rode to the cemetery to see if anyone had braved the bad weather to leave Memorial Day flowers - and boy had they! Here are a few photos of how pretty it looked ~ click on them (especially the first two) to get a better look, because it was hard to capture in just a few photos how bright and colorful it was across several acres... 

The Elks Lodge section (see the elk statue?)

I thought this site was especially sweet.
The bird feeder was filled with seeds for a cemetery filled with birds. 


  1. The house is coming along!! Things move so quickly visually in the first stages, and then all the electrical, plumbing stuff-there's not much excitement and hard to see the progress. All of a sudden the flooring will go in, walls, will be painted cabinets installed and it will really LOOK like your house. Very exciting.
    Irises are out here as well...along with that rain you mentioned. I took some drippy drop flower shots the other day too.
    Hope all is well.

  2. Hello again! Very happy to see the progress on your new place. It really is easy to imagine how it's going to look when everything is done. What a load that will be off your platter ;-).
    We love irises and wish we had some again, so for now, we'll enjoy yours. They're all gone here by now. Everything is way ahead of the usual with all the warm weather we've had. It seems like July!!
    Take care of yourselves! -Spud

  3. A beautiful flower is the iris...thanks for the pics.

  4. Your house is coming along pretty fast! It's been in the 50's here this week, too. Is it really going to be June tomorrow? It feels like October!

    I love when irises bloom. They're such pretty flowers. Really, though, I'm just happy that it's flower season in general. :)

  5. It's great to watch your future home being built, stick by stick, Laloofah! Always a joy to see what's cooking at Mehitable Days. Love your style!

  6. As usual, I love the construction photos, even the HVAC plenum. Now that I'm not in the field any more at work, this is giving me my "fix". I was really surprised to see the drywall in the bonus room. That is when things usually really get rocking. It's a little risky to do it before the windows go in. Clearly, they're not expecting strong winds coming from that direction!

    I love Irises. I have some of that very color in my yard but they are not nearly that plentiful. My favorite was the one that added the black scrolled frame. I also liked that it added light in the center of the photo.

    The cemetary is beautiful. Too bad you had to share it with so many people on Tuesday!

  7. Can't wait to see the kitchen island and breakfast nook! It's going to be so charming, I'm sure.

    Irises are so gorgeous and I love them. I love the sparkly effect photo best!

  8. Sue ~ I know! And wait till you see the next batch of photos! It seems to really be accelerating. The sheet rock is going up, and maybe after that's done they'll do the floors. I'm really looking forward to that and the cabinets and siding - and neither of us can wait till they build the front porch, which will really make it look like "our house!" :-)

    This has been a great spring for irises here, seems nearly every yard has them, and they all look tall and healthy! "Drippy drop" flower shots are so pretty.

    Have a great weekend, Sue!

    Spud ~ I'm glad you're finding it easy to imagine how the place will look when it's finished. I'm not quite there yet! :-) I just hope everything goes together as well as we thought it would when we were dealing with little samples of it! LOL

    I'm sure the irises here are ahead of schedule - the crabapples and lilacs were a month early! We're supposed to hit 90ยบ next week! That's crazy. If this keeps up, July and August will be insufferable.

    veganelder ~ Couldn't agree more, and you're most welcome.

    Molly ~ It felt very fallish here over the weekend, but now it's feeling summery again, so just hang on till this nice weather makes its way to you! Today was nearly perfect - a beautiful June day.

    Flower season is one to be grateful for, and I appreciate it more every year. I think my camera fetish makes me even more grateful for it than I otherwise might be. :-)

    raf ~ Thank you so much! That's high praise coming from someone with such a talented photographer's eye and wonderful blog! :-)

  9. Jo ~ I know a lot of people, but I'm quite certain you're the only one I know who's happy to get an HVAC plenum fix! LOL! Happy to be your supplier, you construction junkie, you! :-)

    I know, the sheet rock really surprised us, too, and they were installing it like mad yesterday in the upstairs! I absolutely love the dry wall guy, Tony. We met him when he was working on some of Todd's earlier houses. In fact, we met Tony before we ever knew who Todd was! That man has the happiest energy I've ever been around, and I'm glad he'll be infusing our walls with it!

    I love irises too, and really love that color of them. We had those pretty purple ones along the driveway in Big Horn, so I'm glad to get the chance to enjoy all the ones in town this year. Glad you liked the special effects - I thought that black scrolled frame fit that photo well, and the illumination in the center came from adding some light, canvas-like texture to it. I was trying to make it look a bit like a painting.

    There have been quite a few more people than usual at the cemetery lately! I can't blame them, it's really beautiful right now. But it's still hard to share, especially when I have to dodge the cars or avoid one of my favorite sections because I don't want to intrude on people who are clearly visiting specific graves.

    Rose ~ I can't wait to see the kitchen island either, since we completely redesigned it from the original floor plan! So all I've seen is a sketch. Hope I like the real thing as much as I think I will! And the nook is going to be fun, the pub table we bought for Dragonfly Cottage will fit it well. We ordered a Craftsman-style stained glass pendant light to hang over it, and I'm looking forward to getting to see it in person, along with everything else! (So much has to be chosen and ordered without really getting to see it - big leaps of faith are required!)

    The sparkly iris photo was my favorite, too - and the most fun to do!


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