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Friday, May 4, 2012

Pups at Play

I'd intended to post this for ABC Wednesday's P week two days ago, but it was a stressful week with the new construction, with several deadlines for difficult and complicated decisions bearing down on us. We got nearly all of it sorted out, finalized and out of our hair yesterday, but now that I have some time to finish the post I feel silly posting it to ABC Wednesday on a Friday! So here it is, just a post without a meme. :-)

Last weekend when BW and I had finished mowing, Willow decided it was high time we all played. So she grabbed her favorite toy, Tiger Baby, and coaxed us into her favorite game, "keepawayfetch" (we throw it, Willow fetches it, but instead of bringing it back to us she taunts us with a game of keepaway for several minutes)...

Willow: "Neener-neener, Josie, lookie what I've got!"
Josie: "Big hairy deal."

Josie: "Reclining in the sunshine is a much shrewder, more dignified, 
and less taxing way to spend an afternoon than chasing after that 
nasty, drool-covered, grass-stained, moldy old piece of rubbish."

Willow: "Um, okay... Hey, Tessa! Lookie what I've got!"
Tessa: "Whoopdie-doo. I've got a hot pink Nylabone! 
And I don't have to chase after it. 
So it's way better than your stupid toy."

Tessa (thinking): But maybe I'll watch you play with Tiger Baby, 
just in case it starts to look like more fun than what I'm doing.

Willow: "Hey, Josie! Now Daddy's playing Tiger Baby games with me!"
Josie: "Ppppfffffffftttt."

Tessa: "Okay, I admit it, Willow. That does look more fun."

Mule deer across the street: "Yeah, it kinda does!"

Willow: "It is more fun! It's really, really, really fun!"

Poor tormented Tiger Baby: "Pardon me, but I beg to differ
with this entire conversation!"

May your weekend be a lot more fun than Tiger Baby's! :-)


  1. I love animal conversations...they are deep and wise....we could learn a few lessons!
    Jane x

  2. I love dogs. And tiger baby is pretty cool, too.

  3. Aw, so much fun! They look like they have a blast with their toys.

    Willow does the same thing Emma does- playing keepaway. Emma goes so far as to come up to us like she'll give us the ball and then she tears off, all proud of herself.

    Have a great weekend, Laurie!

  4. I like those pictures, beautiful dogs.

  5. On Facebook they have a "like" button. I need one of those for this post. Such fun. Don't we love our pets! I talk both cat and dog very well. Hope all those decisions are falling into place for you. It will be fun to see them come to life.

  6. Poor Tiger Baby. It looked like everyone was having fun except him/her.
    Love the mule deer too. Thank you.

  7. Jane ~ I do too and agree with you, although Josie's conversational style can be haughty. :-)

    Andrea ~ Tiger Baby is very cool. I think this is the 4th or 5th Tiger Baby we've had. When Willow fell so in love with the first one, shortly after we adopted her in 2002, I went and bought more and stored them away, and am glad I did (haven't seen them in stores in some time). Though she has other squeaky stuffed animals, Tiger Baby has always been her far and away favorite. When she gets a new one, she first pulls apart the tag, then the tail, then the cord on top of his head, and then his mane. Once his twisted and knotted legs are all untied and unraveled and he's got patches of "fur" missing, it's time for a new Tiger Baby. I think, however, that we're now on the last of the original bunch!

    Molly ~ Willow has always been the one who loves toys. Josie rarely plays with them (and will NEVER stoop so low as to chase a ball, and lets things tossed at her just bounce off her head without even attempting to catch them!), and though Tess sometimes joins in and is really good at catching tennis balls, she usually gets distracted quickly by something else and wanders off (it was very unusual to see her chewing on a Nylabone!) But Willow could play for hours and hours. They have indoor and outdoor toy baskets, and it's almost always Willow who goes and grabs a toy out of one to instigate playtime.

    Emma's technique is EXACTLY like Willow's! She taunts us too, by pretending she's about to relinquish the fetch object, only to veer off at the last second and prance around the yard! LOL!

    You have a great weekend too, Molly!

    Leovi ~ Thank you! We think so too. :-)

    Sue ~ Aw, that's a sweet thing to say! A "like" button for posts would be a fun feature! And yes, we do indeed love our furbabies.

    Some of the decisions have fallen into place, but waiting to get estimates that don't arrive when promised is frustrating and slows down the process, as does finding out that our choices won't fit our allowances! (The flooring place we used doesn't have prices on anything, and would never TELL us prices on the stuff we were selecting, saying they'd put a bid together and we could find out what it all cost then. Of course, several of the things we'd chosen turned out to be well beyond our budget, so now we have to start all over! BEYOND annoying!) Our windows and doors were the easiest so far, and the appliances weren't too hard either. But it was far easier to choose a floor plan than it is to choose cabinets, countertops and flooring (and, I do believe, not as expensive, either!!) It will be fun to see them all come together and create a home, instead of just a pile of samples on the floor! :-)

    Ellie C ~ I agree, poor Tiger Baby wasn't having much fun at all! And then to just be abandoned like that... poor thing.

    We've had a lot of mule deer around lately! Bunnies and wild turkeys, too. And since the little boy across the street rides his dirt bike back and forth in front of our house, it's almost like being back at our place in Big Horn! (I'm so glad this isn't permanent parking! But it IS fun to have wildlife friends around!)

  8. Your dogs are absolutely beautiful. Looks like they have a nice fence to keep them safe -- at their temp home. -- barbara

  9. Hello & thanks for following our blog!

    You have a beautiful family!

    Such a shame you didn't make it to Cornwall on your last visit... You'd be more than welcome to stay with us next time!

    Look forward to learning more about you.

    Kay :)

  10. Barbara (KY) ~ Thank you, we think so too! :-) We had to shore it up a bit along the bottom before moving in, but are glad to have a good chain link fence around the yard. We couldn't rent a place that didn't have a fenced yard, especially on a street as busy as this one.

    Kay ~ Hello and the very same to you!

    Thank you, we think our furbabies are beautiful too, and also quite amusing. :-)

    I agree that missing Cornwall was a shame, but will be looking that much forward to seeing it next time, especially with your warm invitation to stay at your vegan B&B! That would be delightful!

  11. LOL, I love this post! The girls are all so gorgeous! I can totally see how they are definitely more interested when BW gets in on the fun! I can relate to Tiger Baby too. My mom's dog has a birdie toy--a parrot sort of thing, and she tears the crap out of it; I feel sorry for the birdie, as I did for her previous toy a little stuffed mousie.

    The deer is adorable. Maybe you can tell her to pass on salutations to her cousins up the mountain. I would love to have lovely deer around here...even if they ate my flowers, I wouldn't care.

    Glad to hear a stressful week of house building is behind you, and that you're well on your way to your exciting new home! :)

  12. Rose ~ Thank you!! :-) Oh yes, the girls love it when their people are injected into the playtime mix. :-) Funny how our otherwise genteel dogs can tear the stuffing out of an innocent little toy! (At least a Tiger Baby should have better odds than a poor Parrot Baby or Mouse Baby!)

    I always ask the mule deer around here to relay that message up the mountain! We had so many mulies in the front yard Thursday evening (just on the other side of the window glass at one point!) that I had to do a deer poop patrol the next day before I mowed! I'd thrown some Portobello mushrooms stems out for them that evening, like I used to do for Punkie & Gang, and the mulies must really like them too.

    We are so glad that the kitchen is mostly behind us now, but still have at least one big challenge ahead of us of all the remaining decisions still to make, and that's meeting with the electrician on where to put the lights, switches and outlets. Not looking forward to that at all, and wish that those decisions could wait till everything else is in place! Sure would be easier. I guess my strategy will be, when in doubt - stick an outlet there! :-)

  13. Great photo story! I felt so sorry for Willow when the others poured cold water on her enthusiastic game with Tiger Baby... so hurrah for Daddy and that deer! Such a lovely post.

  14. Lots of excellent doggie smiles and a beautiful deer....thanks.

  15. Barbara ~ Thanks! Oh I know, I felt badly for Willow too - being mocked and dissed by her sisters. But bless her heart, she never lets it dampen her enthusiasm! And she'd always most delighted when she's successful at enticing BW or me into the game - which she invariably is. Who could resist? :-)

    veganelder ~ You're most welcome. I wish I could have gotten a photo of two mule deer napping in the shade of a big spruce tree in a front yard near here the other day. I was riding my bike home from some errands in town when I passed them. One of them was right by the curb, and I've never seen a deer look so utterly relaxed - her back leg was stretched out behind her as she reclined on her elbows with her eyes half closed, totally at ease! It was a precious scene, and very calming to see

  16. ohh! i love this post! Made me smile - super cute friends :)

  17. (ps - also ! interesting about the sphinx moth you saw in WY..very neat! Thanks for the story!)

  18. Jill ~ Thanks! I think our furkids are super cute too and am glad this post made you smile! :-)

    I wish I could link to one of the photos I took of the Sphinx moth, but it's on my backup hard drive where the photos aren't organized, so I'd have the devil's own time trying to find it.


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