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Sunday, February 3, 2013

An omen?

It's possible that this was simply a handsome raven who decided to rest on a lamp post across the street from our house yesterday...

Then again, with the Baltimore Ravens playing in today's Super Bowl, maybe it was a case of bird augury. For although both the raven and I scanned up and down the street, we didn't see any forty-niners...

I was born in Maryland and am a fan of both Poe and of ravens, but since their unforgivable trouncing of first my highly-favored Broncos and then of my highly-favored Patriots in the playoffs, I hope the Ravens win... 
Go 49'ers! :-)

Actually, I'm looking more forward to the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. 
(Go, shelter puppies!) :-) 

And, of course, to the food. The victuals. The nosh. The spreads. The snacks. The munchies. Did I mention the food
And enjoy the game!

Well, guess it was bird augury after all! That turned into an exciting game ~ congratulations to Baltimore for an impressive post-season!


  1. Nothing to do with football (REAL football is a British game!!!) but we tried the tumeric tea yesterday..WHOOHOO! It's delish.
    Jane x

  2. Jane ~ Yes, yes, I get that all the time from non-American friends. :-) I knew when I put this post together that most of my readers probably aren't interested in NFL football, but that's why I included plenty of other goodies to enjoy - the photos of the raven, the puppies, the food... did you notice all the food?? :-)

    Speaking of which, I'm glad to hear you guys enjoyed the Turmeric Tea! I made a batch of it last night, heating and whisking it in a saucepan on the stove, and noticed the spices were much better dissolved. It's really tasty, isn't it?

  3. I hope for your sake that the 49ers win! I'm not into football, and I don't even attend Super Bowl parties anymore. I used to go sometimes because the snacks sound fun, but then it was always disappointing because there was a football game playing, ruining it all. ;)

  4. Cadry ~ LOL ~ I was always just the opposite about Super Bowl parties. I've been a football fan since 3rd grade, and Super Bowl parties always annoyed me because all the yakking, food-munching people ruined the football game! :-) I'm less rabid now, and don't like all the Super Bowl hype, so unless one of "my teams" is playing, I'm not all that interested. But the raven showing up was just too tempting for a Super Bowl-related post!

  5. Funny post, love the Raven! I see why are rooting for opposite teams. Maybe the best team win!

  6. Eileen ~ Glad you enjoyed it! :-) I hope it's an exciting, close game with no injuries. Congratulations on your team having such a great season ~ they overcame a lot of long odds to get to today!

  7. Very cool that you saw a raven! I'm going to have Poe stuck in my head now (which isn't a bad thing at all, IMO).

    I'm not watching the game and Mike is working, but we did have the Puppy Bowl on for a little while.

  8. Molly ~ I know! We get a lot of crows, but raven sightings aren't as common. I'm glad s/he was happy to perch up there long enough for me to get my camera and attach my telephoto lens and get a few photos. S/he seemed to be enjoying watching the dog-walkers and joggers go by.

    We watched the Puppy Bowl through half-time. I loved Chestnut! BW's favorite was Arlo. And Marta was sure full of piss and vinegar! What a feisty cutie.

    As for that other Bowl game, it was a bore to start but turned really exciting. And since the Ravens won, I guess my lamp-post perching friend was an omen after all!

  9. I don't really know anything about the super bowl but I did watch some video footage of Beyonce!

  10. ladyfi ~ Beyonce, ack. Not a fan.

  11. was a omen. If I had to pick, I wanted the 49er's, too.

  12. Spud ~ Yeah, a bad omen! I think that raven was gloating a full day before the kickoff. How Ray Lewis of him. (I hope we've seen and heard the last of him! Ray Lewis, not the raven. I hope the raven returns, omen or not!) :-)

  13. As I had not know who played in the superbowl nor who won, this post was enlightening on that note though my ignorance wasn't bothering me in the least.

    However, I'm quite pleased to have learned about Bird Augury and I'm really glad you only saw one raven since two means misfortune and three bring evil. I am hopeful that the one you saw didn't settle in town since that brings pestilence and famine. It's a very fascinating idea that birds (and serpents)are seen as mini fortune tellers!

    In any event, I'm sorry your 49ers lost but I'm glad it was a fun game.

  14. Jo ~ Not surprised. :-)

    I first learned about bird augury shortly after we moved to Big Horn, when I first became so familiar with the magpies who visited us all the time, sometimes alone, sometimes in big flocks. There are several variations (often quite different from one another) that I believe originated in Scotland or Ireland about magpie sightings that usually starts like this:

    "One is sorrow, two is mirth,
    three's a wedding, four's a birth..."

    Some go up to 10, but I usually found it difficult to count more than 4 or 5 magpies at a time so I didn't bother to memorize it beyond that. Besides, some versions have "three's a funeral," which is a far cry from a wedding (well, usually, lol) and so calls the entire thing into question. Besides, most of the higher number interpretations were not kind to magipes, and I always loved magpies. So to me, they were always a fortunate sighting no matter how many of them they were! :-)

    My favorite astrologer, Caroline Casey, told the amusing story (not long after I first learned of bird augury) about George W. Bush. He was giving a speech at some outdoor venue when suddenly the trees around him filed with a huge flock of crows, who all started cawing every time he spoke, pretty much drowning him out. Caroline thought they were all saying, "LIES!" LIES!" Heeheh... maybe so! :-)

    Anyway, I have seen no ravens since that one, so I guess it truly was bird augury!


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