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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Sidewalk: A Cautionary Tale

The vehicle that did this...

should be sporting this...


  1. Ah, lol! Yes, they certainly should! I'll sometimes see people parked with two of their wheels on the curb. How on earth do they not notice that their vehicle is lopsided?

  2. When I have lived in parts of Oz which got winter snow the driving was truly woeful. It seemed that the chill had frozen the driver's brains even more effectively than the roads.

  3. Or one of those "how's my driving, call 1 800 blah, blah"
    Once, when those How's my driving bumper stickers were omnipresent, I saw one that said:
    "how's my driving? Call 1 800 eat-shit."
    Sadly it's the little things that strike me funny.
    Hope this wasn't in front of your house.

  4. I'm glad you came upon this "after the fact."

  5. Molly ~ I know, I see that too and wonder the same thing! (Looks like it would be hard on the suspension, too!)

    Ellie C ~ Oh, we get plenty of that, especially with the first bad winter weather of the season. But I doubt that was the cause of this, since our street is plowed early and well (a benefit of living across from an elementary school!) and we hadn't had any snowfall for several days, so the pavement was dry. My theory is that the oaf was turning around their mammoth SUV. Though why they couldn't have driven just three houses down to the end of the street where there's plenty of room for that, or used the school parking lot across the street, is anyone's guess.

    Sue ~ Yep, the snarky "how's my driving" version would have been appropriate as well! This treadmark was actually in front of our next door neighbors' house, but there was one in front of ours, too. It was shorter and didn't come as far onto the sidewalk, however, so it lacked the drama of the other one. :-)

    Andrea ~ Yes, so am I! (And so are the dogs!) Apparently Tess is aware how bad the drivers can be here, because when we're walking along a busy road she is constantly looking back over her shoulder every time she hears a vehicle coming (I think she's also watching for dogs riding in the backs of pickup trucks, truth to tell!) BW and I were joking yesterday that we should attach a rear view mirror to her collar. :-)

  6. Wonder who dunnit? Like your phrase -- I know a couple folks that would say these very words, -- barbara

  7. Ha ha - very funny!

  8. Barbara ~ I wonder as well!

    ladyfi ~ For your entertainment. :-)

  9. It's sad, but you really have to look over your shoulder sometimes. This is a wee bit scary!

  10. Spud ~ Yes, there will definitely be no dozing off during dog walks and bike rides! :-)

  11. Definitely you need to steer clear of this driver both on the sidewalk AND on the roads!

  12. Jo ~ Good advice! But given that:
    1) I don't know who it was (and their vehicle is probably not sporting the helpful bumper sticker)
    2) this photo could be Exhibit A in a collection of evidence of how the majority of people in Sheridan drive,
    I'm going to have to continue to take my chances or stay home! (Won't be too much longer before we'll be able to run the dogs out at Mocha's ranch again, though. That'll be nice - and safer - for us all!)


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