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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Quilt Show 2013, Part 3: Our Top Picks!

For the finale of this year's Sheridan quilt show posts, I'm sharing our favorite quilts in the exhibit. My friend Jo enters (and very often wins) many quilt shows, attends many quilt shows, and someday aspires to judge many quilt shows. So although Sheridan's show is an exhibit rather than a competition, we decided to have some fun and privately award our favorite quilts two prizes that are common in quilt shows: A Viewer's Choice Award and a Judge's Choice Award. A Viewer's Choice award goes to the quilt that you the viewer love best, the one you'd most like to take home with you. The Judge's Choice is like the judge's Viewer's Choice, going to the quilt the show's judge would most like to take home. Since their personal preferences can't enter into their actual judging, this is where they get to play favorites! We both selected a Viewer's Choice, but just Jo selected a Judge's Choice winner since with all her quilting experience she's able to discern better than I if a quilt is well made as well as personally appealing, something she said that as a quilt judge she would take into account because her favorite quilt, no matter how beautiful, could never be her favorite if it weren't well made. Me, I just judge using the Eye Candy Quotient, so I stuck with a Viewer's Choice. :-) 

As always, I'd love to hear which one(s) you like best, so please feel free to bestow your own Viewer's Choice award in the comments! (As always, remarks of interest from the artists' info cards are in quotes and italics, and you may click on any photo for a larger view).

First, here are my runners up…

I love the colors in this one, as well as the Flying Geese design around the gorgeous center compass, and the jaunty checkerboard pattern for the border…

Technique: Machine Pieced & Quilted
Artist: Jo Hadley-Day
Quilter: Laurie Sheeley
"This quilt is a combination of Mariner's Compass designs by Brenda Henning and Claudia Clark Myers with a checkerboard pieced border that I designed
 This quilt is named '13' because the big center compass 
and the three compasses in each corner equal 13."
(This is a small excerpt from a long explanation about this quilt. 
Should any quilters out there want the entire explanation, let me know!)

I love this dramatic black, white and grey star quilt, in part because my Mom had decorated the guest room at our old Maine farmhouse in these colors. It was a strikingly beautiful room, and this quilt would have been gorgeous in it...

Reflections I
Technique: Strip Piecing - Bargello
Artist: Buffy Shatek
Quilter: Laurie Sheeley
Pattern by: Jo Hadley, "Kitchen Table Designs"

And given my love of bright colors, how could I not be smitten with this fabric fiesta?!…

Mexican Party
Technique: Pieced
Artist: Jackie Waters & Kaffe Fassett
Quilter: Mary Jane Collins
"I designed this quilt with Kaffe Fassett in 2011 
at Material Girl Quilt Shop in Grand Island, Nebraska"

Wow! Thanks to attending our local quilt show every year, even a non-quilting rube like me knows who Kaffe Fassett is! A textile artist, designer, instructor and author from London, his fabrics are extremely popular, colorful, and recognizable. How cool she got to design this dazzling quilt with him!

And speaking of colorful and dazzling, I loved this whimsical wall hanging and thought the border and beads were great touches…

Who Cut Up the Rainbow?
Technique: Machine Pieced, Hand Appliqué
Artist: Nancy Etchingham
Quilter: Karen Van Houten
Pattern by: Susan Garrity

And now for the moment we've all been waiting for, here are our grand prize winners! :-)

Jo had no trouble selecting this striking maze quilt for her Judge's Choice award...

Jo with her "Judge's Choice" winner:
Technique: Machine Piecing
Artist: Kandi Davis
Quilter: Robin Wacker
Pattern is "Labyrinth Walk" from Quilt Magazine

Here's what Jo wrote about her choice of this quilt:

"I personally liked the A-Maze-ing quilt because of the bold graphic design. I loved the colors and thought the values were selected especially well. I loved the quilting pattern and thought the circular motion of the pebbles was a good complement to the angular pattern. It's a quilt I'd have loved to take home and just put on my bed!"

Here's a closeup of the pebbles she mentioned...

Detail of quilted pebbles on "A-MAZE-ing"

Jo's love of this particular quilt has a fun story to it. She was so smitten with it that she wanted the pattern and the opportunity to compliment the artist, but the info card with it didn't give us too much to go on, and we couldn't find a pattern for it online using the name "A-Maze-ing." So we looked up Kandi Davis' address and that's when I realized that we'd be walking right down her street the next day on our way to Kendrick Park. But when I did a Street View so I could see which house was hers, I was excited to see that she lives in one of my favorite houses in Sheridan! It's a lovely place with incredible mountain views, always beautifully landscaped with tons of flowers, right across the street from the elk and bison pasture portion of Kendrick Park and just a block or so away from Kendrick Mansion. Talk about a great location! 

Jo said that rather than call Kandi, she'd wait till we walked by her place and see if she happened to be outside. I told her that I've walked past her house dozens of times over the past couple of years and while I see her husband outside a lot (and have spoken to him more than once), I have never seen her.  So it wasn't likely to happen this time! But Jo said she would let Fate decide - if it was meant to be, Kandi would be outside. ("Yarite," I thought. "Fat chance!")

But as Jo, BW, the dogs and I walked by Kandi's house the next day, I could hear noises coming from their garage (which faces the side street, not the street we were on). Figuring it was probably Mr. Davis - but at least that would be a start - I walked around the corner to ask him if Kandi was home. Imagine my surprise to see a woman puttering in the garage instead! I waved Jo over and she walked up the driveway and introduced herself and she and Kandi had a delightful conversation! That Jo, stuff just works out for her, I tell ya! :-)
Kandi was thrilled that she had a little fan club for her quilt, but unfortunately the pattern was not her own design and she couldn't remember its name or where she'd found it. But after we got home, I did some more online sleuthing and located it! So that was a fun and happy story all the way around, don't you think? :-)

The eagle-eyed among you may have spied a small portion of this quilt peeking out from behind a corner in the second photo on this post. And those of you who chose "Garden Nouveau" from Part 1 as their favorite because of the bright colors on the dark background are in for a real treat with Jo and my shared "Viewer's Choice" winner...

Jo stands beside our mutual "Viewer's Choice" winner:
Catch Me If You Can
Technique: Machine Paper Piecing
Artist: Buffy Shatek
Quilter: Laurie Sheeley
"This was a challenging but so much fun to make project. I loved the outcome.
There is no traditional assembly to this quilt. Fun! Fun! Fun!"

Feast your eyes on the lovely, colorful details…

After we left the quilt show, we went to lunch and then to Sheridan's one and only quilt shop. There used to be more, and you'd think with all the quilters around here they'd all be thriving, but they've all closed except for this one…

Fortunately, The Quilter's Fix turned out to be a really wonderful quilt shop! Jo was very impressed with it, and we had a lot of fun browsing. Despite not being a quilter, I do love all the colors and textures of a quilt shop - and it's always fun to help Jo spend her money. :-) This time was no exception, as you can see from the shopping bag she's holding in the photo! Here is her haul...

The Sunflower Swirl Quilt pattern was done up as a display and it was really pretty! We both loved it, and since Jo and I have adopted a tradition of buying each other our birthday gifts when we're together, regardless of the time of year, I bought her the pattern. Can't wait to see the results when she transforms that pattern and all that delicious fabric into beautiful works of art! 

I hope you enjoyed this year's Quilt Show! It was really special having Jo here to enjoy it in person with me! If you still find yourself in need of more quilted eye-candy, check out my Pinterest Quilts board. There are some really beauties there (including a couple of Jo's!) 

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  1. Catch Me If You Can is definitely my favorite but the others are just as gorgeous. The maze one is indeed amazing. Just wow! I can see why Jo loved it. That's such a fantastic story about happening upon Kandi, too. :)

    1. "Catch Me if you Can" is really eye-catching (sorry) isn't it?? Love those colors!

      Once I found the "Labyrinth Walk" name for that maze quilt pattern, we were able to find photos of it done up in a variety of colors (green, blue, purple) - the greys are striking, but I also really liked the green. And yeah, I still can't believe Jo's luck that Kandi was there! BW and I walked the dogs past her house today and though their garage door was open and their vehicles were there, there was no sign of anyone.

  2. I would be torn between 13 and Catch me if you Can. Love them both - the colours, the precision and the stunning design.
    The judge's choice is a beautiful piece of work, but not one that my greedy self lusts after. I loved seeing it (thank you) and didn't yearn to stuff it under my jumper and scurry home.
    Jo meeting up with Kandi was serendipity at its best.
    Thank you - and heard for this beautiful series.

    1. Sounds like I would have a hard time getting you to budge from the top the stairs, since your two favorite quilts hung there side by side! :-) I had to LOL at the image of you stuffing a giant quilt under your jumper and trying to escape the library with your thievery undetected! :-)))

  3. What a lovely series of great quilts!

    1. Thanks, Fiona, glad you enjoyed seeing all that talent on display!

  4. I read through the post yesterday but had no time to post a comment so now I can spend the whole time commenting.

    I like that I also have the benefit of seeing some of the comments today which I had not read and I'm delighted that chance encounter with Kandi is one of the highlights for everyone. You wrote that story perfectly and you weren't exaggerating when you said that you didn't give a chance in heck of finding her outside so it was every bit as magical as you described!

    Looks like Catch me Me If You Can is an all around favorite. Not surprising and well deserved.

    BTW, I found a perfect compliment to the flannel christmas fabrics that I bought at the Quilter's Fix at the Quilted Moose! It's a green checked fabric that I'd admired in the past and so I was thrilled that it was a perfect shade of green to go with my new fabric.

    If stalking off with quilts under my jumper had been a possibility, poor Kandi would no longer own an A-MAZE-ING quilt but alas, it was not possible so thanks again to you for helping find the Labyrinth pattern. I'll start on that right after the flannel quilt, right after the flower power quilt, and right after the baby quilt for Kim!!!

    1. Telling the Kandi story was almost as much fun as experiencing it, so I was happy that others thought it was cool too! :-)

      I'm not surprised that "Catch Me if You Can" is a favorite either - such a striking beauty!

      How great that the fabric you'd admired in the past makes such a wonderful compliment to the Christmas flannels you bought here! I'm glad it's found a home and a project with you!

      You have sure got a lot of quilts lined up - between them and Breaking Bad, you should be staying busy, out of trouble, and off the mean streets of Hessel for a while! LOL

    2. Speaking of Hessel, did I mention that the neighboring town of Cedarville where we Hessel residents go to the library (Hessel doesn't have it's own) is having a quilt show. It's for the month of November and I went in the first weekend to check it out. They only had 7 quilts hanging at that point and 3 were mine so I felt a little like it was my exhibit or something. Jane promised me more quilts would be hanging by this coming weekend but in the meantime she says I'm making a name for myself - you and she better be careful because my head will get too big with all this notoriety!!

    3. No, you didn't mention it and how awesome is that?! Fun! I hope you'll send me some photos! Which three quilts did you put in the "First Annual Adventure Jo Quilt Exhibit?" :-)

      I'm glad to hear from you, I thought you'd experienced some weather disaster that knocked out all forms of communication! (The worst one being no Netflix, and therefore no Breaking Bad!!) :-)

  5. I can't imagine how someone could put the Amazing quilt together and still be sane at the end? Seriously, it boggles my mind just to look at it, never mind designing and quilting it.

    1. I know! But some are even crazier, like this one and this one! I'm not sure which I'd go first, blind or insane! But they sure are cool!

    2. On second thought, I think this one and this one are the craziest!

  6. I'm amazed by these quilts! These folks have more talent in their little finger than I could muster in a lifetime. Very impressive and you take such clear and vibrant photos.

    1. It's true, and each quilt often represents the amazing talent of several people: the one who designed the pattern (which I'll bet is very challenging!), the one who chose the fabrics and did the layout and assembly (again, working with colors correctly is no doubt harder than it looks!), and the one who did the quilting. Photographing them is the easy part. :-) But I thank you for the compliment! I'm glad you enjoyed them!


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