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Monday, November 4, 2013

Quilt Show 2013, Part 2 (non-quilt fiber arts)

This post is much briefer than Part 1, which features several of the quilts in Sheridan's annual Fiber Arts exhibit. For one thing, quilts take up the vast majority of the show, and for another there were far fewer non-quilt exhibits this year, and even fewer yet that I found blog worthy. And like my complaint in Part 1 about how the quilts were displayed this year, the fiber arts didn't fare much better. Most of them are inside display cases with cloudy, scratched glass which makes photography a real challenge, while this lovely piece was hanging on the wall about 7 feet above the floor! I had to stand on my tiptoes with my camera held over my head to get this photo! Sheesh.

But at least I did a fair job of capturing this lovely example of Brazilian embroidery, something neither Jo nor I had seen before and were quite taken with, admiring the wonderful textures (click on any photo for a more detailed view)...

Framed Floral Utopia
Technique: Brazilian Embroidery
Artist: Jenny Gunn
"Brazilian embroidery is dimensional and uses multiple weights of rayon thread.
Developed in Brazil around 1960 by Mrs. Elisa Hirsch Maia, it became very popular..."

Though not as colorful, Jenny's Brazilian embroidered pillow was my favorite of the two…

Floral Pillow
Technique: Brazilian Embroidery
Artist: Jenny Gunn
"Patterns usually include flowers formed by using both knotted and cast-on stitches."

Jo and I both thought this was a clever pin cushion display (it didn't have an info card with it, it was just sitting there in the display case being cute!)...

Pins & Pin Cushions Display

This was my favorite non-quilt exhibit - but then Michelle's fun mermaids always are!...

Danica's Mermaid
Technique: Cloth, Felting, Found Objects
Artist: Michelle Havenga
"I enjoyed creating a new mermaid for Danica. I try to have a new one 
for her birthday and Christmas. It is a joy to create and share!"

I'm fudging a bit by including this last one on this post since it's another quilt. But it's such a very wee and special quilt, I didn't want it to be overwhelmed by its much bigger competition on my other posts! :-) Jo and I found it so charming ~ amazing it was done by the artist as a child, but then I imagine having child-sized fingers probably helped!...

Mini Yo-Yo Quilt
Artist: Jan Maier
"Done as a child."

Stay tuned for Part 3, the grand finale of this year's Fiber Arts exhibit that will feature Jo and my favorite quilts from the show (along with bonus goodies!)

Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 3


  1. Your photos did turn out so well! I too like the embroidery on the floral pillow better though I'm not a pillow person. I think it's that beautiful snowflake shape that appeals to me.

    I'm so pleased the tiny pin cushions got a spot in this post. I really love them and think they are just the most adorable things. I always do fall for the miniature.

    Which is why I also loved the mini yoyo quilt so much. But if they were giving them away - it's the tiny watering can pin cushion I snatch up (or the whole collection if they'd let me) so that's what I pick as my "best of post"!! :-)

    1. Thanks! It's never easy with those fluorescent lights! I wish the quilt show could be outside sometimes.
      I think the shape of the pillow design was what appealed to me, too, because it sure wasn't the colors. Wouldn't it have been pretty in white and silver thread on a navy blue or black background?
      How funny that the pincushion collection was your favorite in the non-quilt category! They were very cute, but I thought the embroidery or the yo-yo quilt would have been your pick for "Best of Post!" (Cute!) :-)

  2. Oh my. Such exquisite workmanship. Megathanks.

  3. The Brazilian embroidered piece is gorgeous, as is the pillow. Such detail people put into these things!

    It's too bad they didn't display them well, but you did get some fine captures. The mermaid is really cute and is something that would have drawn my attention.

    What is the mini quilt made of? They kind of look like scrunchies but I can't see a hole in the middle of each piece. Very impressive that a child made it!

    1. I know, I love the detail on that embroidery, it's so "3-D!" :-)

      I always struggle to get good photos of the things in the display cases. Between the scratched old glass and the light reflections, it's tricky! Glad you thought my efforts paid off!

      The mini yo-yo quilt is made of fabric, just like a full sized one (you can see a closeup example of a regular sized one on this post). The holes are there, they're just so itty-bitty they don't show up! They do look like scrunchies! :-) And yes, amazing that a child made it - I wonder how old she was at the time, and if she still quilts?


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