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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Punky Then and Now

Some of you will remember Punky (Cutest Fawn Ever!) from this photo I
posted last December...

That's a piece of carrot on Punky's chin :-)

Back then I wasn't sure if baby Punky was male or female, but because of Punky's very bold and feisty personality, I referred to "him" as a "he."

Well, here we are a year later and Punky's just as bold and feisty as ever, but now we know she's a bold and feisty doe! (So I've corrected those hims to hers in my older previous posts!) Still outrageously adorable too (though not yet as fluffy), as you can see for yourself from these photos I just took of her an hour ago while she munched alfalfa cookies on our patio...

I just love her little smirking lips in this one. :-)


  1. I am so envious!! I don't think living in Wyoming would suit me for a variety of reasons (weather being my main consideration at the moment although recently you, in spite of your very bitter weather, have been warmer than I was last week!), but I really do envy your contact with the deer! I have deer for sure, and I'm sure if my property were flatter, I'd have them in my yard as many of my neighbors do, but I sure don't have the contact that you do. Nice to know that she's a she, and yes, she is absolutely adorable. Let her know that a lady on Vashon would offer her a spot anytime and meanwhile, please give her an extra alfalfa cookie from me!

  2. Oh my goodness, Laurie, just look at her! <3 She's so gorgeous & those eyes- how can anyone resist them? I love her!

    It's so cool that you got to see her grow up. What a blessing!

  3. She's a beauty! How do you get such a close picture of her? Is there a lot of zoom involved or does she really let you up that close?

    I too am jealous of your encounters with the wildlife, though I'm quite sure I wouldn't handle it quite as confidently and comfortably as you do (especially bees). Thanks for sharing the pictures; I love them!

  4. Punky is adorable! I remember another pick you posted, I think of her with a twig in her hair...or was that someone else? I love all your decor in your post last December...I suppose we'll all be decking the halls again in short order!

    I'm so glad she's grown into such a lovely young doe! It does look like she has a little smirky smile on her face in the first grown up photo! And in the second grown up photo she looks like she's sayin' "Thanks for the biscuits Laloo!"

    I'm so glad Punky is doing well and staying safe! May she have many happy years eating carrots and alfalfa biscuits!

  5. Daphne ~ No, I agree that Wyoming probably wouldn't suit you well (it doesn't always suit us well, either), but the scenery and wildlife are wonderful, and our little clan of deer is very special! I was pleased to see that Punky is a "she" too, and her pal Doodle (they're either siblings or cousins, both born last year - I think they're cousins) also turned out to be a doe. Punky has a delightful personality to go with her adorable looks. You would love her. I'll let her know about her Aunt Daphne on Vashon and will pass along your invitation and give her an extra cookie from you! :-)

    Molly ~ I know, she is an absolute charmer and a thief of hearts, and has been since she was a little spotted fawn! I mean, they are all precious, but she's always been a standout! And yeah, those eyes of hers! She is irresistible and lovable indeed

    We've gotten to watch several generations of our deer grow up over the course of our 18 years here, which is really special. Of course when any of them go missing, it's very hard. But spring is such fun when the moms bring their new babies by to "meet" us! :-)

    VW ~ It depends on the individual deer how close they'll come - some are more timid than others, but most of the ones who are most used to us get very close. They follow us around while we do our chores, and some of them don't even mind our dogs being around them. (I have a photo of one really special deer, Jane Doe, in our dog run with our dogs!)

    Punky was 5-6 feet away from me when I took these photos today, and I used a little zoom to get better details like her cute little lips and long eyelashes. :-) But she'll come within a foot or two to get a cookie. Jane didn't even let that much space come between her and the camera, as you can see in this photo! (No zoom was required!) :-) She was the first of the deer to take cookies from our hands, would stick her face in my jacket pockets, follow me into the garage, and once while I was eating a bowl of pasta on the front deck, she came up and started eating pasta out of the other side of my pasta bowl! She was something else! Punky looks so much like her, they're definitely related. (I last saw Jane, who was at least 9 years old at the time, in Feb 2008. I don't know what happened to her, and I miss her every day!)

  6. Rose ~ No, you're remembering right! That was this post from last March!

    Yup, 'tis that time of year again (can you believe it?) and I plan to do some hall-decking this week. Our living room will look quite different this year with its new wall colors! That'll be fun. I can't wait to see your boughs of holly and other fa-la-la-la-la in some blog posts! :-) Molly already got her cozy house decorated, did you see her post yet?

    I think Punky was either saying thank you or laughing at me in that second photo! And I share your wish for her... a long and happy life with lots of alfalfa and carrots (and apples, those are a favorite of hers!)

  7. Soooo cute! I need to get some alfalfa cookies for the deer that visit my yard.
    Boy, that was a good lookin' feast!
    I wanted to let you know that your Dahl recipe is up on my blog today. Everybody, please stop by and check it out.
    Thank you so much, for your generosity, and for sharing such wonderful recipes.

  8. Jennifer ~ The alfalfa "cookies" are what we buy to feed our horse, but Mocha doesn't seem to mind sharing with his deer friends. :-) On really cold days he shares his alfalfa hay too. He's a sweet boy!

    Thank you for posting my dahl recipe and for letting us know. I really need to make a batch of that later this week, when it's supposed to snow yet again and I plan to deck my halls. It would be perfect! (Sometimes I need to be reminded to make my own recipes! LOL So much wonderful vegan food out there, so little time!)

    Congratulations on wrapping up your month of Vegan MoFo, Jennifer, and thank you again for inviting me to be a guest blogger at Gilding Lilies! It was my pleasure! :-)

  9. Ah, she does look like she's laughing in the second grown up photo...probably laughing at one of your witty comments! I love the pics of Jane Doe too, with her schnozzle right up at the camera.

  10. Rose ~ The deer only laugh at my jokes if I bribe them with enough cookies. ;-)

    "Schnozzle" - what a great word! Much more fun than "schnoz."

  11. I really enjoyed the new photos of Punky. She's sweet and I think I like her less furry coat better. I'm glad she's still stopping in for regular visits!


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