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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Street Art, Part II

Here's the second batch (view the first batch here) of my favorite sculptures on display in Sheridan...

"Wyoming Spring" by Chon Love

I didn't post this second view originally because of the glare and its less attractive background. But since this beautiful butterfly is such a favorite in the comments, I think both sides of it deserve to be seen...

The other side of "Wyoming Spring"

I took several pics of this one because the backgrounds from different angles and the sculpture's wonderful details virtually demanded it...

"The Dance" by James Muir

That's the Sheridan Inn in the background (built in 1893) where "Buffalo Bill" Cody, an original owner and frequent resident of the Inn, often conducted auditions for his Wild West Show on the front lawn.

Now it's used for dancing. :-)

I love that they're dancing on a wagon wheel...

This angle shows the old Sheridan train depot in the background (which is for sale, btw, for a cool $1.25 million should any of you be interested!) ;-) The still-active train tracks are just beyond, but sadly there's no passenger service here; just freight...

I love this billy goat made from various bits of trash (I'm especially amused by the ice skate in his belly!) because it is clever and different... and of course, because it's a beloved goat. :-) This one is BW's very favorite...

"Billy" by Malen Pierson

It's hard to see in the photo, but throughout the summer there is water dripping from his hat...

"Cool Waters" by Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas used to run the feed store we patronized when we lived down in Buffalo, WY, creating his amazing works of art (he also paints) on the side. Happily, he's been making his living as a full-time artist for several years now. His sculpture "Cool Waters" sits at the entrance of Whitney Commons (one of my favorite places in Sheridan) and right across the street from Sheridan's public library (my other favorite place in Sheridan!), where you'll find sweet Wilbur in the juvenile section...

"Wilbur" by Mary Zimmerman

... as well as this devoted reader near the library entrance, whose book must be very riveting indeed because she can be seen reading it 24/7/365, never seeming to mind the rain, wind or snow despite her lack of warm clothing...

"Circle of Friends" by K.E. Crain (Littleton, CO)

And then there's Granny, another local stoic (along with the hen at her feet), heedless of the weather as she offers her apron full of preternatural garden abundance to passersby in all seasons...

"Granny's Garden (take some zucchini please)"
by Lee Leuning and Sheri Treeby

Got a favorite in this batch? An overall favorite? Do tell! :-)


  1. Wow, these pictures are just great. Each one is alive, and so "relatable", in its own way. The light in the light that day was also wonderful (or your camera rocks!), and the colors so vivid. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This round is even better than the first one. Seems like there are plenty of talented artists around in Sheridan.

    The Wyoming Spring is very pretty and of course I love all the colors.

    The dancers are neat too...does the wagon wheel spin so you can make the dancers twirl?

    Hey, we should buy that train depot (you know, with all our millions lol) and turn it into a vegan restaurant!

    I love the goat too...and like BW, I think that has to be my fav too because of the ice skate and the spray can inside.

    Wilbur is adorable too, and I was thinking that the people in the story where named Zimmerman, like the artist, but I looked, and they're called Zuckerman...close though.

    I'd love to see the reading girl in the snow.

    "Preternatural"...good one. I learned a new word today! I like the lady with her veg and her chicken friend...I like to imagine myself looking like that someday...eating lots of garden vegetables, baking cookies, talking to the animals, and doing a bit of home brew. can always dream.

    Fun post! It's so cool that all of those sculptures are in one town.

  3. Ok, I agree with Rose that this batch is even better than the first, not that I didn't also enjoy the first, but picking a favorite from this bunch is much harder for me. My vote goes actually for three, if that is ok, namely Wyoming Spring, which is just too gorgeous not to vote for and which I assumed would be my hands down favorite until you took me to the library. Wilbur is wonderful and would be another of my choices, and how could I ever not vote for Circle of Friends!! I guess if I had to rank these three, I'd put Wilbur in 3rd place with the other two tied for first. What kind of camera do you have? It does a fantastic job! Thanks for sharing, especially since I doubt I'd ever get to Wyoming (hard to do since I rarely leave home much less my island!)

  4. I agree with Rose, this round is even better than the first (and the first was quite spectacular!).

    The butterfly wings are gorgeous with all of the colors. Is that stained glass or something else? If it's stained glass, I can't even imagine the amount of work that was put into it. Amazing!

    The goat is very clever! Billy sure did eat a lot of unusual things, even for a goat!

    Pigs are one of my very favorite animals (right up their with prairie dogs, cats and of course, dogs), so Wilbur is also one of my favorites. I love how they put such detail in, just like Bella.:)

  5. "Wyoming Spring" is so stunningly beautiful! I love the colors and flowers. Just wow.

    When I saw "The Dance" I immediately thought of this music video from "Miss Potter" movie: (Lovely movie if you haven't seen it!) The statue seems alive, don't you think? Amazing.

    "Circle of Friends" made me smile because it reminded me of how I used to be so engrossed in my books (I was a total bookworm!). I can safely say I never read in a tube though, LOL!

    Thanks for sharing these, Laloo!

  6. Wow, what a fun bunch of comments! Thanks, guys! :-)

    Gaia ~ It's always fun to hear from you, and I'm glad you enjoyed these photos! Given that you live in a part of the world long famous for the quality of its light, I'm not surprised that would be something you'd notice and it's very high praise indeed! :-) I actually took many of the pics on different days and at different times of the year - most during the summer, but some just a week or two ago. I don't know if that means the wonderful light and vivid colors are due more to my camera than to the sunlight on those days, or if it's a combination of those things - but I do love my camera! :-)

    Rose ~ I agree with you, Daphne and Molly that this batch of sculptures is better than the first, though I didn't do that intentionally - I tried to mix them up well - but maybe subconsciously I wanted to save the best for last! :-)

    I love the colors in that butterfly too! And since you've seen so many of our wildflowers, you know how appropriately that sculpture is named!

    You love interactive art, don't you? LOL - can you play the bass? Can you make the dancers twirl? You're so cute! :-) I don't think the wagon wheel is spinnable, it looked pretty bolted down to me. But what a fun idea that would have been! (Of course, in Wyoming's winds that poor couple would have been spinning so fast much of the time that they would have needed barf bags, lol)

    Yes, we should definitely buy that train depot and turn it into a vegan restaurant with all the moolah we have just sitting about gathering dust! I'll see if there's any change under my sofa cushions, and I think BW has a half-full jar of pennies... ;-) You know, there's another old building in that same vicinity near the railroad tracks - a bigger building, which I'm thinking used to be the actual trains station where passengers waited for their trains (though isn't that the function of a train depot??), and someone turned it into a restaurant years ago. I don't think it lasted long, and though that could be due to any number of reasons I wonder if its VERY close proximity to the VERY active railroad tracks had anything to do with it. I ate there once with Mom and my grandmother, and acoustics of the place were so bad and the trains so loud we couldn't hear our waiter (nor he us) or each other. (I don't even remember anything about the food, the noise drowned out everything else!) I love the sound of a train and its whistle from afar, but not from a few feet away, especially if I'm trying to hear my waitperson or dining companions!

    Wow, I had forgotten Avery and her family's last name was Zuckerman, the artist's similar last name didn't ring any bells at all with me! (For shame, I even have my copy of "Charlotte's Web" from childhood!) Great memory!

    I'll try to remember to take a photo of the girl reading in the snow this winter and send it to you.

    I love learning new words, and I love language. (Obviously, given the length of my comments!) ;-) Since "preternatural" is so often neglected and it fit so well, I thought I'd dust it off and provide that dictionary link. I'm glad it came in handy! As for your imagining yourself looking like that someday, I'm pretty confident that with your abundance of garden veggies and your many animal friends especially, you look like a much younger version of that right now... only with better socks. LOL And Granny does look like she'd have a few good homebrew recipes up her sleeve, doesn't she? ;-) (I'll be glad when BW has the time to get back into that, I really miss his wonderful organic homebrews!)

  7. Daphne ~ Of course you may pick three favorites! :-) I couldn't even limit it that much, so you're doing a lot better than I am! I love your choices, and agree that the butterfly is some serious eye candy! And how can we not adore Wilbur? He is, after all, "Some Pig!" :-) As for the Circle of Friends, that is the first sculpture I remember seeing displayed around town (it was actually in a different location), and I fell in love with it immediately. I figured that one would be especially popular with my fellow avid readers! I don't know if you can make it out, but the outside of that ring she's in is embossed with various titles of classic children's books, and the front of the base depicts "The Secret Garden." I think it's awfully clever, as well as awfully well executed.

    My camera is a Kodak EasyShare Z950 that I bought in June, and I absolutely love it!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your virtual visit to Wyoming ~ all the vicarious traveling I get to do online is one of my favorite things about the "internets." ;-) (In fact, I've been enjoying a fascinating trip to Algeria lately - among other destinations - thanks to Rose's blog!)

  8. Molly ~ It's sounding pretty unanimous about this batch being the best one, as well as the butterfly being a favorite! (I agree).

    And yes, that butterfly's wings are made of stained glass pieces and I can't imagine the amount of work that went into it either! The butterfly has been moved around (as many of these sculptures are), and now it's stuck down a sad little side street. What a travesty!

    To help make up for this injustice, and to double the pleasure of you fellow "Wyoming Spring" fans, I'm adding a photo of the other side of the butterfly. I had a hard time deciding which of the several photos I took of each sculpture was most worthy of posting, and the butterfly was one of the hardest to choose. I thought the light and background was better on the one I posted, though I love the colors of this side better. So now they'll both be there for your enjoyment. :-)

    Billy the goat definitely has an unusually rambunctious appetite!

    I didn't know that pigs are among your favorite critters! Well then of course Wilbur has to be one of your favorite sculptures, it stands to reason! :-) Bella and Wilbur would look cute together too, wouldn't they?

  9. VW ~ "Wyoming Spring" is stunning indeed! In case you didn't see my reply to Molly's comment, check out the photo I added to the post of the other side of the butterfly!

    Oh, that video is perfect for "The Dance" sculpture (which definitely seems "alive!"), and I thank you so much for providing that link to it! I knew nothing about that movie, and though I'm not much of a fan of Reneé Zellweger, I AM a fan of Beatrix Potter! I grew up with (and still have) her books as well as Miss Tiggywinkle and Jemima Puddleduck (in stuffed animal form). :-) I've added the movie to our Netflix queue, so thanks for that, too!

    That's a lot of the appeal of "Circle of Friends" for me as well... the fact that I so loved to read and could get so engrossed in books as a kid. Still do and still can! :-) And actually, I did read in a tube once! There was a playground right near my grandparents' house that had a couple of big concrete culvert pipes for kids to play in and on, and I crawled inside one of them to read a book once! I was always looking for quiet places where I could be left alone to read, and that pipe worked well for a while, but unfortunately, I was eventually discovered. ;-)

    You're very welcome, Mary, it was my pleasure to share them and I'm really glad you enjoyed them!

  10. VW ~ I meant to say that I noticed the director of Miss Potter was also the director of "Babe!" :-)

  11. Wow, even more beauties! What a great thing to have art all around!
    I wanted to mention that I've been enjoying chowder left-overs. Boy, that is some gooood soup. Thank you so much for sharing that recipe!

  12. Thanks for the added photo of Wyoming Spring! And dare I say that the young lady in the Circle of Friends is really good looking! I agree that there is a lot of thought in that sculpture with the book titles and the entrance being The Secret Garden--that is really awesome! Your camera looks fantastic and much lighter than my Canon EOS, and I'd really consider it if I ever take photos outside my own home as mine, esp. with the telephoto lens, can get very cumbersome. And thanks for the link to Rose's blog--if I were a cook I'd definitely follow it! Everything looks really gorgeous as well as tasty!

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. ..."younger version with better socks", I wouldn't be so sure of that if I were you! :D ...I mean the socks part.

    Good point about the wind and the dancers...but it was all the different angles that you presented that made me think of that, I gave them a twirling effect.

    Yeah, eating right next to the railroad doesn't sound too pleasant...from your description I concocted an image of you three sitting at a table with soup sloshing around in bowls and off of spoons as the place shook with the passing of each train...that and the waiter shouting in order to give out the daily specials...and then being caught out when the train is gone...kind of like when you're singing and the music suddenly stops and your left singing by yourself.

    I hadn't noticed those details on the Circle of Friends...thanks for pointing that out...that one definitely comes in second for me after the goat.

    Have a fun Sunday!

  15. Jennifer ~ Oh, I'm so glad you've been enjoying the "chowdah!" :-) I really appreciate your letting me know that, it made my day!

    Daphne ~ You're most welcome for the second photo of the lovely "Wyoming Spring!"

    If you ever have the need or use for a camera like mine, I highly recommend it. Sometimes I wish I had a camera like yours (or a Rebel, everyone seems to love those), but I've been really happy with my EasyShare's features, ease of use and portability, not to mention its much lower price and excellent photos. Any bad ones I end up with are invariably due to operator error!

    Rose's blog is all of that! :-) And her non-food posts are really fun too.

    Rose ~ Hey, Rose, Daphne and I were just talkin' about you! :-)

    LOL about your socks! I'm going to have a wholly different image of you puttering about in your garden now. ;-)

    Hey, thanks for pointing out that my series of "The Dance" photos gives them a twirling effect! I hadn't noticed that, but it sort of does look like they're spinning around!

    Your description of your image of us eating at the trembling, sloshing railroad restaurant as trains rumble by is too funny! (Have you seen "My Cousin Vinnie?" I love that movie!) I hate being caught shouting to be heard over loud noise only to have the noise stop, with me about three or four words behind. Used to happen a lot when I'd go out with friends to places with loud music. Dang, that was embarrassing!

    I took a photo of Circle of Friends that shows the outside of the ring and the base much better, but it's crappy of the girl inside it, so I opted for this photo instead. But yeah, if you don't know what's on it it's hard to make out from the smallish photo. I'm glad you, Daphne and Vegan Wheekers like that one so much, because I think it's really charming!

  16. I've seen My Cousin Vinnie...but long ago. I remember liking it...I must revisit. Didn't it have Marisa Tomei?

    You and Daphne are too nice!

    I love connecting with people and finding people via blogs! Daphne: I'll be stopping by very soon!


  17. Rose ~ Yes, Marisa Tomei is in it and won an Oscar for her excellent performance. She and Joe Pesci are just great together. We have this one on VHS and quote several of its lines often in our day-to-day lives. :-) And Netflix offers it as a "Watch Instantly" movie, yay!

    I'm with you, Rose, and for me the blogsophere is a much richer and more gratifying way to get to know people online than social networking sites are. Enjoy Daphne's blog! :-)

  18. I was interested in your last comment, Laurie, where you said that you found the blog sphere a much richer way to know people than the usual social networking. I am, as you know, very new to blogging, but I've always found the social networking idea intimidating and not at all appealing, but I'm really enjoying blogging. I have to admit that most of the blogs I follow I just read and think about and don't usually leave comments, but I still enjoy them. However, yours has given me the space and dare I say courage to post and that is both fun and rewarding. And thanks, Rose, and I'd look forward to seeing you on my blog, and in my opinion there can never be too many vegan restaurants although maybe right next to a train track isn't the best location. Have a great day!

  19. I have to chime in here one more time. I agree, to me, blogging is so much more compelling than any of that facebook stuff or whatever else they have. No offense to anyone who enjoys it, but I just do not get the whole Twitter thing.

  20. As a user of both Facebook and Twitter, I just wanted to weigh in with my two cents on social media:

    Facebook is a great way to stay in touch with people you already know with pictures, videos, news, etc. You can also follow your favorite company for sales or updates. I do not use Facebook to meet new people though.

    Twitter is kind of like the freeway of social networking and is good for instant connections. I like the sharing of ideas and tips in the vegan community (I follow mostly vegan tweeps) and stay on top of the latest news. It's also a great way to meet new people (who usually also have blogs!). The only downside I find is that it's quite time consuming. :-)

    Blogs are a more enriching experience when the bloggers share their thoughts and life experience (like Laloo does!). You feel like you know the person and can have longer conversations (as we are having now, I guess!).

    And that's my 2 cents.

    P.S. Love the second butterfly picture too!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing that second photo of the butterfly, Laurie. It's just so gorgeous!

    I agree- Bella & Wilbur would make an adorable pair! <3

    It's funny you mention the blogsphere vs. social networks because I've been contemplating this for a while. I love connecting through blogs and have found it enriching (and feel the same way about Flickr). I do have Facebook & Twitter, but have been thinking about deleting my accounts for a while.

  22. Difficult to decide which I like best. They are marvelous. I think my picks for first place would be the dancers on the wheel and the young girl reading the book -- Circle of Friends -- the young girl reminds me of my granddaughter. -- barbara

  23. OK, I have to say I agree with Rose, Daphne,Vegan's Dogs Life and you. I liked this round even better - and for many reasons.

    First of all, I'VE SEEN ONE OF THEM! I had assumed that this was all done after my last trip to Sheridan but I saw "Circle of Friends" and liked it so well that I photographed it. I could so see Missy reading a book in a big circle like that.

    So I wonder, were the others statues there too and I was just being my unobservant self and didn't notice them - or did they get erected after my visit?

    The butterfly was gorgeous but my absolute new favorite (no fair including "circle of friends" for sentimental reasons) is "The Dance". It's so perfect I can hear the music they are dancing to. Thanks for all the extra shots of it. And for pointing out the wagon wheel which I had not noticed.

    And also thanks for pointing out the skate in the goat. I hadn't noticed that either and that is really funny. Goats will eat anything!!!

    22 comments on this post! You got a hit with this one! Great job!!

  24. The chowder was great, and you were right about making extra tofu sticks, I really enjoyed adding them to salads.

  25. What a fun bunch of comments you guys have written while my back was turned! :-) My week spun out of control on Monday morning and just keeps gyrating in new and strange directions... I've been unable to stick to a single one of my plans yet. I'm way behind on blogging, blog visits and - obviously - my comment replies, and hope to catch up asap, starting now!

    Btw, is anyone else having problems with Blogger? I had a post almost ready to go, and now it's all scrambled with alien html coding, a vanishing and often non-functional cursor, and fonts and spacing that have lost their minds! I think I'll have to scrap it and start from scratch... :-(

    Daphne, Rose, VW and Molly ~ I enjoyed reading your thoughts about blogging vs. social networking & such! Daphne, your comment was very touching! I'm so glad my blog has provided some inspiration for you! I know that many other blogs have done (and continue to do) that for me, too. Which is one of the reasons I enjoy blogging, and one of the reasons I get vexed when I get so behind on blog posting, visiting and commenting.

    I used to do quite a bit of social networking on Care2 (still do, but on a very limited basis), but never felt the urge to do the MySpace/Facebook/Twitter thing. Not enough time, for one thing, and not enough social butterfly makeup in my DNA for another. :-) VW, I appreciate your sharing your experiences and insights into the different purposes sites like Twitter and Facebook serve that blogging doesn't. I know a lot of people especially like Facebook for getting back in touch with lost friends. (But I frankly don't necessarily want to be that easy to find by just every nefarious character from my shady past! LOL)

    I don't know what it is about it, exactly, but blogging feels more personal, thoughtful, creative and calmer (for lack of a better word). Well, blogs like ours do, anyway - blogs that have 240 bazillion followers and lots of conflict in the comments are not my cup of tea at all! Anyway, I enjoy sharing various pieces of my life, past and present, with you guys and delight in being invited into your worlds (and minds!) through your comments and your own bloggy corners of the "internets." :-)

    By the way, do any of you remember the days of home pages and chat rooms? Do people still do that? I have an old and derelict home page and haven't done the chat room thing in a hundred years! (Actually, our comment sections are rather chatroom-like, but with delays!) :-)

    Anyway, thanks for this fun little sidebar conversation, I enjoyed it! :-)

  26. Barbara ~ I'm glad you enjoyed them all so much it was difficult to choose your favorites! I really like the two you came up with, though, especially that the girl in the book ring reminds you of your granddaughter (sounds like a girl after my own heart! Actually, after several of our own hearts - there are a lot of bookworms in this group!)

    Did you happen to notice, by the way, that your two favorite sculptures share a circular motif? Rather goes with your blog avatar! :-)

    Jo ~ I think it's unanimous now, this post was the best of show! :-)

    I remember your taking a photo of the Circle of Friends sculpture to show Missy, and I figured you would recognize it! I can't remember what year that was, but I'm thinking most of the sculptures weren't on display yet. Most of them seem new to me in the past two years or so. Then again, I don't recall spending much time during your visit strolling up and down Main Street but rather hiking in the Big Horns, drinking beer on the patio, and visiting Red Lodge! So since you missed seeing most of them in person, I'm glad you were able to see them here! (And hope you're able to visit in person again soon!) :-)

    Did you get a chance to listen to the YouTube video that VW shared in her first comment? That song really does go well with the sculpture.

    Yes, goats do have that reputation, and Billy certainly lives up to it! :-)

    You're right, everyone seemed to really enjoy this post, I fear my next ones may be lackluster in comparison. (But I have a really fun one in the works for December that you and Daphne should especially enjoy, and that will be more fun, creative eye candy for all the rest of us!) ;-)

    Jennifer ~ I know, aren't those tofu sticks good? I have to exercise a lot of self-control to save enough for the soup! :-) I love marinated, baked tofu chunks in salads (and all by themselves). Have you tried this recipe for Bryanna Clark Grogan's "Breast of Tofu?" I'm not wild about the name, but it's one of our favorites tofu recipes and is so easy. I usually marinade mine for 3-4 days, and we prefer it without the coating, which saves a step. It's been our Thanksgiving main entrée several times, but we eat it throughout the year. I have a batch marinating in it now! :-)

  27. My week spun out of control also--don't know if we can blame the full moon tomorrow, but I hope you are feeling better. My week was just frantic leaving less time for important things like blogging so I'm just getting caught up. Anyway, yes, Blogger acted strange with me as well--they were probably "upgrading" something or other!

    I just wanted to make another brief comment on the sidebar conversation about social networking. I never did chat rooms, but I did enjoy instant messenger and such where you could chat in real time with friends. But now, what with people being all over the country if not world, and since I go to bed really early, I think that blogging works much better for me. I also like, Laurie, how you said it was calmer. The conversation may have gaps of time, but on the plus, there isn't pressure to respond immediately and so it is more fun, or so I think. Anyway, just my two cents!

  28. Daphne ~ Some weeks are just like that, aren't they? I'm feeling much better, thanks, and hope you're catching a breather this weekend! Blogger is still behaving badly, it did the same thing with my cranberry post it did with my tempeh one. I think Blogger is just letting the Old Editor shrivel on the vine so everyone will use the new one, but the new one gives me fits, it does outlandish things with the spacing!

    I'd forgotten all about IM! I'd used that a few times too, and it was great fun - but it ate up huge chunks of time.

    Your two cents are always welcome, just toss them in the penny jar as you come in. When we have enough pennies, we'll throw a party. :-)

  29. I suspect you are right about Blogger and the editor as I didn't even know there was another editor (I did find it referred to somewhere after you mentioned it but I've not tried it)! I've only been doing this for 2 1/2 months and they just lead me to the new editor and I followed like the good little sheep I am, but I have noticed that it is tricky to do anything much with spacing. I don't know if I'm lucky that I never used the old editor or not, but it does seem as if they really aren't supporting it anymore. Of course that would have nothing to do with my absent photo, so Blogger may just have gremlins at the moment.


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