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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fire aftermath

A few more photos of the fire's aftermath, along with some "before & after" pics (click on them for larger versions)...

I took this one on June 18 from our deck. That's fog (not smoke!) above our neighbor's house...

And this one I took yesterday. You can see the same neighbor's house and where the fire stopped. Fortunately, it stopped short of a huge, beautiful aspen grove (out of the photo's frame to the right) and all of Soda Hill...

This pre-fire picture shows Spahn's B&B and some of our buck & rail pasture fence (so much time, money and effort we spent to build that!)...

And this one shows the same area, post-fire...

This is what our fence looks like now. The cross bucks burned completely; they're just X-shaped ash with tidy piles of spikes in the center of them. (Spahn's house in the background)...

Our burnt shop building. You can see one of the melted fiberglass skylights, the burn damage to the metal roof, the scorch marks on the exterior walls, the busted out window (which BW has covered with some sheet metal), and the warped metal walk-through door with a bootmark on it where a firefighter kicked it open...

The interior of our shop building...

Some Colorado firefighters perform mop-up in the ravine behind our house...

mop up
A helicopter flying low over our neighborhood, looking for hot spots on Friday, a week after the fire started...



  1. Hiya, TW! It's hard to believe the devastation! I guess it truly could have been much worse though. Too bad about your fence, the trees, and part of your shed. Soon most of this will be repaired or replaced, I hope. The trees, however, will take a while ;-(. Take care, my friend. Love, Spud

  2. Holy Ashpile, Batman!

    Actually it is incredible that the fire came so close and yet left so much intact.

    I looked up Buck and Rail Fence on Google Images. Arizona is the land of Barbed Wire/Slick Wire fencing.

    The wide open spaces you photograph make me realize how much i miss the country. Sigh....


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