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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Prayer flags

After posting about prayer flags at Shambhala, I was finally inspired to hang my own set! I'd bought them a couple of years ago in a fun, funky shop in Red Lodge, Montana that carried a lot of handcrafted goodies from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India, but I could never figure out where to hang them. I was a bit intimidated by the fact they were five separate strings of flags rather than the more common single string! But we found a good spot and BW hung them on Monday (the second most auspicious day for hanging prayer flags according to Tibetan tradition... I was unwilling to wait for Friday, the #1 day), and they've been merrily fluttering away ever since, doing their colorful best to carry peace, happiness and wellness to all sentient beings. (It certainly makes me feel happy and peaceful watching and listening to them!)

prayer flags

And though I already posted this at Shambhala, and it will put my own little prayer flags to shame, this video is too pretty not to share again!

I'll return later with some more pics I've taken during BW's week of vacation. We didn't go anywhere, but there's plenty of photogenic subject-matter right here in our own back yard (if ya ask me!) :-)

P.S. Happy Birthday, Jo!!


  1. Laloofah -- wonder video -- love prayer flags -- barbara

  2. Hi, Barbara! Thanks for digging into the archives to visit and comment on this one! I'd actually forgotten all about it! I'm glad you enjoyed the video. isn't it pretty? I love prayer flags too, and need a new set (I have a couple of strings of them in the house, but would love another set for outdoors. The ones pictured here burned up in the fire about a week after I posted this. :-( But I think I'll wait till we're in our new digs, wherever and whenever that may be...


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