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Monday, August 20, 2007

Some Pretties...

I'm so tired of looking at blackened earth, smoky skies and burned stumps, it's time to have some beauty to gaze at again! So here are three photos I took during my visit to my mom's in Havre, MT.

A pretty dragonfly basking on a Bachelor Button...

dragonfly on bachelor buttons

Beautiful Willow admires the geraniums on Mom's deck...

Willow with geraniums

One of Mom's three lovely deck fountains...

birdhouse fountain


  1. My doggy Sun Bear's mom Sundshine was a tri-color Aussie. But her dad was the yellow dog next door who got through the fence.

  2. oops i meant Sunshine not Sundshine.


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  • THE HUMANE GARDENER ~ Nancy Lawson
  • THE WORLD WITHOUT US ~ Alan Weisman

There is still strong in our society the belief
that animals and the natural world have value
only insofar as they can be converted into revenue.
That nature is a commodity.
And that the American dream is one of unlimited consumption.
There are many of us, on the other hand,
who believe that animals and the natural world
have value by virtue of being alive.
That Nature is a community to which we belong
and to which we owe our lives.
And that the deeper American dream is one of unlimited compassion.

~John Robbins, "The Food Revolution"

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