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Thursday, August 9, 2007


It has come to my attention recently that our equine chum has been receiving scant blog attention, especially from the local paparazzi. :-) To rectify this unfair oversight, allow me to introduce Mocha, our 19 year old part Quarter Horse, part Thoroughbred, part Appaloosa sweetie who's shared our lives since he was born…

Mocha and wildflowers                  Mocha amid arrowleaf blooms on the trailhead to his pasture

springtime lope
There's nothing better than an early spring gallop!

mocha nappingUnless it's an early spring nap in the warm sunshine! ;-)

mocha with turkey
Hanging out with a wild turkey friend

mocha loping autumn
Enjoying a lope through the crisp autumn air

mocha bucking
Sowing his wild oats! :-)

frosty mocha
The fetching, fuzzy, frosty Mocha in winter


  1. laughs.
    Mocha is beautiful! I have a special place in my heart for Appys. :) Thanks for the photos of him!

  2. i could look at that last face shot for about a day....what a handsome guy!
    nice to see a horse in the wide open spaces. sweeet!

  3. What a beautiful boy! Thank you so much for pointing me to this post.


  4. Thank you, Ali! (And rift and Taz, though I'm 2 1/2 years late in thanking you!) I will pass along your compliments to Mocha. Not that he doesn't know he's gorgeous... he won the blue ribbon as a 2-year old at the local county fair, beating the FFA and 4H champions - not bad for a "mutt!" - and doesn't he love to tell everyone about that now, as a gray-haired old man of nearly 22! LOL He's a show-off and a sweetheart and indeed a beautiful boy in every way!

  5. How fun to be able to link your current post to one almost 3 years old. I'm glad you educated me on the fact that you get emails about these posts so I can feel free to post from where ever the mood stikes me. I thought I'd take a 10 mins break at lunch and very much enjoyed your blog about mocha - who should be feeling quite proud of the recent attention - happy belated birthday to him!

  6. Thanks, Jo! Mocha's been a happy man lately, finally able to navigate a snow-free trail to his pasture and enjoy a roll and some snacking on the new green grass, along with a warm sunbath. And yes, he's enjoyed the attention too - he's always been an attention junkie! :-)

  7. What a beautiful boy!!! His eyes and hair are gorgeous <3. You´re so lucky, I envy you. He looks so happy in his pasture. Are that images near your house? Xoxo, Sandra.

    1. Thanks, Sandra, we think he's very handsome - even now at the age of 26! These were taken at our home when we lived on 10 acres in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains. After 19 years and a LOT of remodeling (and a wildfire that destroyed an outbuilding and all our fencing, which all had to be redone), we sold that place in 2011 and moved to town. Rented a couple of different places while we looked for a house to buy, didn't find anything that wasn't grossly overpriced AND needing a lot of work (been there, done that!) so we ended up building the home we're in now (you can find pictures of it on this blog, from when it was just a floor plan and an empty lot to a tour of the downstairs at Christmas, 2012). Anyway, since we moved, Mocha has been living out at a big, beautiful horse ranch with several other senior geldings. He's always been very social, loving the company of his fellow horses, so he absolutely loves his life there and is VERY well cared for! You can also find photos of him in his new home on a couple of older posts….

      When I first got the email notification of your comment, I thought you were talking about BW! ROTFL! I thought, "he does have gorgeous eyes, but his hair??" :-) Then I read the line about looking happy in his pasture and realized your comment was on an old post about Mocha and got a great laugh! :-)


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