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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Flakey snow business

Because there just aren't enough flakes in the world already...

let's make more! ;-)

Need a Snow Day?

Have fun but be warned - both the making and the viewing of snowflakes can be habit-forming!

(I'm especially fond of the lacy-looking ones and the many with nice vegan outreach messages on them!) :-)


  1. Ok, this is just so fun!! How ever do you find such cool sites? Anyway, I've made one snowflake and plan to make more. Thanks!

  2. LOL - well, that's probably the last we'll hear from Daphne for awhile! ;-)

    Isn't it addictive, Daphne? I'm going to see if I can find yours! Seriously, it's wicked hard to stop!

    I don't remember how I found this site... I've had it for a year or two.

    Have fun! :-)

  3. From one of those many many more! I love it. I'll be spending more time with this tomorrow! I'll be hunting for the vegan outreach ones and making some of my own.

    Daphne: I'll keep my eyes open for your flakes!

    Fun, fun, fun.

    Thanks Laloofah, for all the good times!

  4. Yay, Rose! Thank you for the snowflake you made for me! :-) I'm glad you're having as much fun with this site as I do (our inner children are busy little tykes, aren't they?) and I look forward to seeing your other creations, as well as Daphne's!

    Thanks for making the good times even better, Rose! xoxo

  5. Ok, I made another one and I'm just getting started, and thanks, Laloofah, for the one you sent me--it is gorgeous!

  6. Such a fun site! I forgot all about it these last few years, too. I love it!

  7. Daphne ~ Thanks, Daphne! I had fun making it for you! And I love the one you made for me, too, and appreciate all the comments you've left on my flakey creations. :-)

    Molly ~ I'm glad I helped you rediscover this fun site and look forward to seeing your handiwork! :-) Have fun! I'm going to feed the girls and then I'm going back in myself! :-)

  8. What I would like to know is where is the gadget that makes snow float across your entire screen I have seen many blogs that have this in the winter and have always wondered where they find the info to download it?? -- barbara

  9. Barbara ~ So I take it you're unimpressed with our snowflake-making mania? Well, okay then, but you're missing all the fun!

    There are a lot of sites that have the code and instructions for adding various falling objects to your blog, like snowflakes, leaves, santas, balloons, meteors... (I made that last one up). You can do a web search for "how to add falling snow to a blog" or something similar and sift through the results, which is what I did. Or you can use one of these two, which I've been experimenting with for the last 30 minutes or so till I found the effect I like best (for now) for my blog.

    From my end, the snow effect takes a while to load but doesn't seem to affect how fast the blog itself loads. Though if anyone experiences a slower download time with my blog now, I'd appreciate feedback!

    This is the widget I used (third one down, but I deleted the lines of code for blu-ish snow and flickering snow, leaving just the line of code for "more snow." The flickering twinkle effect was cool, but a little too distracting for my blog)...

    Here's the other one I played around with. I liked it fine, but the flakes looked too sparse on my page. More like dandruff than snowfall! :-) This is also the site that offers multiple snowflake colors as well as other falling objects like Santas, snowmen and Christmas trees. But alas, no meteors.


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