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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A shadowy visitor

Who knows what cuteness lurks on the walls of the den*?

The Shadow knows! ;-)

I happened to turn away from my computer and saw this shadowy figure on the den wall behind me. Who could it be, secretively peering in past the drapes through the sliding glass doors? Mmmwaaaahahaha!

I got up to investigate the identity of my mysterious visitor, and was greeted by this irresistibly adorable, beautiful face...

It was (as we all knew it must be, despite our pretense of suspense) pretty Punky on the patio! :-)

(*Den wall by BW, done in American Clay Plaster in Austin Blush (Loma plaster) with a steel trowled finish. In case you were wondering.) :-)


  1. Ha-ha! I love it! How cute...who's lurking shadow could that be? Rudolph? No, Punky! How adorable she is. What a wonderful lurking friend to have.

    Your walls sound fancy!

  2. Punky is a cute critter. Is it an orphan that has attached itself to your family? -- barbara

  3. Aw, Punky! What a sweet surprise for you & I love how she cast her shadow on the wall (which looks fantastic, btw!). Cuteness! <3

  4. Rose ~ Ha, the possibility that it might be Rudolph hadn't even occurred to me! I figured he's too busy at the North Pole, carbing up for his big marathon in 10 days, to be lurking on a random Wyoming patio. ;-)

    She is a cutie pie for sure, and seems to be lurking right outside our sliding glass doors more often than not!

    We did our laundry/bathroom walls in American Clay Plaster when we remodeled that room a few years ago. We used a skip-trowel technique that makes it look very Mediterranean. Makes me feel like I'm doing laundry, showering and peeing in Italy. LOL The den wall had some ugly wallpaper on it, so after it was stripped the wall was a good candidate for our leftover plaster. Unlike the laundry room, though, this was a one-person job. BW decided to try a different application technique and I think he did a great job!

    There is a funny reddish-purple tint in the lower left corner (maybe only I notice it) that isn't really there, it's a reflection off a nearby flower pot. Or... maybe it's the reflection off Rudolph's nose! :-)

    Barbara ~ There's another Punky post with pictures at the bottom of this blog page, I don't know if you've seen it. I don't think Punky is an orphan. She showed up as a newborn fawn last spring and we're pretty sure she's the daughter of one of our favorite does, J.J. (who we haven't seen for a few weeks but were told on Thanksgiving she's been a regular down at Vistara's, snarfing corn and alfalfa). ;-) There's actually an entire clan that has befriended us over several generations, and when the does and fawns all show up they often intermingle and it can be hard sometimes to sort out exactly who belongs to whom! We watch them take turns babysitting a lot. It takes a village to raise a fawn, apparently. :-)

    Punky, named for the Punk Rock-like hairstyle she sported as a baby, has had an especially adorable face and personality from day one.

    Molly ~ As soon as I saw her shadow on the wall (and as soon as I stopped giggling!), I grabbed my camera and took those photos. I was lucky it was sitting right next to my computer, since it's usually on whichever floor of the house I'm not! ;-) I was really happy with how pretty the photo of her on the patio turned out! She's awfully photogenic. And seems to quite enjoy having her photo taken, I might add!

    I'll tell BW you think his wall looks fantastic, that will please him!

  5. How funny! And oh so cute. Look at that little face!

  6. How wonderful that you were able to capture that photo of her shadow. Glad you've resisted the urge to let her in the house - how clever of her to get "in" with her shadow. LOL

  7. Jennifer ~ Isn't she priceless? :-)

    Jo ~ And how clever of you to come up with that! She did indeed find a way to project herself into the house, didn't she? (Yes, so far I've resisted inviting her in, but when it's -40º outside later this winter and that little face is pressed to the door, my resistance may be futile!) ;-)

  8. Punky is wonderful!! And yes, it is serendipitous when the camera is actually close at hand when the photo opportunity presents itself!

  9. So wonderful! Happy Holidays to all your critters, BW & you!

  10. Daphne ~ Ha, it's serendipitous for sure, and in my case it's incredibly rare, too! :-)

    Punky sure is wonderful, and I'll tell her you said so!

    Izzy ~ Thank you, Izzy, and the same to you, with special kisses to Mr. BunBun! (Tell him that two of his wild western cousins have commandeered the dogs' fenced yard while they've been snuggled in the house with me lately. Cheeky bunnies). :-)

  11. Hey Tex-
    OMGoodness....Punky is adorable and I love the shadow of him you caught on the wall.
    Long time, no visit-so sorry. Somewhere in November life got nuts and blog visiting slipped into never never land....but I'm comin' back.
    Hope all is well with you and BW and you're ready for holidays. BW is likely ready for holidays to be O-V-E-R and tire of singing the Santa's elves song.
    I just want you to know that my self is still raggedy ass too, but that you're new living room looks extra snazzy. I like the wall colors.
    Happy day to you my friend.

  12. Sue ~ I know, Punky is so cute, entertaining and photogenic I could probably devote my blog to nothing but photos of her and her antics. (I could easily do that with my dogs, too!)

    I know all about the crazy-busy thing and falling behind on blog visits (I'm still working on my Christmas cards! Yikes!) I'm chronically behind on my visits and comments, and this month's been the worst. I can never seem to keep all three plates spinning at once - keeping up with email, my own blogging, and visiting/commenting on other blogs. At least one of those always ends up neglected.

    BW is MORE than ready for Dec 25th (bummer it falls on a Saturday this year!) He didn't get home till 11:15 PM Friday night! This is his 22nd Christmas as a UPS man and he is so ready to have a life over the holidays again. We've only had one Christmas since we got married that he wasn't working at UPS, and that year he was in TX (while I was in WY) for USAF training for the Reserves and didn't get home till Christmas Eve. We have these fantasies of someday getting to enjoy sharing a leisurely holiday season and fun Christmas activities together. I wonder what that will be like?

    I'm glad you like our new living room colors! We really do too. It's amazing how changing a wall color can completely transform an area. The whole room looks and feels totally different now!

    I hope to get by your blog and do a little catching up this week, between the baking, cards and errands! Hope you're enjoying the festivities of the season, Sue! Love, Tex


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