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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! (And giveaway winner!)

It's time to say goodbye to 2010, but hello to a new year, a new decade, and a new giveaway winner!
I decided for the sake of Auld Lang Syne to go low-tech for this drawing and, since I'm giving away a cookbook, to solicit the help of a kitchen gadget.

I wrote the names of the three giveaway entrants (participation in my giveaways may be low, but the odds of winning are high!) on festive pieces of paper....

...then looked around for a kitchen gadget that would help with a random name draw.

The hot air popcorn popper looks good! I'll just dump the three pieces of paper in the hopper and turn it on, and the winner will be the one whose name flies out of it first!


Well okey dokey then, we'll go with the salad spinner. No fire hazards there! Just dump the names in and give them a spin before drawing one.

And the cookbook goes to...

Congratulations, Rose!

And now that the flames have been extinguished* and the cookbook winner selected and announced, let's ring in the New Year with some music! (Gosh, you'll never guess what song I've chosen. LOL)

I love this singer's voice and his wonderful, moving performance of Auld Lang Syne (complete with the original Scottish lyrics sung in a lovely Scottish burr!) My thanks to Barbara for sharing her brilliant find!

Dougie MacLean, from the album Tribute

And if that left you hankering for more, here are several versions of Auld Lang Syne sure to satisfy every musical taste. There's even one as a consolation prize for you, Carissa, in honor of your own (not-so-auld) lang syne in spot #9! :-)

Get a playlist!

Happy New Year and new decade, everybody!
Blog on!

*Photos are simulations only. Do not attempt.

No, I didn't really put pieces of paper in a hot air corn popper! Not even I am stupid enough (or drunk enough) to do that! ;-)


  1. Laloofah -- Well -- what a fine play list you have on your post! I listened to most of them. I particularly liked Dan Jacobs and Phil Coulter. And of course Guy plus the Scottish rendition.

    Your post looks very festive and colorful.

    Now it is the beginning of the new year of 2011 and a continuation of good blogging by everyone.What did we do before the computer and blogspot?

    I'm a bit late with this comment -- got a bit involved with a movie last night --barbara

  2. The picture of the charred papers made me laugh really hard! Thanks for the New Year chuckle! Congrats to Rose. And a vey big thank you, and Happy New Year to you my friend!

  3. Wooo Hooo!!!


    I can't believe I popped out first!! I love how you drew the names...very imaginative of you. Now I know what would happen if I were popcorn! Then of course, I hope you slathered me in nutritional yeast and a pinch of sea salt.

    And Happy New Year to you! Let's hope it's a good one.

    I had no idea about Auld Lang Syne...I mean the origins etc. I like the poem, and I like the rendition by Dougie Maclean...again, had never heard of him, but will continue my listening as soon as I post this comment...thanks to you and Barbara for the introduction.

    I'm so excited, thank you Laurie!

  4. Your popping-hot method of selecting a winner started my first day of the New Year with a laugh! (Your comment on my blog ended the last day of the year with me laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. And no, I'd had nothing to drink.)

    Loved the Dougie MacLean Auld Lang Syne. Thanks for sharing it. Happy New Year you you!

  5. Also, thanks for the fun ride in the salad spinner...not everyone can say they've had a spin in one of those! :D

  6. Congratulations, Rose! I had that cookbook once upon a time and remember it being a pretty good one (we make copies of recipes we like & sold most of our cookbooks now).

    Happy New Year to you and the Laloofah pack, Laurie! I hope that this proves to be a great year all around. :)

  7. Barbara ~ Congratulations, you're the first person to cross my blog threshold in 2011! :-)

    Thank you for the compliment on my play list! I was feeling inspired by Dougie MacLean. :-) His performance remains my absolute favorite of the widely varied bunch. Though I must say, the Dropkick Murphys' version did get my toes a'tapping and gave me a chuckle. :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the jubilant colors of this post! My mother always swore I was a gypsy baby, swapped with her own dear infant at birth, because of how I love bright colors and shiny, sparkly things (not to mention traveling!) I did throw the primary colors around with wild abandon on this post, didn't I? New Year's Eve is a good excuse. :-)

    What did we do before the computer and blogspot indeed! I, for one, got a lot more done in the course of a day, but hey - life can't be all chores and paperwork! I do enjoy this fun and creative part of my life, and look forward to another 365 days of blogging adventures (mine and others'!)

    Yeah, where was everyone last night? Was something going on? Did I miss a party? ;-) Hope your movie was good!

    Jennifer ~ LOL, charred scraps of paper - my version of a New Year toast! :-)

    My husband is so patient. He'd made one of his awesome from-scratch pizzas for dinner last night and was trying to coax me to the table, but I was in the garage with my little butane lighter and folded bits of paper and kept yelling at him to keep his pants on, I'd be in as soon as I was done charring everyone's decoy contest entries for my blog post! LOL (One must blog to truly understand the warped priorities). :-)

    Happy New Year to you too, Jennifer!

  8. Rose ~ Congratulations, Rose! Yep, I must say, the three of you were all on fire last night! Seriously hot babes at a party! :-)

    You can bet my popcorn has copious amounts of nooch on it, along with fresh-squoze lemon juice, some tamari, and a dash of cayenne ('cause I can be a hottie too! lol)

    I also am hoping 2011 is a great year! Yours is starting out gangbusters! Mine - well, I don't want to read too much into this, but our almost 8-year old blender chose this morning to crap out while making cashew milk for our Veggies Benedict. Images of Vitamixes danced in my head for a few wildly impetuous moments, but then I got a grip and found the replacement parts we need for about $30 online.

    I'd never heard of Dougie MacLean before either, and learned a lot about Auld Lang Syne myself. As I mentioned in a comment I left on Barbara's post this morning, last night at midnight BW and watched this slideshow of New Year's celebrations around the world, while listening to Dougie sing Auld Lang Syne. Very stirring, especially when both the song and the slideshow ended in unison!

    I'm glad you enjoyed your ride in the salad spinner! Bet it was like being on one of these! (The Roundup was my favorite amusement park ride as a kid, btw - maybe that's what made the salad spinner occur to me?!)

    I'll send you the cookbook early next week. I hope you'll enjoy it and find some fun new recipes to play with and share on your wonderful blog! :-) Congratulations - and Happy New Year - once again!

  9. Loved the New Year's slideshow! Those are some seriously gorgeous shots and really capture the fun and joy. I love the pic of the dudes in the cold water in Spain.

  10. Andrea ~ Your laughter must be infectious, because your comment has me laughing, too! :-) I can't think of a better way to end one year and begin another than with a good case of the giggles (especially without benefit of alcoholic beverages!), so I'm glad to have helped you guffaw out the old year and laugh in the new!

    Dougie MacLean's Auld Lang Syne is a gift that keeps on giving! I thought Barbara had found a real treasure when she posted that on her blog yesterday. I'm glad you enjoyed it as well!

    May your entire year be filled with song, smiles and snickers! :-D

    Molly ~ I've sold quite a few of our vegan cookbooks at yard sales and now I wish I still had them for these fun giveaways. I never think anyone around here is going to buy a vegan cookbook, but one year a lady scooped up the whole bunch (I'd done a lot of culling that year and was selling at least a half dozen) and told me she was giving them to her daughter, who had recently become vegan. I only made a couple of dollars but it was my best sale of the day! :-)

    Maybe you'll recognize some of the recipes from Vegan Delights in new and improved versions on Rose's blog in the future!

    Happy New Year to you and the VDL pack too, Molly, and I share your hope!

  11. Rose ~ Well of course a hot chick like you WOULD love the one of the Spanish guys in their swimtrunks! ;-)

    My favorites are the one of the fireworks over beautiful St. Basil's in Moscow, the first one of the awesome fireworks over Sydney Harbor, and the one of the woman in India doing the traditional dance and looking like she's giving off sparks. (Looks a little like me in the garage last night, working on my post props! LOL)

  12. I think the one of St Basil's is my favorite too. My other favs would have to be the Champs Elysees and one from Scotland with the sparklers and the ferris wheel.

    Lol, I like the image of you in the garage with a blow torch scorching the papers with one of those eye guard/helmet things on. :D

  13. Rose ~ I agree, the Champs Elysees (lovely!) and the fun one of Edinburgh were among my top favorites as well. I also loved the one of Big Ben, made more meaningful by the phone call we got New Year's Eve from our friends in England, and the conversation you and I had recently about spending the holidays in the UK.

    LOL - I sound like that woman in Flashdance in her welder's gear! :-)

  14. I have your blog open on two screens with "Aud Lang Syne" playing on one screen so I can listen to it again while I'm writing - I'm on my third listening - I LOVE it. Thank you Barbara for sharing it and to you for adding it to your blog. It's just beautiful.

    Congrats Rose on winning the giveaway!

    That was a fun way to do the drawing. I was ROTFL at your first technique. It was a novel idea. Too bad it didn't work out! BW is understanding! I can't quite see me telling Jim to keep his pants on after he made me a nice dinner but I told him I had only six more inches of a seam to sew! LOL

    Happy New Year! I hope this is YOUR year!!!

  15. Jo ~ I'm so glad you love Dougie's gorgeous version of the song too! I never get tired of listening to it.

    BW was is always understanding, but he took indulging me to the next level that day! You know his nickname is "Mr. Safety" (given to him by a friend years ago who felt BW was acting too much like a worried and hovering "mother hen" when we were shooting off fireworks one 4th of July!), so for me to tell him to keep his pants on while he waited with my dinner WHILE I was setting fire to little pieces of paper in the garage - well, like I said, he took being understanding and indulging my blog-induced craziness to the next level. LOL

    I can't even get to the part where I try to imagine you telling Jim to keep his pants on while you finish a seam, because my brain gets high-centered trying to picture him cooking dinner! LOL!

    Happy New Year back atcha! And thank you so much for your wish for me/us! (I can't read or hear it without thinking of that funny ecard critter with the tooty tail!) :-)


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