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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Giving & Holiday Sharing ;-)

First, the Holiday Giving part: AdventureJo is the winner of the Santa Giveaway!

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Congratulations, Jo! As you observed, you made it in the "Nick" of time! :-)

And as for the Holiday Sharing...

We have three identical dog beds for our three dogs. So naturally all of them want this one particular bed. They'll race each other through the door in order to get dibs on the blue one.

They usually take turns laying on the coveted blue bed, but on this one occasion I caught Tess and Josie sharing. Judging from their expressions, they were sharing begrudgingly, but they were sharing!

Why is the blue bed so favored and exalted? Only they know, and they're not telling!


  1. That picture of them on the blue bed is priceless! lol What silly sweeties they are. There must be something magical about that bed!

  2. I thought you'd get a kick out of that photo, Molly! I love their expressions - they remind me of a couple of kindergartners playing musical chairs who both sat in the last chair at the same time! :-)

  3. Congrats to Adventure Jo!

    Oh that's too funny about the girls all vying for the same, I just saw your comment about musical chairs...musical dog beds? I think that sounds fun.

    My kitties always compete for the highest perch...I wonder what would happen if you started sitting on one of the beds...that would probably become the new fav!

  4. Woo Hoo!!! I'm so excited!! You were pretty close on guessing my favorite which was the one with the two little children but I hadn't thought of how woodland Santa was such a good fit with Cranberry Lodge! I feel honored to be the recipient of any of your handiwork - I can't wait to see it up close!!
    How fun that we have the same favorite Christmas movie! I've never seen Love Actually (actually) so I'll put that on my list.
    I'm playing hookie so better get back work. Thanks for making my day!

  5. Rose ~ Thank you for entering the giveaway! I appreciate your appreciation of my little Santas! :-)

    I can guarantee you that the bed either of us would sit on would be the favorite, because that's where the lovin's would be given out! :-) Of course, the minute we got up and walked off, the blue bed would be the favorite once again. Makes sense that cats would compete for the highest perch - but this competition over the blue bed is mystifying. My girls are eccentric and goofy, that's the only explanation I can come up with. :-)

  6. Jo ~ Congratulations again! I'm so glad you're so excited! LOL at how you gave me credit for being pretty close on my guess about which Santa was your favorite ~ given that I guessed three out of the four, the odds were in my favor! :-)

    It's usually I who get to be the happy recipient of your handiwork! The Santas come nowhere near the talent and beauty of your quilting and sewing, but they're jolly little guys and I think you'll enjoy them among your collection.

    And I think you'll definitely enjoy "Love, Actually!" Really, you've not seen it before? You are in for a treat, it's a really fun one! (Great soundtrack, too!)

    Thanks for playing hooky and stopping in to see that you won! I was hoping you might! More fun this way than in an email from me, I thought. :-)

  7. Laloofah -- What beautiful dogs -- they look like Shepards. Dogs have their own code talk with each other. Sometimes I feel that dogs know more than we do. -- barbara

  8. Your dogs look adorable! It's funny how they both look put out by the each other's presence on the much-coveted blue mat :)
    Did I read somewhere you have a horse too? At least he (or she) isn't obsessed by the blue mat, 'coz you'd be in trouble
    p.s. our dog, Max, has a no competition for his mat (he's an only dog), and yet most morning I come into the living room only to find white dog hair on the couch...

  9. Barbara ~ Thank you, I think my babies are beautiful too! :-) Josie might have some shepherd in her, at least I've always thought so. She may also have husky, golden retriever, yellow lab and coyote! Hard to say, she's a mystery wrapped in an enigma. :-)

    Tess is Chow (for sure) and Australian Shepherd (we think). So I guess she counts as a shepherd, too! :-)

    And Willow (not pictured here but starring in many archived posts) is a border collie/collie mix.

    Animals definitely know a lot more than most people give them credit for, and I wish I could do a mind-meld with my dogs and find out what they know and what they're thinking - it would solve the blue bed mystery, among other things! :-)

  10. VeganVoilà ~ Thank you, they are cuties for sure! Hard to imagine anyone mistreating or abandoning them, but they did and that's how they came to live with us! Tess and Josie definitely look put out with each other. Honestly, the nerve the other one has, being on the blue bed at the same time! (If they were human kids, I'm sure I would have been hearing, "MOOO-ooooom! She's touching MY side of the bed!" LOL)

    Yes, we have a horse named Mocha, and if he were vying for the blue bed too I'd be in more trouble than you know! :-)

    Max leaving behind (alleged) evidence on the couch cracked me up. You'll appreciate this cartoon! :-D

  11. I read somewhere at some point (that's definite, isn't it) that dogs are color blind, but I don't believe it in the first place and your beautiful dogs sure aren't in the second place. Super photo!

  12. Daphne ~ I've heard/read that too. My father-in-law is color blind - can't see red and green (which would make traffic lights interesting and most decor at this time of year rather bland!), but even though they basically look gray to him, he can usually see differences in color variations, so he can sometimes TELL red from green. Anyway, I doubt it's the color that makes the blue bed the dogs' favorite, and it's not the bed's placement since we've switched them around and it made no difference. So we're stumped!

    By the way, right now NO ONE is laying on the blue bed, but Tess is using one corner of it for a pillow. :-)

    Thanks for saying my babies are beautiful! I'm glad you liked the photo!

  13. Another 7 mins lunch day at at 1 pm which means I'm shaking from low blood sugar!! But a very succesful morning at work so all worth it.

    I had seen the girls and loved the photo of them sharing but yes I was overwhelmed with the joy of winning and failed to mention it in my comment.

    Not ever having had two dogs but having had to girl children, I can tell you that in my experience it had nothing to do with anything other than simply wanting the thing the other had. Once when Michelle wanted something Melissa gave it up and took the other only to have Michelle decide she wanted the other! Kids!! But they do make you laugh!!


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