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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ABC Wednesday: V

I spied a V
in the bark of a tree
viewed merrily.
And that's all you'll see
of my poetry.
Yea, verily. :-)

Russian Olive tree bark

I vow to vindicate myself next week with W. ;-)
Till then, peace out, my valiant bloggy friends! 

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  1. Beautiful shot. very artistic. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  2. Very voluptuous vphoto. You should consider matting and framing it, and hanging it in a grouping with some of your others.

  3. Now that is a stunning tree. Your short post was victorious, and you are vindicated.

  4. What an exotic tree! Where did you find it? And that is a charming little poem too!

  5. I love that tree! We have nothing like that around here. It's so different looking and how cool that it had a V to boot. Maybe it's telling everyone "peace" or to Go Vegan! :)

  6. VERY VIVACIOUS and VIVID photo for our V Week! Well done...

    abcw team

  7. and peace to you!
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  8. Thank you, everyone!

    Andrea ~ I'm glad you think it's suitable for framing! :-) I've never made prints of any of my photos, except now and then to send to my mother since she has no computer. Maybe someday I'll make a little gallery, but for now I just enjoy them on my digital photo frame (which I need to update!) - a gift from AdventureJo.

    Ellie C ~ I think so too, though they are considered invasive species and are frowned upon here. They have a delicious aroma in the Autumn, too! And thank you for the vindication. :-)

    Rose ~ There are many Russian Olives around here, they're very drought, wind and cold-resistant and were often planted as windbreaks. We had several growing around (but not on) our place in Big Horn, but this particular one was along the walking path behind the hospital.

    And many thanks for liking my silly little poem! :-)

    Molly ~ I think that's exactly what it's saying - both those things (they go together!) :-)

    I actually took several photos of it that day last summer, and posted one of them here, along with this link to more info about Russian Olive trees. But I've saved this photo of the "V" in the bark all this time for this ABC Wednesday week! :-)

  9. Ha! Good eye with the V in the tree! ...awesome about Costa Rica banning sport hunting, thanks for that link! Always happy to hear good news! :) Thanks for checking out my etsy site and adding it to your favs!! :)

  10. I love the way Russian olives smell in the spring!

  11. So what Shakespeare play did you nick that poem from then?!? :O) That bark would make a great scratching post...

  12. For a minute I thought is was that mysterious tree I had seen in New Zealand but couldn't identify but I did a little research on it and it wasn't. But your picture was much better than any of the images I saw in google. I love that hairy bark. And there sure is a "v" so good job!

  13. Jill, Kara and Barbara ~ I distinctly remember replying to your comments just a day or two after you left them, but Blogger must have eaten my reply! Wouldn't be the first time. Trying again....

    Jill ~ My pleasure!

    Kara ~ I love their scene to, though I associate it more with summer and fall. I'll have to pay attention this spring - the Russian Olives that grew near my old house were surrounded by huge stands of chokecherries, so maybe the Russian Olive fragrance was overwhelmed and I wasn't able to notice!

    Barbara ~ Ha. I'm sure Bill would have slunk home in shame and quit his writing job if he'd had to compete with the likes of MY poetry. ;-)~

    Do you see everything through the eyes of a cat?? LOL

    Jo ~ I remember when I posted a different photo of the same tree's bark for a "B" week that you were wondering if the Russian Olive is what you saw in New Zealand, so I'm not surprised this photo had you wondering again. I don't think we were ever able to figure it out before, so I'm glad you were able to this time. Now you just need to figure out what tree it was that you DID see in NZ, and let me know! :-)


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